The disability practice course is designed to prepare students to operate effectively with patients living with a range of disabilities. The focus is on best-practice in sensory, behavioral, cognitive, neurodevelopmental, and other disabilities. You will develop interventional skills, person-centered practices, and evidence-based knowledge, which you need to perform in various clinical units. Functional behavioral assessment is a key element of disability practice courses, and students are required to learn about multiple presenting behaviors, life stages, and disabilities.

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Several types of disabilities can affect an individual. Some of the disabilities are more common as compared to others. Discussed below are some of the common disabilities:

Blindness: It is defined as the stage of being sightless. A blind person becomes incapable of seeing their surroundings or any other thing. Moreover, it refers to the state of total blackness of vision with the incapability of an individual to differentiate darkness from bright light in either eye.

Low-vision: It may be due to eye cancer, brain injury, albinism, or any inheritance condition. Some common causes are diabetes, glaucoma, and degeneration related to age. It is characterized by visual acuity less than 20/60 or up to 10/200 in the better eye.

Hearing impairment: It refers to total or partial inability to hear. Furthermore, it is categorized into two sections: hard and deaf of hearing. Decibels or dB are used to measure the loudness of sound.

Intellectual disability: It is commonly known as mental retardation or learning disability. Intellectual disability is a condition distinguished by significant shortcomings in adaptive behavior and intellectual functioning like problem-solving, learning, and reasoning, including a range of practical, social, and everyday skills. According to our Disability Practice Assignment Help Experts, disability nurses provide care and support to individuals who are differentiated from society due to their disability by undertaking the training and course that contributes to learning about several skills needed to control the learning disability individual and help them lead a normal life.

Mental illnesses: Or generally called mental disorders, are defined as a substantial disorder of mood, perception, thinking, memory, and orientation that grossly impairs potential to recognize truth, behavior, judgment, or likely to meet the basic requirements of life. However, it does not include retardation, which is defined as the unfinished growth of an individual's mind, specifically featured by the sub-normality of intelligence.

Learning disabilities: It includes a group of disabling conditions that hinders an individual's potential to spell, write, speak, think, listen, or the ability to do mathematical calculations. Learning disability impacts or hinders one or more of the abilities mentioned above.

Speech and language disability refers to a permanent disability that takes place out of disorders like aphasia or laryngectomy. This impacts one or more elements of speech and language because of neurological and organic causes. Aphasia is a condition that impairs the language affecting the comprehension or production of speech and the potential to write to read. It is always because of an injury in the brain, such as a stroke.

Parkinson’s disease: It is a central nervous system disorder that impacts the mobility or movement of an individual. This disease is distinguished by stiffness and tremors. Parkinson's disease is a progressive disorder that gets worse over time. At present, there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. Cardinal symptoms of the disease are tremor, postural instability, rigidity, and bradykinesia.

Autism spectrum disorder: It is a common developmental and neurological disorder that impacts the behavior and communication of an individual. It can be assessed at any age. However, it is known as a developmental disorder as symptoms commonly occur in the first two years. It impacts the overall physical, social, emotional, and cognitive health of the affected individual (Schalock et al., 2019). Our Disability Practice Assignment Help Experts states that developmental disability nursing is a specialized nursing practice focused on assisting individuals with a developmental disability to gain the desired health outcome and lead a healthy life.

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Understanding the Relation between Disability and Human Rights

Disability is seen as a human right issue because:

  • Individuals with disabilities are denied autonomy. For instance, some are confined in educational organizational against their wish, or they are considered to be legally incompetent
  • Individuals with disabilities are subjected to a violation of dignity. For instance, they are subjected to disrespect, abuse, or violence due to their disability
  • They often experience inequalities. For example, they are denied equal healthcare, education, or employment.

Disability Practice Assignment Help Experts Have Provided Insight into Article 3 of CRPD

CRPD applies human rights to people with disability and clarifies existing laws about people with disability. “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” (CRPD) states the following general principles:

  • Non-discrimination
  • Respect for autonomy, dignity along with the freedom to make one’s choices
  • Promote independence of people with disability
  • Effective and full inclusion and participation in society
  • Accessibility
  • Respect for the emerging potentials of children with disability and respect for the right for children with disability to conserve their individuality
  • Equality of opportunity
  • Acceptance of people with disability and respect for difference as part of human humanity and diversity
  • Equality between women and men

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The main emphasis of this course is on the professional, technical, and practical skills required to empower and support individuals with a disability. Disability practice homework uses humanistic and scientific opinions to address significant issues like improving the daily functioning of patients with disability, successful client inclusion, and transformative practices in personnel and business. However, this is not easy as students must know patient-centered and strength-based approaches. Here is a Disability Practice Assignment Sample by My Assignment Services.

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