Just imagine a new island being formed amid an ocean, a hunk of rock at first. Will the island stay the same lifeless hunk of rock forever? No, right? Then how does the island create its biodiversity? How do so many living organisms gradually start adapting and evolving on this hunk of rock? Well, biogeography is the branch of science that aims at finding answers to all such questions. While finding answers is not an easy nut to crack, studying biogeography is also not everybody's cup of tea as it requires one to be fairly interested in the field with intrigued by nature and its phenomena. That is why many of the scholars studying biogeography are unable to finish their assignments on their own, either because they are very remotely keen about learning the discipline or because of the lack of time they have. But to your surprise, My Assignment Services has got amazing online biogeography assignment help that takes the load off the scholars' shoulders swiftly.

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What is Biogeography all about?

Biogeography, as a discipline, deals with the interaction between living organisms, i.e., plants, animals, and various other living organisms, and how they came to occupy the places that they are currently occupying on the globe. The seeds, tiny insects, and small animals moving in from landmasses nearby get carried over by the winds, land crashing ashore, and get pushed by the waves. Of course, not all the drifting organisms, however, those who do, acclimatize on the island, which merely was a hunk of rock at first, for living. Some even evolve into newer species, for instance, the birds on the Papua New Guinea, the finches on the Galapagos islands, the honeycreepers of Hawaii, and many more. In each of these cases, a single island species diversified into a whole new array of species that are not found anywhere else on the entire planet.

How does biogeography support evolution?

Have you ever wondered why some closely related species are flourishing on different continents? Biogeographic studies show that the Earth did not always appear the way it does now. A few hundred million years ago, all the land was part of a hulking supercontinent, Pangaea, and no vast oceans were present to interfere with the organismic movements. However, around 170 million years ago, the supercontinent drifted into many continents like a huge raft across the sea, which split the species living along the edges into more than one. Biogeographers say that phylogenetic trees can be used as a kind of map to help study the movement of living organisms across the globe. Biogeography studies the factors affecting the distribution of organisms within a geographical area. The factors are superficially categorised into two types; abiotic and biotic. Abiotic factors (non-living) include the physical and chemical conditions such as water, humidity, soil etc. in the environment of an organism. Every organism has certain abiotic condition requirements to survive, for example, we cannot expect a penguin to thrive in a desert or a cactus to strive underwater. However, populations of species evolve to survive in conditions that were originally unsuitable for them, emigrate to some favourable ones, or become extinct. Biotic factors, on the other hand, consist of all the living things in the environment and their inter-interactions. Competition for resources is one of the common factors limiting the range of species populations. Various abiotic and biotic factors collaboratively affect the major types of terrestrial land biomes.

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