Nowadays, teenagers in Australia now use the Internet almost exclusively. According to a survey, usage increased with age, going from 96% of children between the ages of 9 and 11 to 98% of children between the ages of 12 and 14. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly apparent that, as stated in the National Digital Economy Strategy, individuals with top-notch technological abilities will be crucial to Australia's long-term social and economic growth. As a result, technical proficiency will be essential for today's youth, who will eventually grow up to become the next generation of professionals.

To acquire information, retain friendships, and connect with family, kids get a taste of the culture on the Internet. However, children at this age who are evolving usually take risks, whether online or offline. They also make bad decisions. This projects the need for cyberbullying awareness and its effects. Students getting assignments on cyberbullying can seek cyberbullying report writing help in Australia.

types of cyberbullying

What Is Cyberbullying?

Further, online bullying is cyberbullying. Social media, chat services, gaming platforms, and mobile devices are all potential venues. It is a pattern of behaviour that frighten, infuriates, or embarrasses people who are the target. Examples comprise:

  • Creating false information about someone or publishing embarrassing images or videos of them on social media
  • Using messaging services to send offensive, threatening, or abusive texts, photos, or videos
  • Using a false identity to send obscene messages to others on that person's behalf.

Bullying that takes place in person and online frequently coexists. However, cyberbullying leaves a digital trail—a record that may be helpful and offer proof to put an end to the abuse.

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What Are the Different Types of Cyberbullying?


In addition, exclusion is a factor in online and physical bullying scenarios toward a target victim. For instance, removing the target from message threads or chats with common friends or prohibiting entry or invite to events while other friends receive one.

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Cyberbullying encompasses a broad range of behaviours that are classified as harassment. However, generally speaking, it describes a series of threatening online interactions intended to harm or tarnish someone's image.


Outing, also known as doxing, is the act of publicly releasing delicate data about an individual without informing them or asking for their permission. This embarrasses or humiliates them on the Internet. Sharing recorded private discussions in some online forums or spreading explicit pictures or documents of well-known people are examples of this. Students can take cyberbullying report examples to write better on this topic.


Outing and trickery are comparable, with the addition of deception. In these circumstances, the bully will approach their target and deceive them into believing they are safe. Once the bully obtains the target's trust, they take advantage of it by disclosing the victim's secrets and personal information to one or more third parties. To write a comprehensive report on this, you can take cyberbullying report writing help in Australia.


Lastly, a very severe form of online bullying known as "cyberstalking" includes threats to harm the victim physically. In addition to surveillance and harassment, it frequently incorporates offline stalking. It is a felony, and the offender could get a restraining order, go through probation, or even go to jail.

Differences Between Cyberbullying and Offline Bullying

The literature gives the impression that adults and children have distinct perspectives on the online and offline worlds. The online and offline worlds are "seamless" for children and teenagers because they offer a comprehensive setting for interaction, socialisation, play, research, and education. Children and teenagers, as a result, don't always distinguish between the two types of bullying; in one research, kids simply referred to cyberbullying as "bullying via the Internet" or "bullying via technology."

This is further bolstered by the notion that a large proportion of adolescents who engage in cyberbullying also engage in offline bullying, and a similar proportion of adolescents who have been the victims of cyberbullying have also been victims of offline bullying. So, if you want to write comprehensive reports on cyberbullying and offline bullying, you can seek report writing help.

How Can Parents Help Their Children If They Are Being Cyberbullied?

  • Provide solace and assistance. It could make your child feel less isolated if you and your child discuss any bullying you experienced as a youngster.
  • Tell your child that they are not to blame. Bullying reveals more about the bully than it does about the target. Talk to your kid about doing the right thing and praise them for it. Confide in your youngster that you'll know what to do.
  • Let the school know. Inform the principal, school nurse, counsellor, or instructor of the circumstance. Many schools, school districts, and after-school organisations have policies to deal with cyberbullying. But before doing so, let your child know what's going on so you can come up with a solution that both of you feel comfortable with.
  • Keep screenshots of the ominous language, images, and messages. These can be presented as proof to the bully's parents, the bully's school, the bully's job, or even the police.
  • Lastly, get support. If your son or daughter is on board, seeing a therapist could be beneficial for processing emotions. Either your child and the bully will work with a school counsellor or mediator.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Internet about Cyberbullying

    1. Am I Being Cyberbullied? How can you Distinguish Between Humour and Bullying?

All friends make fun of each other, but occasionally it can be difficult to discern if someone is joking with you or out to get you, especially online. They will occasionally dismiss it with a "just kidding" or "don't take it so seriously."

The joke has worn thin, though, if you start to feel offended or believe that others are laughing at you rather than with you.

Additionally, when bullying occurs online, it may draw negative attention from a variety of people, including total strangers. Wherever it occurs, you shouldn't have to put up with it if you don't like it. Whatever you choose to call it, seeking help is important if you are having problems and they don't go away. Not only must bullies be exposed, but everyone must be treated with respect online and offline to stop cyberbullying. To get better insights into this field, you can seek cyberbullying report writing help in Australia.

    2. What are the Impacts of Cyberbullying?

Online bullying can make you feel like you are under attack everywhere, including at home. The repercussions can be severe and have varied effects on a person:

  • Feeling upset, humiliated and foolish.
  • Emotionally feeling humiliated or losing interest in the things you love.
  • Physically drained or suffering from headaches and stomach aches.

People may be reluctant to speak up or make an effort to solve the problem if they feel mocked or harassed by others. Cyberbullying can, in severe circumstances, even result in suicide. However, problems can be overcome, allowing people to regain their health and confidence.

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