Computer organisation and architecture is a focused discipline in the computer engineering study modules. Our computer science assignment experts have defined these terms in the following ways:

  • Computer Archi tecture – In computer science, the term "architecture" can be defined as a set of methods and rules that define the organisation, functionality, and execution of a computer system. In other words, computer architecture is a science that states how computer hardware and software are compiled together and create a system to make a computer work.
  • Computer Organisation – It is related to the behaviour and structure of a computer system. It mainly deals with the mechanisms of a system connection. It explains to us how the units of a system are arranged and connected.

Main Categories of Computer Organisation and Architecture Explained By Computer Science Experts

Students enrolled in the study of computer architecture will come to learn about the three key categories i.e. system design, instruction set architecture, and microarchitecture. Our experts providing computer organization architecture assignment help have explained these three main categories of computer architecture:

  • System design – System design is comprised of entire hardware parts like data processors, CPU, memory controllers, multiprocessors, and direct memory access.
  • Instruction set architecture – It includes all the CPU's capabilities & functions, programming languages of CPU, processor register types, data formats, and instructions given by users. These parts make it runs, such as Photoshop, Windows, and other programs.
  • Microarchitecture – Microarchitecture explains the storage element and data processing and data paths. Also, it defined how they should be executed into the instruction set architecture. Few common examples are CD and DVD storage devices.

Topics Covered Under the Computer Organisation and Architecture Assessments

Every student must be aware that they are required to write assignments that can be in the form of an essay, case study, research paper, research methodology, thesis, etc. Writing a programming based assignment can be interesting if you have complete knowledge about the subject and/ or topic. If not, you might need Computer Organisation and Architecture Assignment Help. However, our experts have defined a few complicated topics covered under the study of computer organization and computer architecture.

Input and Output Systems

The input and output system of a computer offers an efficient and well-organised mode of communication between the outside environment and the central system. It takes care of the entire input and output operations performed by the computer system. Few subtopics are –

  • Priority Interrupts
  • Input and Output Interfaces
  • Direct memory access with DMA controller 8257/8237
  • Microcomputer system
  • BUS Arbitration
  • MPU Communication

DAISY Chaining - Hardware Method

The hardware method or daisy-chaining method involves every device creating interruption. The configuration of the Daisy-chaining method is run based on the importance of the devices. For example – devices having the highest priority are located first. Let's understand it with the help of pictures –

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In the computer, pipelining is a process to mount up all the commands from the processor through a pipeline. Pipeline permits to collect and execute processor commands in a systematic order which is also called pipeline processing. It can also be said as a technique or method where various instructions coincide at the time of execution. Under this topic, you can be asked to deal with assignments based on –

  • Stages, Execution, and Throughput
  • Stalling and Types
  • Data Hazards and Dependencies

IEEE Standard 754 Floating-Point Numbers

The IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic is also known as IEEE 754. It was bought into action in the year 1985 by IEEE as a technical standard for floating-point computation. It is used mainly to identify the problems of floating-point implementations. IEEE Standard 754 floating-point is now a common representation for real numbers for Macs, Intel-based PCs, and UNIX platforms. It mainly includes three components –

  • The Sign of Mantissa
  • The Biased Exponent
  • The Normalised Mantissa


Under this section, students cover programs to convert the following:

  • Binary to Decimal
  • Decimal to Binary
  • Decimal to Octal
  • Octal to Decimal
  • Hexadecimal to Decimal

Programmable Peripheral Interface 8255

Programmable Peripheral Interface is abbreviated as PPI. PPI 8255 is a general-purpose program developed to interface the CPU with DAC, ADC, keyboard, etc. Mainly, PPI 8255 includes three 8-bit bidirectional I/O ports such as PORT A, B, and C.

Block diagram of PPI 8255 will be –

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Apart from the above-given topics, computer organisation and architecture students must know about memory banking, computer ports, Flynn's taxonomy, INR M timing diagram, and 8259 PIC Microprocessor so that they can prepare their assignment without computer organisation architecture assignment help.

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