Electricity and Magnetism discuss the foundational concept of courses like electrical and electronics engineering. Students pursuing technology or engineering courses often write assignments on electricity and magnetism at some point of their program. Due to the nuanced and diverse nature of the subject, it can get hard for a student to conduct rigorous research and compile an impressive assignment solution. Experts at My Assignment Services are well-versed with the intricacies of the subject and provide professional electricity and magnetism assignment help. If you have been looking for electricity homework help, you could call us now and place an order for your assignment solution. If you are here for the resources, you can keep reading further to find the concepts to get the electricity homework help you have been looking for.

What is Electricity and Magnetism?

Electricity can be defined as the flow of charges between the two points having a potential difference. It enables the flow of energy from one place to another with the help of the movement of charged particles called electrons. Where Magnetism is also referred to as the tendency to get influenced by the force that is induced on a magnetic material by a magnetic field. When magnetism exists due to electrical flux flowing through a wire, we call it electromagnetism. Both electricity and magnetism are different aspects of electromagnetism and are inter-related to each other.

To clearly distinguish between electric charges and the electromagnetic force, we can understand that electrical force occurs between the charges even if the charged particles like electrons are at rest, whereas magnetic force only exists when these charges come into motion.

What is Electromagnetic Force and Electromagnetic Induction?

Experts that provide electricity and magnetism assignment help, believe that electromagnetic induction is an imperative concept for students to understand. Electromagnetic induction has been repeatedly asked in the assignments time and time again and our experts have provided stellar solutions to the students looking for Electricity and Magnetism assignment help. If you have been looking for Magnetism homework help, read and understand the following concepts carefully.

The electromagnetic force is generated as a result of physical interaction occurring between separate electrically charged particles in motion. It acts between two moving charged particles and consists of all the magnetic and electrical forces combined. This kind of force can either be attractive or repulsive. A constantly changing electric field creates a change in electrical flux that in turn causes a change in magnetic flux. Conversely, changing magnetic fields generates an electric field which is known as electromagnetic induction and forms the basis of the working principle of devices like alternators, dynamos, transformers, and induction motors.

A static magnetic field and a magnetic force are developed around a conductor when DC current flows through it. While an alternating magnetic field is formed around a conductor when AC current flows through it. This magnetic field can be intensified if conducting wire is wound into a coil, which then acts like a bar magnet having a static North and South pole. It can be seen in the figure that a conductor attached to a voltage source is wound into a coil and the magnetic field is formed around it.

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 Electricity and Magnetism

The flux of magnetic density that develops around the winding of the coil is directly proportional to the magnitude of current that flows in the coil’s windings. To increase the intensity of the magnetic flux given that the current through the winding remains constant, the number of windings in the coil can be increased to increase the flux density of the generated magnetic field.

  generated magnetic field

Conversely, if we could put a bar magnet inside the coils of the conductor, and moved it, perpendicular to the direction of the coils, we would generate electricity in the coil with the help of changing magnetic flux, and the current generated would be directly proportional to the intensity of movement of the coil. The direction of the current generated via electromagnetic induction and the direction of electromagnetic force that exists around an active conductor is governed by Fleming’s rules:

Right-Hand Rule byImaIma

 Right-Hand Rule byImaIma

The Right-Hand Fleming’s Rule that states how a conductor that carries current generates a change in magnetic flux. According to the rule, if one point one’s right hand’s thumb in the direction of the flowing current/charges in the conductor, and allows the fingers to curl, then the magnetic field circles in the direction where the fingers curl.

Fleming’s Left-Hand Rule


This law can also be known as the rule of electromagnetic induction. The figure explains how charged particles are influenced when they enter an electromagnetic field. Theoretically, if one points one’s index finger parallel to the direction of the magnetic field and middle finger, perpendicular to the index finger, pointing to the direction of the current, then the thumb would point in the direction of magnetic force being induced on the charged particle. It is named after John Ambrose Fleming, the person who invented the rule.

Applications of Electromagnetism and Electro-Magnetic Induction

 Applications of Electromagnetism and Electro-Magnetic Induction


Generators are the devices that change mechanical and magnetic energy to electrical energy. It works on the principle of Electromagnetic current induction, where a moving magnetic field induces a current in the conductor around it


In the figure it can be seen that these two magnets are placed between a moving coil, that is also a conductor. When the mechanical energy rotates the shaft, it also rotates the conductor ABCD, which eventually, leads to the generation of electric current due to the change in magnetic flux in the conductor. The electricity generated is then transported to the circuit via brushes and diodes.

These are the fundamental principles you’d require for magnetism homework help. However, due to the intricate nature of the subject, professional help could do wonders.

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