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Any guesses on why they say “biophysics is what biophysicists do”? Well, because biophysics never ceases from evolving, and does wonder by meshing all the sciences together. However, the combination of all the intricate sciences, including physics, biochemistry, physical chemistry, mathematics, and whatnot, makes biophysics one of the most critical disciplines that exist on our planet today. The complexities are what make biophysics troublesome for many students studying it, rendering them seek professional biophysics assignment help in order to not flunk their academia or to get their desired results.

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What is Biophysics?

Biophysics is an application of physical methods and approaches to discern and solve various biological problems. Hence, it is an interdisciplinary field that is biology-focused, wherein the biophysicists aim to answer the systems of biology via their knowledge of physics, chemistry and computational biology. In addition, mathematics plays a vital role too, by acting as a cornerstone and an integration among all the disciplines and resulting in a deeper understanding of the dynamics behind the important questions of biology. While biophysics acts as a bridge that links biology to physics, it is a quantitative way of looking at the issues of the biological world. Biophysics can thus be considered a perspective of biology from all the other scientific fields, which makes it interesting and yet so intricate. However, the intricate part usually overpowers the interesting part for a majority of students studying it. But to your relief, My Assignment Services, with its immaculate Biophysics assignment help, has got the hassle-free remedies for all your troubles.

Biophysical methods are used on all systems, scaling from a single molecule to the system and the organism as a whole, and their research shares significant overlap with other fields such as biomechanics, physical chemistry, biochemistry, bioengineering, nanotechnology, and so on.

How is Biophysics essential in the advancement of Biology?

Students who do not like the subject usually wonder why is biophysics so important that it has to be studied as a separate discipline. Well mate, biophysics is the core of a majority of biological discoveries. The discovery of the structure of DNA, which was a great watershed for Biology as well as humankind. The inheritance of genetic material stayed a mystery until 1953 when the biophysicists discovered the DNA double helix. It proved that even the simplest of variations on molecules could give rise to unique individuals, perpetuating their species. Not only this, but biophysics also arose the invention of various instruments, which today are used for various biological purposes including detection, purification, and manipulation of materials and chemicals. Furthermore, the medical imaging technologies such as PET scans, MRI, CAT scans, and sonograms, which are vividly used in the medical industry for the diagnosis of all sorts of diseases are also given by biophysics.

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Types of biophysics:

Physical biophysics:

This branch of biophysics deals with the study of hydrodynamics, hydrostatics, mechanics, optics, light and sound effects, radiological and electromagnetic waves in the biological systems.

Physiochemical biophysics:

This branch applies physical chemistry to biology and is concerned with the study of structures of macromolecules, colloids, gels, etc., along with thermodynamics, kinetics, and mechanisms of different biological actions and reactions.

Physiological biophysics:

Physiochemical biophysics studies the electrical nature of the living tissues, i.e. the electric potentials of various membranes, brain, heart and others in addition to the influence of radiations, space medicines, and bioenergetics on this nature.

Mathematical biophysics:

This branch is an application of computers in the study of biological systems and medicines, wherein cybernetics and biostatistics are used to study the biological growth rates and cycles.

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The above task, as you might have noticed, required the student to analyse two clinical case studies, thereby discussing the various biophysical and physio-social parameters and other considerations that can help to keep the similar events from happening. Of course, required to in-text cite and end-text reference all the relevant resources used in a certain format per the evaluation criteria provided. All of the requisites were perfectly fulfilled by our experts, ensuing the scholar in getting nothing but an HD-grade.

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