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Psychology is one of the most complex branches of science as it involves an in-depth study of human behavior, cognitive responses, and many disorders. Psychology is an umbrella under which many other sub-domains are present. Experimental psychology is among those sub-domains. It is obvious that when we call the umbrella a complex subject, its sub-domains will not be alien to those complexities. When the sub-domain is also complex, then students who are studying experimental psychology will also face many hardships in completing the assignment. My Assignment Services know the situation of the students, and because of this paramount reason, we are providing the best-in-class experimental psychology assignment solutions.

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What is experimental psychology?

Experimental psychology is a scientific approach to study the mind. It is a study in which psychologists study human behavior, human developmental stages with the help of both controlled and scientific experiments. The approach refers to analyzing the test subject of the experiment and compare the result in the end.

It tries to answer questions like, why do people do the things they do? What are the factors that influence someone's behaviors and thoughts? What are the factors responsible for developing our personality? How experience and exposed to some situations shape our character? It tries to answer all these questions by conducting experiments and examining the thought process.

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Methods used by the experimental psychologists-

As the name suggests, psychologists' most trusted and used method to understand the working of the human brain is conducting experiments. But this is not the only method used by psychologists. Some of the most popular methods are-


It is one of the most common methods used by researchers to study the human brain and understand the working of it. Before conducting the experiment, researchers develop the hypothesis for the experiment. Then they identify the subject for the same. They define different variables, and later, they manipulate the independent variable and see the effect on the dependent variable.

Case Studies-

It helps psychologists in studying a small group or an individual in great depth. This type of studies only be conducted in a special case where a particular situation or experience cannot be replicated in the lab. In this kind of study, the researcher gathers every small piece of information about the person or a group he is studying. It can be done by interviewing the subject, and/or observing and analyzing the subject for a period of time.

Correlation research-

In this study, researchers look at the relationship between different variables. In other terms, they analyze one variable that might increase while another will decrease. A prominent example of this study is when researchers study the relationships of humans. One thing we have to keep in mind that it cannot work on casual ones. Correlation does not equal causation.

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Naturalistic Approach-

In this approach, the researchers analyze people or the group of people in their natural environment. It is a useful study method because according to some researchers, lab setting would influence the precise result, and also it would influence the subject's behavior.

Some of the famous experimental psychology experiments-

For a very long time, researchers are trying to know all the mysteries of the human mind. These experiments are the prime examples of those attempts-

The Little Albert-

In 1920, Dr. John B. Watson conducted an experiment on a baby named Albert. In this experiment Dr, Watson proved that through conditioning, one can influence the behavior of the child. In the Little Albert experiment, Dr. Watson managed to develop a phobia of loud noises and white rats in baby Albert's mind. Although the experiment was a success, it received a lot of backlashes as it was morally and ethically wrong. In this experiment, a child was hurt as he develops a non-existing phobia.

The Bobo Doll Experiment-

It is one of the classic examples of experimental psychology. In this experiment, researchers divided 33 boys and 33 girls between the age of 3-6 years into 3 groups of 24 children. One group was introduced to the adults who were violent and loud, another group was introduced to the adults who were not violent or loud, and the last group was not introduced to any model.

The group who was introduced with the aggressive adults showed aggressive behavior and they screamed and punched the bobo doll. The second group who was introduced to non-aggressive adults did not show aggressive behavior, and the last group played with the bobo doll.

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