Have you ever wondered "what the moss-like structure is that grows on the bark or leaves of big trees"? Well, if you are studying lichenology as a college major, or even as a subject under your biology degree, you might have understood what we are talking about here. Yes, we are talking about lichens. Did you ever notice lichens recognizing it as what it was? Or did you too mistake it as another moss plant? Well, if the latter, then you certainly need to strengthen your basics of lichenology and might as well need a helping hand for completing your lichenology assignments. My Assignment Services has an exclusive lichenology assignment help to help you get past your struggles. So, whatever about your lichenology assignment is bothering you, tell us, and take a sigh of relief!

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What are Lichens?

Our planet’s woodland is home to a vast array of organisms, including birds, insects, and various sorts of plant species. What the study of lichen, i.e. lichenology, concerns with are the 18000 lichen species that dwell on the rocks, plants, trees, and in the soil all around the world. In addition to the way lichen look, there is something strange about these organisms. Let's discuss these unusual organisms a little more as explain our erudite lichenology experts.

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Lichen is a symbiotic organism that is composed of a fungus, which makes up the body of the lichen and provides structure and the environmental support to the lichen, and the algae, which is responsible for photosynthesis and prepares food for the entire organism through that process. Lichens are classified into different categories on different bases, for instance, the classification of lichen based on the thallus divides them into three forms, namely, Foliose, fruticose, and crustose lichens. Lichen cortex is the outermost layer of the lichen's thallus, and the medulla, which comprises the majority of thallus, is the part composed of the fungal filaments. While a lichenology assignment can focus on any of the numerous intricate topics, our experts are capable of proffering you the best quality lichenology assignment solutions on all of them.

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What Is the Importance of Lichens?

Looking at lichens, one might not think that lichens are important in the grand scheme of things. Well, turns out they are merely overlooking the importance of lichen as an ecological niche. Lichen study suggests that lichens play key roles in ecosystems around the world.

“Lichens are the fungi that have discovered agriculture.” – Trevor Goward

Some of the primary roles that lichens play include:

  • Habitat, food, and shelter: Lichens provide habitat. Food, and shelter to other organisms, such as a bird using lichen as a nesting material; or a home for a tiny organism such as Tardigrade.

  • Pioneer species: Lichens act as pioneer species too. By colonizing bare rocks and via the chemical weathering from the acids they produce, they break down the rocks and form a soil base.

  • Nutrient cycling: Some lichens have a third partner as well, i.e. the Cyanobacteria, which not only provides food via photosynthesis but also fixes nitrogen from the form of nitrogen gas present in the atmosphere to the form that plants and fungus use for their growth.

  • Environment Monitoring: Different lichens act as environmental monitors based on their tolerances to air pollution. While some lichens like nitrogen-rich environment, some others are much more sensitive to the nutrients in the environment. So, scientists are studying lichens as indicators of air quality. Hence, lichens are a cheap and effective way of determining air pollution.

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