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Why can’t an alter-ego get inside a bar? Because it wouldn’t have an ID! Multiple Personality disorder, Imposter syndrome, and bipolar disorders are some of the few cognitive conditions that behavioral science deals with. At its core, behavioral science aims to unravel the mysteries behind numerous cognitive and behavioral processes of an organism. There are numerous theories and documented classifications that scientists have come up with to explain the specific personality traits of a person.

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Behavioural Science Case Study Essentials

Case studies are typical Behavioural Science assignments. Professors keep bombarding students with case studies now and then and every case study would require you to know some basic principles, classifications, and techniques. Let’s discuss these essential techniques of Behavioural Science below!

Theories That Evaluate Depressive Behaviours in Case Studies:

Aaron Beck developed a theory back in 1967 and identified some mechanisms that are considered to be primarily responsible for the behavior of a person suffering from depression.

These mechanisms can be understood as

  • The cognitive triad (that advocates perpetual negative thinking.

  • Negative self-assessment

  • Faulty Logic(Fault in processing the information and meaning)

Cognitive Triad discusses the three different types of negative thought processes. I.e helpless thoughts about oneself and one’s future. These thoughts are recurrent and stuck in a loop in people suffering from depression.

For example, this theory advocates that depressed individuals always evaluate themselves as worthless, and inadequate. Besides, they would also evaluate the world as unrealistically doomed and negative. Finally, they believe that nothing would help them or nothing would make the world a better place for them and tend to see the future negatively.

Learned Helplessness

This theory was developed in 1974, and the theory proposed to present a cognitive explanation for depression. The theory was named as Seligman’s learned helplessness theory.

Fundamentally, this theory advocates that chronically depressed people start to believe that efforts to escape the negative situation would bear no fruits and would not make any difference in the world. As a result, people tend to become more passive in their actions and get in a perpetual state of helplessness where they do not want to make any efforts to better themselves or their situation, and neither does the situation get better on its own.

Different Kinds of Biases of Behavioural Science:

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The Dunning Kruger Effect:

The Dunning Kruger effect works on a principle that people who are competent and skilled in their field would also be self-aware and would know where they stand and what they lack. They would know the limits of their skillset and would always see some more space to grow. However, people who possess very little knowledge or are unskilled would always believe that they are doing a great job because they would not be able to gauge how much they lack.

Confirmation Bias:

Confirmation Bias refers to the tendency of a human being to search for signs or information that could confirm one’s beliefs or values. It significantly pollutes one’s thinking process and also pollutes how one processes information or external stimuli from the word. It distorts one’s ability to make evidence-based decisions and can have significant impacts on the functioning of a society.

Self-Serving Bias:

This bias advocates that we tend to take credit for the positive outcomes of the events but tend to blame other people for our failures. For example, blaming your Mathematics teacher when you flunk in an exam but taking credit full for it when you work hard and score amazing in your exams.

Optimism/Pessimism Bias

This advocates that we always tend to overestimate the likeliness of happening or a positive event, specifically when we are in a good mood. But, when we are down, we tend to overestimate the likeliness of a negative outcome. In either case, our thought process gets affected by biases.

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Here is a Solved Case Study Assignment Sample By Our Experts:

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Case Study Answer:

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