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Essentials of Environmental Physics

What is Environmental Physics?

Like Physics is the science of studying phenomenons, behaviors, and events of space, time, and energy, Environmental Physics leverages these principles to study the interactions between live ecosystems, organisms, and other phenomena of nature.

The applications of environmental physics range from evaluating the health of an ecosystem to developing technological solutions that help preserve the intricate balance between natural phenomena like the melting of ice, the greenhouse effect, soil formation, and natural resource exploration.

Using the Laws of Physics to Explain Global Warming

The Laws of Thermodynamics: The laws that regulate the temperature in systems like Earth!

Environmental Physics Assignment Help

The laws of thermodynamics elucidate how physical quantities like temperature, total energy (heat), or other empirical facts like entropy change in closed, open, and hybrid systems.

First Law: This first and foremost law in thermodynamics advocates that energy is a non-destructible or non destroyable form. Energy can only change forms and transfer from one thing to another. The universe is a very big closed system. Thus, when there is no energy escaping or entering the system, the total energy of the universe remains constant.

Students looking for Environmental Physics Assignment help should know these basic laws of Thermodynamics that govern and regulate the temperature in our environment.

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Second Law of Thermodynamics

The entropy always tends to achieve the highest state possible. Over time, the entropy of anything increases on their own, thus, things become colder and colder as they dissipate energy into increasing entropy.

Third Law

At absolute zero Kelvin, the molecules would not have any energy to move, and any pressure caused due to molecules would be negligible.

When applying the above-mentioned laws in the context of Global Warming, we can understand that first, the energy reaching from the sun to the earth is always conserved, and never destroyed. Thus, the temperature of the earth is regulated by an intricate balance between absorption and reflection back of the sunlight.

Greenhouse Effect, Infrared Rays and the Intricate Balance of Energy

“During the day, the rays of the sun enter the atmosphere and hit the ground, changing heat and energy with any object that it touches along. During the night, the earth emits the absorbed heat back in the form of infra-red rays.” Infra-red rays are energy waves that carry heat energy with them.

However, there are some gasses in the atmosphere like carbon dioxide, methane, and some types of CFCs that trap and reflect infrared rays back to the earth’s surface, thus reducing the rate of heat dissipation at night and increasing the rate of heat absorption in general in the day time. This is known as the greenhouse effect, as it arises from the increase in the concentration of greenhouse gasses.

Ocean: The Wind Generator

Oceans, Icecaps, and forest lands play a big role in circulating energy across the earth. Did you know that earth could practically have no wind if it did not have oceans to regulate and create temperature differences? Along with temperature differences, vast stretches of oceans also create pressure differences across a region that facilitates the movement of winds.

The wind generated by the potential difference in temperature between ocean waters, superimpose with the natural gusts of winds generated by the earth rotation. This further feeds cycles like the water cycle and causes rain, the formation of Ice stupas, and decides paths of the rivers. For example, sea breeze and land breeze.

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Sea breeze :

A sea breeze is a wind that blows in the direction of the low-pressure area generated due to the temperature difference in the large masses of land and large masses of water. At shores, the land becomes hot in the day by rapidly absorbing the sun’s heat, and the air below the sea remains cooler. Thus, when the air above the land absorbs heat from the surface and moves upwards, it creates a low-pressure area allowing the colder, denser air from oceans to take its place.

Land Breeze:

Land breeze is the opposite of the sea breeze. They blow at night, from land to sea. As the land is cooler in the night, and the water in the sea is warmer, the temperature difference creates a reverse pressure difference. Thus, this causes the wind to blow from land to sea.

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