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Electronic Health Records (EHR) are considered a crucial element in the field of nursing that depicts a digital version of the patient’s chart. These contain every basic information and records that a patient has been going through along with their historical data. According to our Electronic Health Records assignment expert, students who are pursuing Nursing and related courses have to understand how to prepare EHR as well as understand its importance at the time of diagnosis. However, this is a bit complex to prepare and this is what our Electronic Health Record assignment services deals in.

Assignment Sample Considered By Our Experts of Electronic Health Records Assignment Help

There are a lot of positive and negative things associated with every new technological innovation or methodologies. The same applies here as there are many Electronic Health Records pros and cons which exceptionally holds a great value to the overall diagnosis and development of the patient.

If considering in terms of assignments, there has been a lot of assessments that have come up by universities which emphasise on importance and practical implementations. Our Electronic Health Records assignment help experts are surely here to assist you. Given below are a few of the assignment samples solved by our experts that have come in the form of:

  1. Writing an essay of 2000 words on Electronic Health Records.
  2. Preparing a report of 3000 words on Effects of Technological Experience on Adoption and Usage of Electronic Health Records.
  3. Investigating a case study on Personal Health Records with a series of specific questions and decision making abilities.

Such assessment questions were extraordinarily answered by our Electronic Health Records assignment expert who believe in preparing solution that falls within our six sigma benchmark scores defined by our experts at My Assignment Services.

Electronic Health Records Pros and Cons Explained By Our Assignment Help Experts

Electronic health records are essential to maintain in giving out helpful information about the patient as well as assistance in their medication. However, these are essential to process and store because the information is quite valuable. Our experts have explained the electronic health records pros and cons which are given below:


  • As per our Electronic Health Records assignment help experts, these records are essentially maintained to save your time, cost as well as extra efforts in an effective manner.
  • Electronic health records have the provision to provide people with a clear insight into their health status. The health records can be easily shared with the concerned provider and it is available as a specific information determined at the time of diagnosis. If you need our assistance, our Electronic Health Records assignment experts are always there to assist you.
  • Paperwork can be easily eliminated as everything will be on the cloud database.
  • According to the experts of our Electronic Health Records assignment services, Health care providers would be able to create an accurate and complete information about their patients as well as their medical history.
  • Analysing the Electronic health records pros and cons, a deep look into the privacy and security is an essential feature.
  • These electronic health records will improve quality, work-life balance as well as productivity.


  • However, these EHRs make your work easy but our Electronic Health Records assignment help experts advise that these are critical to prepare and you have to incur a lot of time and cost related to it.
  • These records are stored in electronic and cloud database which are quite vulnerable to a lot of cyber attacks including phishing, denial of service and malware attacks. Talking to our Electronic Health Records assignment expert, you can always get many solutions for such problems.
  • A lot of security as well as privacy concerns would be on stake.
  • According to the experts of our Electronic health records assignment services, the records can be easily and instantaneously updated on a real time basis.
  • A lot of special training and exercises are required so as to incorporate these instructions with such records. If you require any kind of guidance, you are free to contact our Electronic Health records assignment help services.

These Electronic health records pros and cons clearly states all the positive and negative impacts that are critical and need to be understood. However, we need to know what all these records contain?

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Information to be Included As Explained By Our Electronic Health Records Assignment Help Experts

A lot of specific information needs to be included in preparing Electronic Health Records. However, these records are critical to maintain as well as complex to be stored. According to our Electronic health records assignment experts, there are a few specific information about the patient. These information are given below:

