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The Detailed Structure Of A Neuron (A Short Example Of Our Unparalleled Neurophysiology Assignment Help Service)

The Nervous System is a highly complicated network of nerves and cells that transmit signals and messages between the Brain and Spinal Cord, and the rest of the organs and glands in the body.

The Nervous System can further be classified into:

  • The Central Nervous System, which is comprised of the Spinal Cord and the Brain

  • The Peripheral Nervous System, which is an immense network of cranial and spinal nerves connected to the Brain and the Spinal Cord.

At the most basic level though, the Nervous System is entirely composed of small Nerve Cells called Neurons. A neuron is an electrically excitable cell that can communicate with other cells through unique connections or links called Synapses. Neurons are a fundamental part of the Nervous System.

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Parts Of A Neuron

The primary components of the neuron are:


The Cell Body of the Neuron is known as Soma. It is a bulbous structure bearing the Nucleus of the Neuron. The Soma contains several subunits (called organelles) inside itself.

It contains Nissl's Granules which are the primary site for protein synthesis inside the neuron. Nissl's Granules are essentially Ribosomes wrapped in Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum, along with polyribosomes.

The Soma also includes the Nucleus of the Neuron. The nucleus is the main source of the majority of the RNA inside the Nerve Cell.


The Axon is a long slim projection originating from the Axon Hillock (point of origin from the Soma). Its main function is to transmit electrical impulses or signals from the cell body towards the synapse. The axon also contains microtubules and is surrounded by Myelin Sheath.

Microtubules are parallel rays of long strands arranged inside the axon which act as pathways for the passage of materials to and from the soma.

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These microtubules provide a passageway for specialized motor proteins that carry material to and from the soma. The phenomenon of carrying material away from the soma is known as Anterograde Transport), while that of carrying material toward the soma is known as Retrograde Transport.

Some neurons are covered with Myelin, which is a fatty tissue that acts as an insulating material. The layer that these myelin cells form over the axon is known as the Myelin Sheath. The Myelin Sheath consists of entirely separate cells that twist and cover their membranes around the outer boundary of the axon. This external coating is essential to achieve electrical insulation, as a result of which dissipation of signals being transferred through the axon is greatly reduced. The Myelin Sheath also speeds up the propagation of the action potential. Note that the Myelin Sheath does not cover the axon entirely. There are periodic gaps present in the Myelin Sheath known as the Nodes of Ranvier. The electric signals travelling along the Axon are recharged and strengthened at these nodes/gaps.


Dendrites are the tree-like structures rising out from the Soma, that are used to accept signals from other neurons. Dendrites can receive incoming signals and messages, due to the presence of numerous receptors located in their membranes, known as neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters can bind to incoming chemicals. Dendrites can have further smaller protrusions known as Dendritic Spines. The presence of these dendritic spines greatly increases the surface area for possible connections with other neurons.


Synapses are specialized junctions between neurons through which they interact. Each synapse consists of a junction where the axon terminal of the transmitting neuron is in contact with the dendrite, soma, or axon of the receiving neuron.

Synapses can be of two types:

  • Inhibitory - that which reduces activation in the target neuron

  • Excitatory - that which increases activation in the target neuron

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