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In Australia, there are several universities like Curtin, Queensland University of Technology, RMIT, ANU, University of Melbourne, University of South Wales, etc. offering over 50 electric power system courses. Some of the popular courses in this discipline are Competency in Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and SCADA Systems, Certificate, Competency in Power Distribution, and Competency in Electrical Wiring Standards. Under these courses, students come to learn and apply knowledge from Mathematics and Physics, related to electronics, electricity, its transmission and electromagnetism to process information and transmit energy.

Why Should you complete your Electrical Engineering Assignments in the best possible way?

After successful completion of the electrical engineering program, students can work as a Customer Support Engineer, Digital Design and Verification Engineer, Graduate Engineer, and Electrical Project Engineer among others and the median salaries for such profiles in Australia range between 1800 to AUD 2000 per week. You will get progressive employment opportunities to get employed in industries like rail, aerospace, telecommunications, and facilities management.

The Electric Power Assignments aim at testing the knowledge of the pedagogue about designing and development of the electrical system. My assignment services offer help on such assignments and connect you to bonafide experts academics who have undergone formal education in Electrical Engineering from top Australian Universities and most of them are involved in cutting edge research.

Before you start working on your Electric Power System Assignments, Let us take a look at some of the basics of the subject.

What is an Electric Power System? Textbook Definition

The term electric power system can be defined as a network connected with various electrical components (transformer, microcontroller, motors, fuse, relays, batteries, etc.) deployed to transfer, supply, and use electric power. The best example of an electric power system is GRID which provides power to a comprehensive area.

Electric power has increasingly become an important way of transforming and transmitting energy in transportation, military, industrial uses. Few examples are - diesel-electric railroad locomotion, electric trains running under catenary, hydraulics replacement in high-performance actuators, etc.

Electric power systems can also be said as a heart for alternative energy systems which includes geothermal small scale hydroelectric generation, and solar wind electricity. The material of the electric power system is useful to those students willing to pursue research or careers in-vehicle electrical systems, power electronic systems, electric power systems, designing and development of electric generators and motors, mechatronics, and robots.

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Electrical Power System Study and Common Topics

Students enrolled in the Master of Engineering in Electrical Power acquire expertise and skills in the areas of power systems such as developing electricity grids, upgrading those grids as per the latest standards and information technology, etc. Meanwhile, they have to cover various topics that are important for both learning and assignments too. Some of them are explained below by Electric power system assignment writing service experts.

Mathematical Modeling of Power System

The mathematical model of a power system is explained as a combination of different equations that exemplify the dynamics of exciters, machines, and other controls and algebraic equations demonstrating the relationship between two or more networks. To provide a stability analysis, the models to be considered are Generator Model, Excitation System, Eigen and linearisation Properties, Linear model, Power System Stabiliser, etc.

What is the Transmission and Distribution System?

Transmission and distribution are referred to as different stages to carry out electricity over wires and poles from generators to an individual home, offices, or business. The main difference between these two is the level of voltage through which electricity passes.

Transmission and Distribution System

Problem - Electric Power Distribution

Electric Power Distribution can be classified into two broad terms i.e. primary electric power distribution and secondary electric power distribution.

  • Primary Electric Power Distribution

The inner connectors or transmission lines terminate a large amount of power at large substations and power is distributed to different secondary substations. The voltage in the transmission line can range from 11 kV to 132 kV.

  • Secondary Electric Power Distribution

This electric power distribution term is comprised of low-voltage networks found along with the localities, streets, or over the rural areas to provide electric supply to an individual. The circuit utilised for this task is a 3 phase 4 wire, 440 V/220 V from which either single phase 220 V or 3 phase 440 V supply is provided.

Voltage Stability Analysis

Voltage stability is nothing but just a power system capacity to manage the receiving voltages for entire buses available in the system under general conditions and after Voltage instability, voltage collapse takes place. Wondering what is a Voltage collapse? It is a process through which voltage falls to an unacceptable value or at a very low value, therefore, an avalanche of events associated voltage instability is faced. The failure of voltage generally appears in power systems when power is heavily loaded and reactive power fails to meet that power. In the past years, voltage instability has fascinated the attention of operating engineers and power system planners and researchers. And it is just because of frequent voltage collapses happening in different corners of the world. Hence, Voltage Stability Analysis is crucial for power system planners, engineers, and researchers. The methods used in voltage stability analysis process are -

  • Reactive power reserve and V-Q curve method
  • Continuation power flow method
  • P-V curve method
  • Optimization Method

Assignment Questions for Voltage Stability

Assignment Questions for Voltage Stability

These are some of the most frequently asked electric power system assignment topics. Students who do not know of these might need help in the electric power system assignment. If you are the one then connect with My Assignment Services now or acquire the following knowledge explained below.

What do you need to know to write an Electric Power System Assignment

Writing assignments for the electric power system cannot be easy for all the students due to which they look for electric power system assignment writing service. Taking help from such service can be helpful but before that students may look at the details given below. As per the electric power assignment experts knowing the below-given points will help you in writing your assignment.

  • Basics of power electronic circuits and energy-handling circuits, for example - electromechanical and inverters
  • Best use of transformation techniques to simplify problems
  • Analysis of magnetic circuits, power electric circuits, rotating electric machinery, and linear elements
  • Models of induction, synchronous, and DC machinery
  • Power distribution
  • How to balance the grid and trouble-shooting?
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