  • Patient demographics: These are the basic as well as contact information about the patient.
  • Administrative and billing data: All the related bills and amounts of all the related medications.
  • Progress notes: The notes about the patient’s focus is all set to be included in EHR. If you need a solution to our queries, you can contact our online Electronic Health records assignment services.
  • Immunisation dates: All the related dates of received immunisations are written.
  • Medical histories: The past medical history of the patient is available on these Electronic Health records.
  • Vital signs: There is also a record of vital signs and symptoms in these records.
  • Diagnosis: Diagnosis in the form of critical checkups and other surgeries is needed to be written along with its official code.
  • Medications: As per our Electronic Health records assignment help experts, every medication needs to be carefully looked at.
  • Radiology images: All intact radiology images are carefully looked at.
  • Allergies: Every associated allergies are required to be mentioned under electronic health records.
  • Lab and test results

If you need assistance with your assessment tasks, you are free to contact our Electronic Health records assignment experts, available 24x7 to assist you anytime and anywhere as per your convenience.

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Ecology Assignment Help

If you have any queries related to the above topics, you are free to avail of our ecology assignment services. We assure you that you will get the best possible answers for your queries.

Why Study of Ecology is Important?

Ecology is a study of interaction and relationships between various organisms. Apart from this, there are various reasons to study ecology. Few of them are mentioned below:

  • It offers information for various habitats such as deserts, water etc which provides a better understanding of the world we are living around.
  • Provide better environmental understanding which helps in identifying harmful elements.
  • With a better understanding of the environment, we can be able to manage environmental issues easily.
  • Various drugs and medicines are made from substances that are useful in treating diseases.
  • Ecology study also helps in forest management.
  • This study helps to prevent damage to crops by the use of pests and insects.

Thus, the study of ecology has an important role in the field of agriculture, health, fishing, medicine, preserving the environment and population control etc.

Following Are The Difficulties Encountered Explained By Our Ecology Assignment Experts

Keeping environmental problems in mind, it becomes important to study the environment at graduation, post-graduation or doctorate level courses. This field of study is not only necessary for students of science but also for Arts and Commerce students.

  1. There are several ecological concepts such as manage connectivity, maintain redundancy and diversity, encourage learning, foster complex adaptive systems thinking, manage slow feedbacks and variables, broaden participation, and promote polycentric governance systems.
  2. There are different terms related to ecology, for example; population, environment, eco-system, bio-diversity etc. which are commonly used but it also has technical connotations. This is the reason many students unable to understand the meaning and scope of the given terms.
  3. Many students fail to understand the scope of the subject. Ecology includes all the species found on earth. For students, diversity is found in species which can be confusing and baffling for students. Such students can avail ecology assignment help with My Assignment Services .
  4. Ecology also deals with all the habitats. Additionally, students can be required to carrying out compare and contrasts in organisms, classification of the families, etc. Doing so is not easy for students especially those who are new to this field. They can take help from our ecology assignment experts.

The experts available with us have covered a wide range of topics such as Population ecology, Animal behaviour, Human ecology, Microbial ecology, Ecosystems, Bio-diversity, Creation and evolution, Global ecology, Exo-biology, Bioremediation, Recycling, Food microbiology, Biotechnology, Fuel production, and Biocontrol.

Applications of Ecological Concepts and Principles

The application explained below provides the ways to apply ecological principles and concepts to conserve biodiversity. As per the ecological assignment experts, ecological applications can be grouped to coarse and fine filter applications and planning applications.

Coarse and fine filter applications:
  • Use coarse and fine filter approaches
  • Make sure the representation in a system of protected areas
  • Retain largely connected or contiguous areas
  • Emulate or maintain natural ecological processes
  • Manage communities and landscapes to be responsive to change in environment
  • Manage towards viable populations of native species
Planning Applications:

In order to achieve the conservation of biodiversity effectively, you must understand the needs and consulting, usage of water and land. It needs a planning tool and approach for biodiversity. The applications fall under the planning applications are mentioned below:

  • To set the target and objectives for biodiversity in plans
  • To effectively manage the biodiversity at a different level of biological organization
  • Incorporate temporal and spatial methods to use of land which are compatible with the area's natural potential
  • Avoid uses of land which convert natural ecosystems and establish damaged ecosystems
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