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What is Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise Architecture popularly known as (EA) is a set of well-defined methodologies and frameworks for performing organization research, design, preparation, and delivery, using a holistically developed approach at all times. This enables one to effectively implement strategy development and decide execution. EA leverages architecture principles to derive information from different routes to guide the organizations through changes in process, technology and business. These practices also leverage the information to motivate the workforce, identify challenges and achieve the desired changes. The introduction of EA benefits five specific areas: data processing, technology creation, IT architecture, organization processes and organizational impacts.

Business Architecture

Source: Visual Paradigm

Fields like Data management, application development and IT infrastructure, when combined with enterprise architecture, might influence cost, redundancy agility and standardization process of an enterprise.

Let’s have a look at a typical assignment on Enterprise Architecture.

enterprise architecture case study

The above assignment requires us to leverage experience and knowledge of Enterprise Architecture Frameworks to identify the processes, draw a comparison between frameworks like EA-Zachman, TOGAF, FEA and Gartner. As additional steps, the assignment also requires us to draw ERD-Entity Relationship Diagrams to provide a

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Zachman Framework: An Enterprise Architecture Framework

EA is a domain that has evolved to structure the business process and align it with IT systems. The Zachman Framework is an ontology and a fundamental structure for Enterprises that provides a way of handling enterprises information from different perspectives. With the help of the Zachman framework, one can display how the components of the enterprise are interdependent and related to each other. This helps accrue essential business intelligence.

zachman framework

Source: Visual Paradigm

As seen above, Zachman can be understood as a 2-dimensional scheme that descriptively represents an enterprise with the help of a matrix containing 36 cells. Each of them focuses on one of the perspectives of the enterprise. While rows represent different viewpoints that are involved in the process of development of systems, columns, on the other hand, represent the viewpoint of stakeholders of the organization. The rows of Zachman Framework particularly describes the organization from six different perspectives; “What”, “Where”, “Where”, “Who”, “When”, “Why”, and how. The system columns consist of a series of objects that identify the organization from a community of stakeholders' particular point of view. The actors are usually categorized as developers, operators, designers (architects), implementers, subcontractors, users, or sometimes described as viewpoints: scope context, business principles, program logic, part and class of operations.

Our Experts are Familiar withy Do We Use the Zachman Framework?

Experts that provide Enterprise architecture assignment help have explained this in a nutshell in the answer. A framework like Zachman is essential in today’s environment as many large organisations face difficulties responding to new changes. Part of the difficulty may be due to a lack of internal understanding of the different variables and components of organizations as information regarding the legacy and business intelligence is locked in the minds of a handful of employees.

The Zachman framework is constructed in such a manner that it provides the route to classify an organization’s architecture. It can be used by experts to proactively mode the existing functions, processes and elements of the organization that helps manage business change.

Zachman Vs TOGAF Vs FEA Vs Gartner: Important Concepts Used By Experts in Our Enterprise Architecture Assignment Help

TOGAF: The Open Group Architecture Framework

The Open Group Architecture Framework is popular and common in the world of business today accounting for over 80% of the entire structure of the businesses. The Open Community Architecture System (TOGAF) is a framework in enterprise architecture that offers a high-level platform for the development of enterprise applications. TOGAF aims to coordinate the production process into a structured methodology designed to minimize delays, manage schedules, and integrate IT with business divisions to deliver consistent outcomes.

The Four Pillars of TOGAF:

Business Architecture: Includes corporate policy, accountability, operational knowledge and how to incorporate the existing procedures within the enterprise.

Applications Architecture: Provides a blueprint for the structuring and implementation of the framework; following corporate goals, operational mechanisms and other key business processes.

Data Architecture: This defines the organization’s structure of data storage and maintenance of logical and physical data models.

Technical Architecture: This is also known as technology architecture as it transcribes all the crucial hardware, applications and IT infrastructure required to develop and deploy business applications.

FEA: Federal Enterprise Architectural Framework

Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework, or FEA, is a system of enterprise architecture specially designed for the federal government. This framework helps maintain a myriad of varied organizations under the government’s control. FEA exhaustively combines the best of both the Zachman Framework and TOGAF. FEA primarily covers

The FEA has five reference models. They cover business, service, components, technical, and data. These five points combine with a segment model to create a perspective on how best to install enterprise architecture. FEA laid the groundwork for a major restructuring of policies. As such, the structure is an important cornerstone to pursue when creating a stable base for a potential enterprise.


At last, Gartner differs a little bit from the previous 3 models. Its boundaries are not confined to the structures of different models or taxonomy. The model proposes to focus on the constant state of adapting to the environment in one’s organisation and advocates the idea of bringing business owners, Information specialists and technology implementers on a single platform.

ERD Diagram

ERD is an acronym for entity-relations diagram. ERM, which stands for the entity-relationship model, is a database modelling method for representation of data related to entity-relationship in an organisation. The technique enables one to conceptualize a schema or a semantic model for the data of a system like a relations database.

Here, is an example solved for an ERD diagram by our expert at My Assignment Services.

If you have been looking for Enterprise Architecture Assignment help, then you can leverage this sample of ERDs to help with your assignment.

Let’s establish the assumptions that need to be established while creating the ERD diagram for milk dairy as follows.

  • A supplier could be an individual farmer, society, or refrigeration centres. Each of them would be considered a separate entity.
  • A farmer operating individually can either sell milk individually or become a part of the community.
  • All of these 3 entities should share a relationship with suppliers in the milk batch.
  • Payments shall be processed based on the fat percentage in the batch of milk.

Business Rules:

  • All the different types of suppliers would be saved in tables in the database and each of these tables would be related to the milk batch entity.
  • An individual farmer could be a part of only one society, thus, it would develop one to one relationship.
  • A milk batch could be sampled more than one time. Hence, it can develop one- many relationships.
  • A batch can be paid off for in several part payments. Thus, it would also share one- many relationships.
enterprise architecture

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