There is no doubt that bacteriology is one of the most sought after fields today. It is pretty obvious that students who love science and those who seek to unravel the mysteries of the world, get into this field. A career in Bacteriology is not only financially rewarding but is also fulfilling as it allows one to make direct contributions to the lives of millions of people. Bacteria have been on earth since the very beginning of life on the planet. It is estimated that it is only due to microorganisms like bacteria that life on earth has evolved to where it is today. Bacteria today have found numerous applications in the world.

Well, to discover their applications and devise mechanisms to make use of bacteria for the benefit of mankind takes some real skills. Thus, a bacteriology student has to go through rigorous exams, tests, and of-course, assignments too! Solving a Bacteriology assignment is no joke. As a result, one has to invest oneself in conducting rigorous literature research, searching for quality references, and trying to fulfill the marking rubric. If this feels relatable to you and you have been stressed out due to the workload of piling assignments then you would be pleased to know that we can connect you to experts that can provide you with professional bacteriology assignment help. Yes, our subject matter experts research, reference and fulfill all the criteria mentioned in the marking rubric to help you score stellar grades.

What Is Bacteriology Anyway?

bacteriology assignment writing help

In layman’s terms, bacteriology is a specialised branch stemming from microbiology that specifically studies the aspects like genetics, biochemistry, ecology, and morphology of the bacteria. The study also involves its classification, identification, and characterization. Scientists in the past have put bacteriology and it’s techniques to synthesise many biochemical compounds and even to degrade some otherwise non-degradable substances like oil spills, plastic, and junk.

What Are Some Common Applications of Bacteriology?

Beer Brewing and Alcohol Production and Dairy Industry, all would have been doomed without bacteria:

Well, it seems like if there weren’t any bacteria, there would be no beer for us. It would have been a sad sad world without it no? Imagine not having any house parties, or retro-bars to go to, just because bacteria vanished from the world. Bacteria and yeast are used for fermentation. Fermentation can be understood as a metabolic process that happens inside the bacteria and produces chemical and organic side products in the process. Bacteria consume energy by fermenting the food and breaking it down, specifically, the sugars into its simplest form to consume energy. In the process, bacteria releases byproducts like alcohol, acid, Carbon Dioxide and many more. When bacteria ferment some specific sugar, it produces alcohol that gives the characteristic psychoactive character to the fermented drinks.

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Not just alcohol, but dairy products like cheeses, curds and yoghurt form only when bacteria ferments the sugar Lactose present in the dairy to its simpler forms of galactose and glucose. As a by-product, bacteria produce acids that coagulate the proteins and fat in the milk to form cheeses and curds and yoghurts.

Pollution Clean-Up

Some organisms have been recognised as a cleaner of the environment. It is that some organisms break down waste products in the atmosphere for energy. For example, some bacteria like rhizomes would break down pesticides to release ammonia and nitrogen. There is a specific process known as bioremediation that encompasses all the processes that use microorganisms like fungi or bacteria to alter the state of the environment and clean them. There are several bacteria that are known to digest petroleum products and other hydrocarbons.

Microbial Miners

Well, from cleaning up our mess to making our booze, microbes can now mine as too! Biomining is a technique that leverages molecular and enzymatic processes of microbes to extract minerals from the ores. A bacteria known as Thiobacillus Fero-Oxidan helps leach leftover copper from the ores and improves recovery eventually. Additionally, using bacteria and other microbes to mine minerals is cost-efficient and super environment friendly.

Waste Disposal and Biogas Production

Bacteria decompose organic matter, and specifically, anaerobic bacteria can decompose almost all organic matter. These bacteria are leveraged to decompose sewage waste by their anaerobic or aerobic processes of metabolism. The broken-down components of these bacteria are eventually used as a source of energy, for example, methane gas is produced as a result of the breakdown of sewage matter, which can be used as a source for clean energy.

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