Disaster commonly occurs due to human interaction with technology, nature, and other living entities. Very often, unpredictable, instant, lingering and slow forms of disasters continue to impact the way humans perform daily activities. Living beings as innovative creatures have found several techniques to limit the destructive impact of disasters. Moreover, the human approach towards disaster reduction has been reactive. Economic and human social development has contributed to the vulnerability and hence, diminishing the potential of humans to cope with disasters and their impacts.

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Disaster Risk Reduction Assignment Help

Understanding the Concept of Disaster Risk Reduction Through Our Assignment Help Experts

Disaster risk reduction is a significant aspect of sustainable development, and hence, it includes non-governmental, government organizations, society, the private sector, and the professional sector. Therefore, you need a people-centric and multi-sector approach, constructing resilience to several, cascading and engaging risks, and developing a culture of strength and prevention.

Moreover, disaster risk reduction methods are developed to prevent new risks due to construction, reduce pre-existing risks, and share and spread risk to avoid disaster losses being taken by other growing outcomes and creating additional poverty. Assignment help via live one-to-one sessions will assist you in learning how you can reduce the impact of climate change, reduce disaster risk, and lead the sustainability of development.

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Key Disaster Risk Reduction Methods Explained by Our Experts in Australia

Some of the disaster risk management include practices linked with:


Measures and activities to prevent new and existing disaster risks. For example, relocation of exposed assets and individuals from a dangerous place. The related story under prevention activity includes settlement of homes flooded, and coasts eroded.

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The procedure of informally and formally shifting the financial outcomes of specific hazards from one party to another wherein an enterprise, community, household, or state superior will acquire resources from the other party after a disaster has taken place in return for compensatory or ongoing financial and social advantages given or that other party—for example, insurance. The related story under transfer activity includes leveraging private markets for sovereign hazard transfers.


The limitation or lessening of the adverse effects of disaster risks and other linked hazards. For example, building flood defence, implementing strict land utilization, planting more trees to stabilize slopes, and constructing building codes. The related story under mitigation activity includes mitigation saves at Portland International Airport.


The potential and knowledge of professional response, governments, and recovery individuals, communities, and organizations to effectively determine, recover, and respond to the effect of likely, current and imminent risky events or conditions. For example, finding evacuation routes, installing early warning systems, and preparing emergency units. Such measures and activities are rarely carried out in isolation and involve several linked activities. Some of the disaster risk reduction examples are:

  • Finding out and measuring disaster risk
  • Spreading awareness about the disaster risk and hazards
  • Education and knowledge growth
  • Strengthening legislative and institutional arrangements
  • Including disaster risk management into investment and national planning
  • Offering financial safeguards for individuals and firms at risks such as contingency and financial planning
  • Including disaster risk reduction around several sectors such as environment and health

Disaster Risk Reduction Examples

Disaster risk management refers to applying disaster risk control strategies and policies to avoid new disaster hazards and control residual risk, strengthening resilience and mitigation of disaster losses. Following are common Disaster Risk Reduction Examples or approaches:

  • Corrective disaster risk reduction activities manage and seek to reduce disaster hazards that are already existing, and that are required to be reduced and controlled from now on. For instance, the relocation of hazardous assets and population.
  • Prospective disaster risk reduction activities manage and seek the growth of increased or new disaster risks. They emphasize working disaster risks that may grow in the future if disaster risk mitigation policies are not incorrect—for instance, disaster-resistant water supply units and effective land-use planning.
  • Community-centric disaster risk reduction enhances the engagement of potentially impacted communities in disaster risk management at the local phase. It involves community assessment of potentials, risks, and vulnerabilities, and their engagement in monitoring, planning, evaluation, and implementation of local practices for disaster risk management.
  • Compensatory disaster risk reduction activities resilience the economic and social factors of people and communities in the context of residual hazards which cannot be effectively mitigated. This includes recovery and response activities, preparedness, and a combination of varying financing tools like contingent credit, national contingency funds, social safety nets, reinsurance and insurance.
  • Indigenous and local individual approach towards disaster risk reduction includes identifying and applying local, indigenous, and traditional practice and knowledge to support scientific knowledge in disaster risk evaluation.

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Disaster Risk Reduction Assignment Disaster Risk Reduction Assignment

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