Myopia refers to shortsightedness or nearsightedness, defined as the incapability to look at distant objects or images. This makes it tough to look at road signals, a clock on the wall, or a television. Reports suggest that myopic impacts millions of adults and children across the globe. It commonly affects 40% of individuals by the age of 17. As a medical student, you need to learn how myopia is diagnosed, its signs and symptoms, causes, treatment, and much more.

The study of “eye disorders or myopia” helps students to identify the factors that lead to myopia in an individual. This topic's significance has led universities to change their courses and include myopia management for people in their coursework. Are you also looking for the best quality Myopia Management Assignment Help at an affordable price? Do you want Myopia Management Assignment Help Expert help to complete your myopia management assignment? Experts at My Assignment Services provide the most authentic Myopia Management Assignment Help to help students finish their assignments before the deadline and also help them learn about the concepts of “myopic management” in detail through one-to-one interactive sessions.

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Insight into Different Types of Myopia via Our Assignment Help Guided Sessions

Myopia is an eye abnormality or defect during which nearsightedness or shortsightedness occurs. This means that an individual becomes incapable of seeing distant objects. The eye's retina, which provides a surface, helps image formation. However, during myopia, light rays coming inside the eye converge early and are sent to focus before reaching the retina; therefore, the image cannot occur on the retina. Myopia occurs when the eye develops axial length, or the eye lens or the cornea is too curbed compared to the eyeball's size. Some common signs and symptoms of myopia are holding books close to the eyes, blurry distance vision, sitting near a computer screen or the television, and squinting while watching television or driving.

  1. Simple myopia: Simple myopia is the most common type of myopia. It is not a visual disorder and is less than six diopters. Simple myopia can be easily treated through glasses or contact lenses (Verkicharla et al., 2020).
  2. High myopia: This is considered an eye defect wherein an individual exceeds six diopters. High myopia often imposes a life-threatening risk for a patient contributing to glaucoma, retinal tear, retinal detachment, and cataracts.
  3. Pathological myopia: Whenever an individual is so shortsighted that the back of the eye experiences degenerative reforms, it is known as pathological myopia. This is a very rare and severe form of myopia. Myopia management procedures like using glasses or contact lenses do not assist in improving blurry vision reforms, and other options also do not help with the symptoms.

Myopia Management Assignment Help Experts Explaining the Factors which Contributes to Myopia

Myopia is sometimes hereditary and commonly starts in plateaus and childhood by 20. Myopia may also occur in adulthood due to health issues and environmental factors such as:

  • An ample amount of near-vision work often contributes to pseudo or false myopia. In such cases, blurred distance vision occurs due to stress upon the eyes. Clear vision commonly returns after some adequate rest. However, persistent visual stress often contributes to myopia.
  • Night myopia, during which blurred distance vision is commonly experienced at night, may occur due to focusing difficulty in low light.
  • Myopia may also occur due to diabetes, or maybe a symptom of an early sign of a growing cataract.

Myopia management focuses on reducing the risk of life-threatening eye defects or abnormalities. Some common myopia management techniques include the following.

  • Eyeglasses: This is one of the famous management techniques as they are comfortable and easy to wear and offer clear vision. Multifocal or bifocal lenses comprise varying lens power during the lens and allow clear vision for all the distant images and objects. The special ability for near vision mitigates stress upon the eyes and significantly develops myopia.
  • Atropine eye drops: These often be utilized to dilate the eye’s pupils throughout an eye examination and are also proven to mitigate myopia development. A very low dosage of atropine eye drops is placed in the lower eyelid. Moreover, the side effects of this myopia management are light sensitivity and blurry near vision.
  • Corneal refractive therapy: Such contact lenses are put before going to sleep and are commonly worn while sleeping. Corneal refractive therapy aims to offer a clear vision for the entire day. Hence, reducing the requirement for wearing contacts or glasses throughout the day.
  • Contact lenses offer clear vision at all distances with a broader view of the field than eyeglasses. A multifocal contact lens functions the same as eyeglasses to enhance distance vision acuity whereas consequently mitigating the stress upon the eyes for near vision tasks and reading. It can simultaneously lower myopia progression.
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What Factors Cause Myopia to Worsen?

The main purpose of myopia progression is a development in the eye’s overall length. It is called the axial length of the eyes. Several factors which worsen myopia are:

  1. Prolonged near vision tasks: Like smartphone use, computer use, writing, reading, and others has been proven to be a significant cause of myopia progression.
  2. Prolonged utilization of digital devices: This has been related to myopia development. This generation is certainly guilty of spending several hours every day on all varying types of devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. Excessive use of digital tools can increase immense stress, contributing to eye strain and progression of myopia.
  3. Genetics: It leads to myopia progression, most commonly when both parents are myopic.
  4. Natural eye growth: This causes myopia to deteriorate as the eye changes shape and grows. Nearsightedness tends to worsen and progress during the teenage years (Zloto et al., 2018).
  5. Wearing glasses with full correction: This causes myopia progression. For instance, if an individual has a refractive error of negative 2.50 diopter, then their doctor may suggest an under-corrected lens of negative 2.00 or negative 2.25 diopter. Under correction is suitable as prescribing the entire optical recommendation of negative 2.50 may offer crucial clearer vision but often lead to myopia which worsens over time.
  6. Wearing glasses every day, all day: People who have low myopic should avoid wearing glasses every day and go for them only for a few activities only such as playing sports, watching TV, or driving. Lower myopia glasses are not required for texting, reading, and writing activities.
  7. Spending limited time outdoors: Research states that this factor leads to myopia progression, commonly if you spend less than 12 hours outside every day. Spending limited time outdoors is crucial as it offers the eye muscle an opportunity to relax and take a break from persistent focusing activities.

Myopia Management Assignment Sample Provided by My Assignment Services

Myopia management refers to a treatment procedure to keep the level of myopia as low as feasible and mitigate the risk of growing a severe sight-threatening eye disorder. Effective myopia management techniques tend to lower myopic progression by up to 77 percent. According to our experienced Myopia Management Assignment Help Experts, most myopia management assignments are based on identifying the best myopia management strategy for an individual in a case study. Some of the common myopia management strategies are eyeglasses, atropine eye drops, contact lenses, and corneal refractive therapy. Our experts provide some samples of Myopia Management Assignment to help you analyze the quality of the work that they provide.

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