Fuel biotechnology is the field of biology that deals with the study of biofuels. These are the plant-derived resources that are natural and mainly used for transportation purposes. It is a process in which various biological agents are used to transform the energy into convenient fuels such as hydrogen, methane, biodiesel, ethanol and butanol. The energy resources used are sunlight and biomass.

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2 Types Of Biofuels That Exist In The Current Scenario

Unlike renewable resources, biofuels are made directly by converting biomass into liquid fuels. At present, two types of biofuels are being used extensively in the world. These are also known as the first generation of the fuel biotechnology. For a decade now, our fuel biotechnology assignment writers have been researching these biofuels from various peer-reviewed journals, reports and books available on the internet to understand their properties. This has made us well-versed with all the assignments that students have sent us on this topic.

The 2 types of biofuels that are most commonly used today are:


Chemically represented as CH3CH20H, Ethanol is a fuel that can be generated over and again. It is produced from plants, which is the most important natural resource present on the earth today. Collectively, it is called “biomass”. It is an alcohol that is often used as a blending agent together with gasoline. This helps in eradicating carbon monoxide and several other types of emissions that are the cases for creating smog.

As per our fuel biotechnology assignment help by experts, Fermentation is the process by which biomass gets converted into Ethanol. During the process, several bacteria and yeasts work upon the plant sugars and convert them into ethanol.


It is a form of liquid fuel that is prepared from renewable resources. The resources used for the production of biodiesel include vegetable oils and animal fats. It is way cleaner than petroleum-based diesel and contributes to less pollution and are thus used more as compared to them. It is non-toxic and is produced simply by combining alcohol with recycled cooking grease.

The Process of Converting Biomass Into Biofuels

The biofuel conversion process is one of the most important processes that needs a better explanation. Over the years, hundreds of students have approached our fuel biotechnology assignment help by experts to gain an understanding of this concept. We have provided relevant aid to students regarding this.

This process is the best way of waste management that is known to date. Generally, 2 methods are used to transform biomass into biofuels.

These are:


Simple biofuels can easily be produced without taking into consideration a much complex process. On the contrary, if we wish to produce a variety of advanced biofuels like renewable hydrocarbon fuels or cellulosic ethanol, then it requires us to undertake several complex processes. For this, hemicellulose and lignin (components of the plant) need to be broken down. As per our fuel biotechnology assignment help by experts, this can be attained by following either of the two: high or low-temperature destruction.

Let us understand each of them in detail now.

High-temperature destruction

In this process, there is an excessive involvement of extreme heat and pressure. With these, it gets easier to break solid biomass in the form of a gaseous or liquid form of fuels. While explaining this concept to students, our fuel biotechnology assignment help experts guide them on three primary methods for doing these including Pyrolysis, hydrothermal liquefaction and gasification.

Low-temperature destruction

In this process, there is a use of biological catalysts (also known as enzymes) to produce intermediates from feedstocks. The first step involves making the biomass undergo a treatment that produces sugar polymers like cellulose and hemicellulose. After this, using enzymes, these are further broken down into simpler sugars. And this process is called hydrolysis.

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This is the second method that is used to convert biomass into fuel. All the intermediates that are formed after the deconstruction process are upgraded into a finished item. Either of the two biological or chemical processing can be used in this method.

4 Environmental Advantages of Using Biofuels

In the last decade, our biotechnology assignment help experts have studied the properties of biofuels and have come up with a list of some environmental benefits of using biofuels. Being carbon-neutral fuels, they are themselves effective in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. When there is a use of biofuels, there is no release of volatile organic compounds. In addition to these, these fuels are non-toxic and biodegradable as well.

Here is a list of 4 advantages of using biofuels as curated by our fuel biotechnology assignment writers.


Although the cost of biofuels is approximately the same as compared to other fuels, they are overall cost-efficient. This is because they are cleaner fuels, as a result of which there are fewer emissions on burning. Naturally, the engines run for a longer period. Ultimately, they require low maintenance.

Easy to replenish

As compared to gasoline that is prepared from crude oil (a non-renewable resource), biofuels are made from renewable resources such as destroyed crops, manure etc. Therefore, they are easily replenishable as compared to other fuels. Once exhausted, they can again get prepared.

Minimise the emission of greenhouse gases

Fossil fuels produce a lot of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide) when burnt. These gases trap sun rays which result in making the planet warmer. On the contrary, the biofuels do not emit greenhouse gases, which ultimately reduces the effects of global warming.

Economic security

None of the countries has large reserves of crude oil. Naturally, they import it from other countries like the UAE. When the citizens cut down on the usage of fossil fuels and shift towards the usage of biofuels, it reduces the economic dependence on other countries. In addition to this, a lot of employment opportunities also get created in the fuel biotechnology industry.

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Advantages Of Decision Tree Explained By Our Online Assignment Help Experts

As per our online assignment help experts, Decision Trees are quite significant and has many advantageous areas associated with them. These are given down below:

  • Easy to Understand - The output which is resultantly given out is quite easy to understand. Even people who are from a non-analytical background or discipline can find it peacefully easy and simple to understand. It, however, does not require any type of statistical knowledge to read and interpret them. Our Decision Tree assignment services are ready to help you if you come to us.
  • Useful in Data exploration - With the help of these Decision trees, you get the fastest way to identify a series of most significant variables and witnessing the relation between two or more variables. This helps in data exploration.
  • Less data cleaning - Our Decision tree assignment expert will help you in solving all of your queries regarding the corresponding topic. Decision Tree requires less data cleaning when it is compared to other modeling techniques.
  • No constraint - As per our Decision Tree assignment help by experts, these handle both the types of numerical as well as categorical variables. This possesses the feature of handling multi-output problems easily.
  • Non-Parametric Method - Decision Tree does not have any assumptions about the classifier structure and space distribution. If you want to closely follow about the task of completing your assignments on the time, then contact our Decision tree assignment services.

Decision trees hold a lot of importance in the discipline of machine learning and data mining. It assists in building an automated predictive model which takes into account of predicting item’s value. Our Decision Tree assignment expert is a way to ease through your assignments in an effective style.

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