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Engineering Physics Assignment Help

Engineering Physics is the branch that refers to a combination of disciplines at once. This broad term may lie at an intersection of engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Nuclear Physics, Material Science, or even Aerospace and Electrical Engineering. So let's discuss some concepts from these fields in brief.

Engineering Physics can be broadly classified into two substragments; Modern and Classical Physics.

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Modern Physics:

Technically, Modern Physics is the branch that deals with post-Newtonian Physics or the conventional Macroscales phenomenons. As scientists were able to discover the fundamentals unit of matter, atoms, and then go further beyond up to the quarks, physicists noted that the phenomenon of and concepts of Physics that governed the matter distorted. Phenomenons like Wave Matter Duality, Schrodinger's Uncertainty, and Theory of relativity!

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What is the Theory of General Relativity?

Theory of General Relativity is a major feat in the world of Physics. It explains the phenomenon of gravity as a tangible quantity spanning across the space-time mesh. A world-renowned physicist, Albert Einstein came up with the general theory of relativity a year after he proposed the special theory of relativity. What is so special about the general theory of relativity? Well, the mathematical equation of the theory has been proven to define the phenomenon of gravitation most accurately. The special theory of relativity discussed the laws of physics with the objects that stay relatively in rest with each other. However, Albert Einstein spent the next 10 years to discuss the possibilities and laws of Physics while including relatively accelerating frames.

Classical Physics:

Have you ever wondered how only a bunch of equations can explain all kinds of motion in the macro space? You could travel to space and back, make repeated trips to MARS, or just board a bus or a subway and only 3 rules of motion would be required to explain all of that. Well, that is classical mechanics, Newtonian Physics.

Classical Physics touches aspects of Physics that explains acceleration, velocity, momentum, and laws of energy conservation. It also covers subjects like Magnetism, electricity, and Thermodynamics.

In short, mathematical expressions of the forces that affect motion, energy state, or power transfer between objects are all explained by Classical Physics.

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Explaining the " First Law of Motion " By Newton

The First Law of Motion By Newton states that the body at rest would remain at rest, as well as a body at motion would be in motion until any forces act upon it.

At the same time, The Second Law by Newton advocates that the net force acting on any object is equal to the mass of the object multiplied by acceleration. "F=M*A"

Likewise, there is also a "Third Law of Motion" that advocates, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

What are the Newtonian Laws for General Gravitation?

This law states that the attraction force of gravity acting between any two objects would be directly proportional to the masses of the objects and inversely proportional to the distance between them.

Law of Conservation of energy

It states that it is not possible to create or destroy energy in any form. However, we can exchange the energies from one form to the other by various methods.

Conserving Momentum: Pillar of Newtonian Mechanics

It advocates that in the absence of an external force like friction, the net momentum of the system stays conserved whenever two bodies in motion collide.

What is Bernoulli's Principle?

Bernoulli's principle defines that fluid in the continuous streamline motion would be in direct relation with the hydrostatic pressure.

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Engineering Physics Assignment Sample

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