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Haematology, also pronounced as Hematology, is one of the most sought career fields of the decade. The field is constantly evolving and the opportunities are also evolving at a good space for the students as well. But successfully completing the rigorous curriculum of the subject is a no joke. One needs to invest a lot of time in studying, understanding lab experiments and attending lengthy lectures. But it doesn’t end at that, one has to submit numerous assignments almost every week and spend copious amounts of hours to research and reference for the assignment. On top of it, it becomes slightly difficult to fulfil all the criteria of the marking rubric and referencing guide.

Well, we understand you. Our experts provide Hematology assignment help and not only conduct exhaustive research to pen down impressive solutions for you, but they also follow the proper referencing guide and the marking rubric word by word. Thus, our Hematology assignment writing services would help you score top-notch grades in your assignment submissions.

What Is Hematology?

Fundamentally, Hematology can be considered as a study that is limited to the study of blood, organs that pump and produce blood, and the disorders and diseases related to blood. When talking from the perspective of a medical practitioner, haematology encompasses the science of treating blood disorders and malignancies in the blood of the type of haemophilia and leukaemia, etc. This also deals with pathological findings and techniques to discover and diagnose disorders related to blood.

Lupus, an autoimmune disorder is a disease that arises due to mutations in the cells of blood, specifically white blood cells and is also dealt under the category of haematology. Haematology practitioners would primarily focus on treating lymphatic organs or the disorders of bone marrow and may extend to treating the organs that are directly fed by blood, like kidneys, spleen, lymphoid tissue and lymph nodes. Students that have been looking for haematology assignment help should read further to understand the anatomy of blood, which is a fundamental concept of haematology.

Anatomy Of Blood

Blood is the largest tissue of the body and the only tissue that permanently exists in the liquid form and flows throughout the body. Blood is primarily made up of White Blood Cells, Platelets, Plasma and Red Blood Cells. Besides these cells, it carries numerous proteins, and enzymes to carry out different processes at different ends of the body. It transports dissolved gasses like Oxygen, CO2 and Nitrogen to the lungs and facilitates the exchange of essential nutrients. Let’s discuss the anatomy of blood in detail individually.

Haematology Assignment Help

Red Blood Cells

Have you ever thought about what makes the blood look bright red? Well, one would say it is due to red blood cells. Well, it may sound true, but technically, it is haemoglobin inside these red blood cells that impart them the characteristic red colour to these cells. The abundance of these cells in the blood eventually imparts the red colour to the blood. Testing the number of red blood cells is a routine procedure and is generally included with the routine haematological tests.

Immune Cells

Immune Cells A.K.A White Blood Cells come under the category of cells that are synthesized by the bone marrow in the body. These cells together make up the immune system of our body and help us fight any attack from foreign bodies like bacteria and viruses. There are 5 types of immune cells, namely; neutrophils, eosinophils and monocytes, lymphocytes and basophils. CBC, Complete Blood Count also reveals the number of immune cells in the body. Regular tests of white blood cells can help in early detection of conditions such as leukaemia, lupus, and other infections.

Bone Marrow

Though it is found inside the hollow bones, it is essentially studied as a part of haematology as it contains essential calls like stem cells and produces white blood cells that make a major portion of blood. The stem cells can produce RBCs that give the blood its characteristic colour and also enables it to transport oxygen to all parts of the body. Bone Marrow also plays a role in the formation of healthy platelets, the protein that helps blood to clot when it oozes out of a wound.

Lymph Tissues

Lymphatic tissue contains a large number of lymphocytes. Together this system consists of spleen, lymph nodes, tonsils, thymus and adenoids.


Ever wondered what would blood look like without Red Blood Cells that gives it the characteristic bright red colour? Well, it would look like Plasma. Plasma is a clear liquid that forms a major portion of the blood and would be the remaining component of blood if white blood cells, platelets, and other components could be separated. This specifically contains all the enzymes, antibodies as well as the essential proteins needed for the maintenance and functioning of the body.


Platelets are alternatively called thrombocytes by some medical practitioners and scientists. These are small, colourless cells found in the blood of mammals and primarily help with the clotting of the blood. Platelets form clots in the presence of oxygen, thus when it oozes out of the wound, it reacts with atmospheric oxygen to harden and form a clot to stop the bleeding further. These are produced in the bone marrow which is a sponge-like tissue found inside the hollow bone in our body

Coagulopathy and its Management through Hematology

Coagulopathy is a disorder which affects the ability of the blood to clot. Thus, this condition can be fatal as it can cause prolonged bleeding that may get triggered due to an injury or after a surgical procedure. Coagulopathy can increase the chances of any complication during a surgery or a dental procedure. In some severe cases, it can even have impairing effects on a person’s ability to enjoy life.

Under normal circumstances, the clotting process primarily depends upon the concentration of platelets and other proteins in the blood. A person affected by coagulopathy may exhibit very low levels of these clot enabling proteins known as clotting factors. The reduction in clotting factor can also be observed as a side effect of haemophilia, or Willebrand’s disease or it may occur as a result of dysfunctional/mutated platelets. The first step of management of coagulopathy is to identify the reason behind the problem.

Haematology Assignment

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