As the name suggests, this branch of statistics deals with the analysis of problems related to health and biology. Since its inception, bio-statistics has gained a lot of attention in the medical field by providing an ease of calculation and interpretation in the biological cases with the help of statistical procedures.

The public health cases involve enormous efforts with collecting data, organising them by converting its raw form into meaningful data points. It is not simply limited to just the medical field but also extends to the agricultural respect. Biostatistics assignment help service can be taken by a student so that the understanding of this field becomes easy. The importance of biostatistics is largely felt in need of estimating the risk factors or the subject at risk from a particular disease or ailment or under circumstances of measuring the response rate to a particular drug. All the academic work is provided by our Biostatistics assignment writing experts who have in-depth knowledge of this subject and proficient writing skills.

Relevance of The Domain

The information released post-experiment of the bio-statistical test is of vital importance so as to gain an insight regarding the effectiveness of some drug or to ploy risk aversion strategy towards a health problem which is commonly occurring to the people of a certain age group. The results generated from bio-statistics experiments help the concerned authorities in developing health reports and assessing the health of the nation. Realising the significance of bio-statistical discipline, Australian universities have introduced various Biostatistics courses at the bachelors, as well as, at multiple levels of masters’ degree.

In order to help the students, understand the significance of this discipline and make them proficient in application of statistical tools in cases of public health, students are exposed to the practical life problems. At My Assignment Services, we offer an affordable and reliable Biostatistics assignment writing service to the students struggling for Statistics assignment help.

Why Students are Provided with Biostatistics Assignments?

The course in biostatistics is of extreme help to the students who are looking for a future in undertaking analytical problem-solving methods at public heath problems. In addition to this, students with an interest in medical disciplines with aptitude for statistics can also benefit largely from getting enrolled for a biostatistics course. A large number of universities in Australia have courses on bio-statistics among the list of academic programme to have the young generation of the nation well-versed with the applicability of statistics in public health and medical field.

Types of Assignment in Bio-Statistics

Bio-statistics is a complete course imparted to the students by focusing on statistical concepts in detail so that the student gets habitual with the application of inferential statistics in the problems of public health, agriculture, biology, or medicine. Therefore, when allotted a particular problem of biology, students are expected to be certain of the statistical technique which is to be applied. The statistical approach to be taken is the most important for generating outcomes of practical significance. Students often face trouble in deciding upon the statistical technique to be applied as there is varying requirements for biological cases. Here is a list of the kinds and examples of bio-statistics assignments which are provided by the experts at My Assignment Services delivered in form of online biostatistics assignment writing services.

A basic requirement in biostatistical experiments is to choose a sample to infer its result for the population, for example, a sample of patients suffering from cancer for testing the effectiveness of a drug. The following image displays the different kind of measures which can be found with the chosen Biostatistics assignment sample below:

biostatistics assignment sample

Apart from calculating the measures of central tendency to the sample of data collected, inferential statistics has major role to play in problems of biostatistics such as, blood glucose levels in a population of males is normally distributed with mean and standard deviation mentioned and abnormal range is defined with other set of parameters then for calculating the percentage of people beyond the normal range can be calculated.

An example of application of inferential statistics in the field of bio-statistics is identified in the following Biostatistics assignment example case:

Suppose a random sample of 100 12-year-old boys were chosen and the heights of these 100 boys recorded. The sample mean height is 64 inches, and the sample standard deviation is 5 inches. You may assume heights of 12-year-old boys are normally distributed. Which interval below includes approximately 95% of the heights of 12-year-old boys?

In the above question, confidence interval for height of boys selected from the sample of 100 boys is to be found by applying the formula for confidence interval calculation using normal distribution. Similarly, the following Biostatistics assignment example is about finding the proportion of females belonging to the confidence interval specified in the problem as:

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A survey is performed to estimate the proportion of 18-year old females who have had a recent sexually transmitted disease (STD) defined as an STD in the past year. In a random sample of 300 women, 200 have agreed to participate. Based on these 200 women, a 95% confidence interval for the proportion who had a recently sexually transmitted disease was .10 to .21.

Things To Be Taken Care off While Writing a Biostatistics Assignment

  1. Bio-statistics is simply statistics in medical and public health field, thus, care must be taken while deciding upon the statistical test to be applied over a particular problem.
  2. The sample selection must be suitable to the nature of research problem without any discrepancy.
  3. Proper specification of the parameters from the population is important in regard of the research problem.
  4. The inference drawn needs to be of high practical significance.

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