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Digital electronics is a subject that teaches one about various aspects of circuits and their components. One gets to accrue the knowledge of fabrication, multiplexers, de-multiplexers, universal gates and their application in the conventional and modern circuits. Apple, a world-renowned company, announced its new 5 nm chip fabrication process, what followed was a rapid boom in Digital Electronics hiring in China and America by companies like Intel, AMD and Qualcomm to enter into the 5nm chip race. No doubt a career in digital electronics is a fruitful one. But, specifically, this subject can get tough to attempt sometimes.

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Digital Logic States

Fundamentally, we can consider digital states and digital gates that perform numerous logics as the building blocks of any electronic circuit, microprocessor and other systems like microcontrollers. These fundamental gates are able to perform logical operations like AND, NOT, OR, XOR and EXOR. The logic states can be represented by the binary numbers Zero and One. a state at any given time can be either Zero or One. These can also be denoted by High or Low.

A common light switch can be understood as the right application of the basic logic gate. When switched ON, we can consider it as the Binary value ONE and when switched OFF, we can consider it as the Binary Zero.

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These two-level logic realizations can be classified into the following two categories.

  • Degenerative form
  • Non-degenerative form

Degenerative Form

Degenerative Form of the circuit is when the two levels of output can be implemented with the help of a single logic gate. Naturally, it would solicit an increase in the number of single logic gates. Thus, the efficiency and simplicity of logic gates increases, which can also be considered as an advantage of the degenerative circuit.

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A total number of 6 combinations can be realised in this form. These are the following combinations, AND with AND, AND with NAND, OR with OR, OR with NOR, NAND with NOR, NOR with NAND.

Therefore, the output of this OR-OR logic realization is A+B+C+D. This Boolean function can be implemented by using a 4 input OR gate. Hence, it is a degenerative form.

Similarly, you can verify whether the remaining realizations belong to this category or not.

Non-degenerative Form

A circuit is or logic is termed as Non-degenerative when the output is not possible to be achieved by the use of a single gate.

The combinations that come under this category are NAND with NAND, NOR with NAND, NOR with OR, NOR with NOR or AND with OR, AND with NOR, OR with AND and NAND with AND.

Arithmetic Circuits with Logic Gates

Logic gates can be implemented in an arrangement to carry out the functions of Binary Arithmetic like a half adder. Half adder is the most basic form of an arithmetic circuit implemented by logic Gates. This circuit contains the basic gates like XOR, it produces a binary output of 1 whenever one of the inputs is 1 and the other is 0.

Half Adder

As discussed, Half Adder is a fundamental unit that is able to perform additional operations on any two binary numbers represented by A and B while producing two outputs represented as S, the sum and C; the Carry.

Here is the Truth Table for the circuit:

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From the table above, we can conclude that the sum is the XOR or the input A and B while C is the AND of the inputs A and B.

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The function mentioned above can be implemented by an XOR gate and an AND gate.

 Digital Electronics

What Are Microprocessors in Digital Electronics

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For a layman, a Microprocessor can be defined as the unit of the circuit that performs all the logical and interpretation functions of the inputs and outputs. A modern-day CPU like the ones we find in the mobile phones, a microprocessor possesses the same kind of capabilities but solves different functions. One can see it as the unit that controls and governs all the functions of a small computer. It is generally produced and fabricated on a very small chip and performs basic arithmetic and logical functions. Alternatively, it is also known as ALU which is an acronym for Arithmetic Logical Unit.

Basic Architecture of a Microprocessor

ALU, a control unit, and a few register arrays form the fundamentals of a microprocessor. ALU is responsible for performing all the arithmetical operations that it receives from the array of memories and other input devices. A register array is nothing but the series connection of registers that are identified or marked by the letters and an accumulator along with it.

Explaining The Working of a Microprocessor

Our experts that provide Digital Electronics assignment Help have explained the working principle and mechanism of a microprocessor in detail below.

The core functioning of the microprocessor relies on the following sequences like Decode, Fetch, and Execute. Initially, we can store all of the instructions in the main memory sequentially. The microprocessor fetches the commands or the instructions from the primary memory to execute them one by one. Once an instruction is fetched it is decoded before being executed. The instructions are typically executed until an interrupt stops the execution. The results are then outputted via an output channel in the binary format. The registers are made to store any temporary instructions of files that are needed by the processor and simultaneously ALU performs any computation or arithmetic part of the instruction.

Here are some important terms that are used in the field.

  • Instruction Stack− It contains the information regarding instruction that can be fetched and executed by a processor.
  • Bandwidth − This term represents the maximum and a minimum number of instructions that can be processed by a processor.
  • Clock Speed − This term represents the number of operations that can be performed in a second by any processor. Generally, this can be represented in terms of MHz and GHz.
  • Word Length − It is dependent on the width or the size of the data bus. I.E 8-bit bus would generate outputs of words of 8 bit as an eight-bit processor would only execute 8 bits in a single operation cycle. The length of the word may vary depending upon the type of and make of processor.
  • Data Types − A processing unit can operate on a number of data types like ASCII, BCD or integers like signed or unsigned integers.

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