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How many times have you seen Marvel movies and wondered how was it shot? How were you able to see Thor, a character who never existed anywhere out of the computer graphics software. Leave movies, have you ever wondered how your computer screen works? How does it display text, videos and images? You can find answers to all of these questions in the study of Computer Graphics and the algorithms that we use to realize it.

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Let’s Get into the Basics of Computer Graphics

Cathode Ray TubeComputer Graphics Assignment Help Services

Fundamentally, a cathode ray tube could be understood as a vacuum tube with one or more than one electron gun and a screen made up of phosphorescent material in the end to display images. The electrons are modulated, deflected, and accelerated on this screen to create images. This emitted beam of the electron is also known as cathode rays because they are emitted from a cathode. The electron beam is then made to pass-through numerous focusing systems to direct the beam towards the specific positions on the phosphor screen. When this beam is hit by the stream of electrons it glows with the specified intensity, thus, illuminating pixels on the screen.

Raster Scan

Ever heard about the refresh rate of the screen? Well, this word comes from the raster scan of the systems. In a raster scan, the electron gun that emits the beam sweeps the screen to illuminate different pixels in the screen row-wise, from top to bottom. As it sweeps across the different rows, the intensity and acceleration of the electron vary to create a pattern. This pattern of the definition of the current and the next picture is stored in the buffer called a refresh buffer or otherwise, a frame buffer. The values of intensity of different points on the screen are in these buffers.

Random Scan Vector Scan

In this particular technique, the beam of electrons gets deflected only to the parts of the screen where the pixels are to be illuminated instead of scanning the screen from top left to bottom right. This kind of display is also called calligraphic or vector-display.

The information about the intensity of each picture is stored in the area of the memory that can be referred to as the display file. In order to display an image, the system iterates through the stored set of commands in the buffer, while drawing each component individually. The commands are processed after the system gets to reiterate back to the commands in the list.

Computer Graphics Assignment

Algorithms of Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics algorithms are an integral part of computer graphics assignments. These are tough and may take time to understand and implement in questions. Thus, you may need guided sessions of computer graphics project assignment help. If you are someone who is looking for it, then you should connect with our experts to avail computer graphics assignment help. Our assignments would help you score good and would also get your assignment done in a jiffy.

DDA Algorithm

DDA algorithm is the most fundamental algorithm of Computer Graphics. DDA stands for “Digital Differential Analyzer”. It is both a hardware and software to interpolate variables across intervals between the starting and the ending point. One can realize shapes like Triangles, Polygons and lines with the help of DDA. DDA may be extrapolated to draw polynomial functions and quadratic curves. The simplest interpretation of the DDA algorithm is DDA lines.

Equation of the line can be given as Xq = Xq−1 + 1, Yi = Yi−1 + m. In these equations, m is the slope and can either be expressed as a DDA algorithm or any other algorithms like Rasterization.

Bresenham’s Line Generation

It is a line drawing algorithm and helps determine the points on the screen to be used to plot lines by identifying n-dimensional rasters to be selected in an order that forms a close approximation of a straight line. It uses simpler arithmetic like integer calculations and avoids any floating-point divisions or multiplications, which saves time and space in terms of computer resources. It takes unit increments as it moves along the X-axis and decides to choose the value of the other axis, i.e., Y in this case at every increment.

Bresenham’s Line Generation

Mid-Point Algorithm

The Mid-Point algorithm arises from the concepts of the Bresenham algorithm. Academicians like Pitteway and Van Aken modified Brenham’s formula to invent the Mid-Point Algorithm.

Let us assume that we have a point P at coordinates x,y and slope of the line is 0 ≤ m ≤ 1.

The algorithm would now determine if the next point is placed at point E or at point N. This is decided by looking at the intersection Q which is closest to the point N or either E. The point that this intersection is closest to is considered as the point to be plotted next in the algorithm.

Mid-Point Algorithm

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