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Computer Architecture Assignment Help by Experts

What is the importance of Computer Architecture and Why Should You Know it?

There are different architectural approaches to constructing a house. Likewise, there are different architectures in computer science, each with its capabilities, pros, and cons. As a Developer of the compiler or operating system, it is essential to know how things in general work inside the computer and how its architecture works. One thing that works in one machine might not work well on another.

As an undergraduate student, just reading about computer architecture vs understanding them in-depth enough to write or finish your assignment can be a challenging goal. In such a situation, taking online Computer Architecture Assignment Help becomes an optimal choice for freeing your mind from the stress of these complexities.

Before we discuss the perks of getting Computer Architecture Assignment Help from us and why you should choose My Assignment Services, let's understand what Computer Architecture is and a few concepts related to it.

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Computer Architecture and its Major Concepts

Computer Architecture, in simple terms, is the set of rules that govern how hardware and software interact and jointly make the computer work. It not only determines the way the computer operates but also of that technology the pc is competent. Because PCs are a significant part of our lives, computer architecture keeps evolving to create new and improved technologies. An example of such is the ARM processor that is RISC (reduced instruction set computer) architecture based and used in Android Smartphones.

Computer Architecture and its Major Concepts

Categories of Computer Architecture

Von-Neumann Architecture

Virtually all of our modern computers evolved from the same underlying computer architecture known as Von Neumann architecture, or Princeton architecture described in 1945 by John Von Neumann. This Architecture breaks down computer hardware into three major components:

  • Memory: It provides a storage facility for data and instructions of a program.
  • CPU (Central Processing Unit): CPU acts as the main brain. During program execution, the CPU fetches data and instructions from the memory location, executes all the instructions, and finally stores the result back into the memory location.
  • I/O (Input Output): A user interacts with the computer system using the I/O devices like keyboards, monitor screens, and printers in general. For example, a user can provide inputs using the keyboard and get the results displayed on the monitor screen as output.

One drawback of Von Neumann architecture known as Von Neumann Bottleneck is the availability of a single bus for data operations and fetching instructions, limiting the system performance.

Harvard Architecture

Harvard architecture is an alternative to Von Neumann architecture with a separate pipeline that eliminates the bottleneck of von Neumann architecture. In this architecture, there are two different memory units or registers for both data and instructions. They have different buses for connecting them too.

As a result, computers made with Harvard architecture design can fetch the data and, at the same time, run a program independently. We can call the modern computer architecture as a hybrid of Harvard architecture.

Von-Neumann Architecture, Harvard Architecture, Instruction Set Architecture, Microarchitecture, and System Design are the topics that a student generally studies in his computer architecture course.

The underlying sub-concepts that we cover as part of Computer Architecture Engineering Help are as follows:

  • Multi-Core Processors
  • Reorder Buffer
  • System Bus
  • Parallel Models, Languages, and Compilers
  • Control Unit Design and Data Path
  • Pipelining
  • Cache Memory
  • Virtual Memory
  • The MIPS Architecture

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