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What does Discrete Mathematics mean?

Discrete mathematics is the study of the discrete objects, where discrete refers to being “distinct or not connected”. It is not a branch of mathematics but rather a description of a set of branches having one property in common that they are “discrete” and not “continuous”, which is what scholars usually found confusing and seek discrete mathematics assignment help through guided sessions for.

The whole world of mathematics is divided into two realms: Discrete and continuous. If we consider natural and real numbers, we can observe that the former is discrete and the latter is continuous, for instance,

  1. Natural numbers: starting from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... up to infinity are characterised by a sharp transition from one number to the next without having any other number in between. Thus, there will be no gaps in between two points when an x = y graph will be plotted, where both x and y are natural numbers.

  2. Real numbers: between 0 and 1, there is an infinite number of points (0.01, 0.001, 0.0001, and so on) and the graph of x = y where both x and y are real numbers, will be a continuous straight line with no gaps.

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    Discrete Mathematics Assignment

    Why study Discrete Mathematics?

    While students usually consider discrete mathematics as an obligatory burden, studying it has several other benefits too, some of which include:

    • It develops your mathematical thinking.

    • It improves your problem-solving ability.

    • If you are a computer science student, then you do not have to go anywhere else, as discrete mathematics is for you. It will help you survive the subjects such as compiler design, databases, computer security, operating system, automated theory and so on, as it is the cornerstone for all of these.

    • Several other problems can be solved using discrete mathematics, such as:

    1. Sorting a list of integers.

    2. Finding the shortest path between two places.

    3. Drawing a graph with both the conditions, i.e., where you are not allowed to lift your pen and where you are not allowed to repeat edges.

    4. Finding the different combinations of passwords that are possible with a certain number of alphanumeric characters.

    5. Encrypting messages and delivering them to your friends to ensure privacy.

    What Does Discrete Mathematics Include?

    In discrete mathematics a separate course, our discrete mathematics experts have been providing help with discrete mathematics assignment to scholars on various topics, which are important from computer science and information technology perspectives, including:

    1. Propositional logic and first-order logic

    2. Relations

    3. Partial orders and lattices

    4. Combinatorics

    5. Graph theory

    6. Set theory

    7. Functions

    8. Group theory

    How to understand discrete mathematics?

    Discrete mathematics sure does sound like a very complicated broad subject, covering a wide variety of topics, but one thing that our experts suggest to all the students struggling with it is to understand where its uses are.

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    As there are a lot of different areas where discrete mathematics is used, such as game theory, the graph theory, probability. Once you have figured out where it can be used, it becomes imperative to be acquainted with the terminology and the principles behind it. Besides, try to connect what you have learnt from the terminology perspective to the practical usage of the same.

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    Discrete Mathematics Assignment Help

    Discrete Mathematics Assignment Sample Discrete Mathematics Assignment Services

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