Banking is a discipline that mainly deals with all financial transactions which commonly include making transactions, depositing cash, providing locker services, providing a loan, and many others. In modern times, banking also has its hands over modern facilities such as mobile banking, NEFT, and internet banking. Banking has become so easy that anyone while sitting home can send or get money from banks. Lakhs of financial transactions take place every day through banks and hence, effective database management is required to store this crucial information. This is possible just with the help of an effective database management system that controls all the banking transactions. As a student of finance and banking, one has to learn several complex and detailed concepts such as entity-relationship, SQL queries, attributes, and so on. To avoid any error and score top-grades students in Australia search for Bank Company Application Database Case Study assignment help. Are you searching for the best quality Bank Company Application Database Case Study help at an affordable price? If yes, then you’re at the right spot. Experts at My Assignment Services provide the best quality finance assignment help to students reaching us. Our experts are highly qualified and have in-depth knowledge about the concept of finance, banking, and other related topics. What are you waiting for? Hire our elite experts now!

sample of Entity Relationship diagram

Understanding the Concept of ER Diagram with Bank Company Application Database Case Study Help Experts

An entity-relationship (ER) diagram is a form of flowchart that explains how “entities'' for example, concepts, individuals, and objects link with one another under a program. They are commonly utilized to debug or design relational databases in the domain of research, education, database design, software engineering, and database troubleshooting. They are often called ER models and EDRs. ERD uses a predefined set of icons like ovals, diamonds, rectangles, and linking lines to represent the interconnection between entities, attributes, and their relationship. They represent grammatical structures using relationships between attributes and entities as verbs, and entities as nouns.

ER models are linked with data structure diagrams (DSDs) that emphasize the linkage of elements under entities rather than linkages between entities themselves. ER models sometimes are also utilized for data flow diagrams (DFDs) that structure the flow of data for systems or processes. Our Bank Company Application Database Case Study help experts will also provide in-depth details about the history of ER models.

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Bank Company Application Database Case Study Help Experts- Defining the Features and Components of an ERD

An ERD contains entities, attributes, and relationships. They often indicate cardinality that explains the link in the context of numbers. Let’s look into some key features of ERD.


A describable thing like event, concept, object, or an individual whose data can be stored refers to as an entity. It is recommended to think of an entity as a noun. For example, a car, student, college, and customer. They are usually shown using a rectangle symbol.


An assembly of describable things like athletes and students on the other hand an entity would be the particular athlete or student. Other examples are colleges, products, cars, and customers.


Similar to entity type but categorized at a specific point of time like a professor came in the canteen on the second day.


Entities are divided into three categories which are associative, weak, and strong. An associate entity links elements under an entity set. String entities are explained entirely by their self-attributes whereas weak entities cannot.

Candidate Key

A small super key refers to the ability that it has the minimum potential count of elements to be considered as a super key. A set of entities often has more than one candidate key. A candidate key selected by the database developer to specifically recognize the entity set refers to as the primary key. A candidate key that finds out the relationship between entities is known as a foreign key. Our Bank Company Application Database Case Study help experts will help you draw ER diagrams using all the components of an entity.


Hoe entities work with each other or are linked with each other. It is suggested that relationships in ERD shall be considered as verbs. For instance, the named professor may register for a program. Then, the professor and the program would be the two entities, and the association illustrated is the activity of linking and enlisting the two entities in that manner. They are generally shown using a diamond or label as such over the connecting lines.


It is an event where the single entity engages more than one time throughout the relationship.

Attribute: A characteristic or property of an entity. Sometimes represented using a circle or an oval.


It refers to a characteristic or property of a relationship.

Attribute Categories

They are classified as derived, composite, and simple and also into single-value and multi-value. Simple attributes refer to the fact that the value of the attribute is atomic and cannot be further categorized. For example, phone numbers. Composite attribute means sub-attributes spring from a single attribute. Derived attribute wherein attribute is calculated or often retrieved from another attribute like age from a birth date.


Refer to only one attribute value. The forms can be gathered like composite multi-value or simple single-value attributes.


More than one attribute value is indicated like an individual may have several phone numbers.


It explains the numerical elements of the relationship among entity sets or two entities. There are three main cardinal types of relationships. A one-to-one example shall be one professor linked with only one product destination. A one-to-many example is where one professor applies for several classes, but all those classes contain only one line back to that professor. A many-to-many example is wherein scholars as an assembly are linked with several staff fellows and staff fellows in return are linked with several scholars.


They can be represented using same-side or look-across based on where the icons are represented.


The maximum or minimum counts that are applied over the relationship.

Insight Into The Applications Of Erd As Explained By Bank Company Application Database Case Study Help Experts


In recent times, databases are a technique of gathering relational data for education purposes and later derivation. Hence, ERD is often valuable in planning those informational figures.

Business Information Systems

ERDs are used to analyze and structure relational databases applied in firm procedures. Any firm procedure that utilizes fielded information including actions, entities, and interplay can significantly help develop a relational database. It can help to streamline procedures, enhance outcomes, and uncover data more easily.

Database Troubleshooting

ERD is utilized to evaluate present data to identify and solve issues in deployment or logic. Drawing an entity-relationship diagram will indicate where it is going wrong.

Database Design

ERD is helpful to design and model relational databases in the context of business and logic guidelines and also about the particular technology to be used. For software engineers, an ERD is sometimes a beginning step in finding out the needs for an information system project. ERD is also utilized to model a specific database or database.


As several research emphasizes over structured data. RED often plays an important role in setting up helpful databases to evaluate the data.

Bank Company Application Database Case Study Samples Provided by Our Experts

Gone are the days when the information and data associated with money were stored in files and registers. Today the time has come where a lot of things are needed with finance such as holding information, storing sales, finance statement management, and so on. This implies the significance of a database management system in banking and finance. Students pursuing banking courses are required to solve various assignments. Our experts have provided few Bank Company Application Database Case Study references such as they are asked to draw the entity-relationship diagram using attributes, primary keys, entities, and constraints. This Bank Company Application Database Case Study references terms that make students anxious as they do not have the knowledge and information required to complete their assignments. Moreover, here are Bank Company Application Database Case Study Samples provided by experts at My Assignment Services.

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