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Biosphere and its Importance

Eduard Suess was the one who coined the term biosphere in 1875. Later on, it was further refined by Vladimir Vernadsky in the 1920s. Our earth is made up of different spheres, lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, the biosphere. The biosphere is the most important sphere of the earth on all forms of biotic and abiotic living organisms, and the ecosystem lives. It is a supporting system for life on this planet. The biosphere is formed by the interaction between the other three spheres, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere. Every living organism needs the energy to live and perform the everyday task, and that energy comes from the biosphere.

Some major importance of the biosphere discussed by our biosphere assignment solution providers is noted below.

Production of Organic Matter

The biosphere is important for producing organic matter. The two essential gases that support life on the earth are nitrogen and oxygen that is produced in the biosphere through photosynthesis. Both the substances are responsible for all biochemical processes of organic matter production on the earth. The carbon cycle is responsible for producing organic matter which involves organic and terrestrial substrates. There is a lot more to learn about the carbon cycle that our biosphere assignment help experts will help you in understanding. You can contact them anytime for availing academic support.

Promotes Life on Earth

For every biotic and abiotic organism require certain environmental conditions, like- moisture and a favourable temperature. Nutrients and energy are also required for organisms to live. The biosphere is the only source that provides necessary nutrients to all animals and minerals. The nutrients that are extracted from the waste products of living organisms and dead organisms are converted into compounds that are used as food for other life forms. This recycling of nutrients is essential because no other source of food is available outside the biosphere.

Provide Food and Raw Material

There are different types of living compounds on the biosphere that are known as biota. These living compounds play an important role in providing raw materials that humans need to survive, such as - fibre, food, and fuel. In case you need a biosphere assignment sample for having an understanding of the assignment formatting and referencing style, you can download free samples from our resource library.

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Provides Pharmaceutical Compounds

Different compounds that naturally exist on the terrestrial biosphere are used in the pharmaceutical industry. Scientists are conducting biological research on high biological density, like- South East Asia and Amazon in South America. Through these researches, they have found lots of new elements that are utilised in pharmaceutical applications, such as- beauty treatment, chemotherapy, etc.

Along with the importance, scholars also need to learn different factors that affect the biosphere. Our biosphere assignment help experts explains those factors have noted in the image below.

Biosphere Assignment Help

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3 Components of Biosphere

The biosphere has three compounds, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and lithosphere, that our biosphere assignment help experts define have given below.


The biosphere's aquatic component is known as hydrosphere. The water of lakes, ponds, oceans, etc., covers 73% of the earth's surface. Water is the essential inorganic nutrient required by all living organisms to survive. The water is circulated between the atmosphere and the earth and this circulation is called the water cycle. For scholars, it is important to have detailed knowledge about hydrosphere and the circulation of water so that they can solve complicated assignments. There are lots of difficulties that scholars face while working on their academic assessments. So, they avail catchment and aquatic ecosystem assignment help from professional assistants of My Assignment Services.


The terrestrial component of the biosphere is called the lithosphere. It is made up of strong ground blocks, such as - Maldives and continents. The lithosphere is multilayered and consists of three main layers, crust, mantle and core. This component of the biosphere provides life to thousands of living organisms from bacteria to plants and animals. To know more about the layers of the lithosphere or how it supports life on the earth, you can contact academic experts. They will help you in understanding every aspect of the lithosphere to have an in-depth understanding of the biosphere.


The adjacent gaseous envelope of the earth is called the atmosphere. It covers the hydrosphere and the earth's surface, known as air. The atmosphere is responsible for supplying gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc. It is also responsible for the physical cycles that occur by the spinning of the earth and the sun. While learning about the atmosphere, you will understand levels of gases, the composition of the atmosphere, atmospheric pressure, and much more. Our experts can help you with understanding everything about the atmosphere in detail. Whenever you need assistance, you can contact them through different online mediums.

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