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Aussie Childcare Network is an online asset that comprises educational material for early childhood scholars, parents, and professionals who are functional towards an early childhood qualification within Australia. Childcare network course in Australia is created for students who would like to pursue their career in activities that involve working with children in a home, school, public, or private environment. University of Sydney, Victoria University, and University of New South Wales are some universities offering childcare courses. This course is specifically designed for a professional executive who wishes to practice in Australia. Although students have to complete various types of childcare network assignments such as knowledge and simulation-based, PEP assignments, or observational assignments.

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All About Aussie Childcare Network

The Aussie Childcare Network was developed in 2009. It is an online asset that is registered as an Australian private company. This course was created out of an identified requirement for a source dedicated towards childcare professionals and scholars where they could help each other by sharing resources and knowledge around Australia and beyond.

Its objective is to provide students with the finest quality early education and care and to deliver a supportive resource and network for families. Childcare network courses are safe, educational, and affordable for families. Every morning during the course, parents put their children in trustworthy hands who are dedicated to the hiring and recruitment of qualified staff members. Childcare professionals are also supported through professional development and training.

aussie childcare network

Insight into Early Years Learning Framework or EYLF

EYLF refers to a set of practices, standards, and principles to guide early childhood professionals regarding the education and growth of children between 0-5 years old. It was developed by the Council of Australia Governments in association with the early childhood unit. It is designed based on substantial empirical evidence representing that the early years of a child’s life are significant for their growth and learning.

EYLF is a combination of learning objectives and strategies that gives early childhood professionals the potential to develop their educational activities and programs. A key responsibility of EYLF is to maintain the standard of education around childcare units in Australia. It has a strong emphasis on play-based learning and indicates the significance of language and communication along with emotional and social development in children.

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The Three Fundamental Concepts- Early Childhood Care

Three broad fundamentals are determining the lives of a child's growth. These are belonging, being, and becoming. Before a child is born, they start to create relationships and connections with their family members, society, and culture. It is overall these connections, that children go through their first opportunities to learn and start creating their own identities.

  • Belonging: Having a sense of belonging is pivotal for human survival, and even more critical for children in their early years. It is crucial that a child feels like they belong to their society, families, and within the general community. It is due to these connections that a child starts to develop their own identity and form the basis of who they will eventually become.
  • Being: The act of being significantly referred to letting children be children. Early childhood is the duration to explore the globe and identify the ups and downs of life. It encompasses facing the usual hurdles of daily life and learning about themselves along with the world around them.
  • Becoming: The early years of a child’s life includes an enormous amount of change. This period has everything which is their first time and as such enacts an integral part in structuring who they will become. This fundamental concept simply defines the significance of growth in a child’s development and acknowledges that children are regularly reforming.

Aussie Childcare Network- Observations in Children

One of the significant types of documentation that childcare professionals need to be familiar with is "observations". Observations are important for all early childcare facilities and utilized to build an understanding of a child’s interests, focuses, skills, and abilities on what they can do. Observations can happen during daily routines, as the child interacts with friends, families, materials, and activities or throughout a spontaneous event. Below are few reasons for observations according to the Aussie childcare network:

  • When professors intentionally plan for specific objectives, they are required to plan how, when, and where observation will
  • To inform parents regarding their child’s learning and development. Significantly observation of that aspect is done that parents emphasize
  • To describe a child’s abilities and skills. For instance, observing children practicing their skills at different times of the day.
  • Observing a child throughout a specific experience and looking out for the child to achieve goals.
  • Planning the curriculum- observing child engaging and participating within the unit

Different Forms of Observation in Childcare Network

  • Anecdotal record: These are documented in the past tense. It is a useful technique to record actions and events depending upon the child’s interests, needs, strengths, and development.
  • Jottings: It generally contains short details of important behaviors, events, and conversations. It is used in association with work and photo samples.
  • Running records: It is documented in the present tense and provides a detailed description of the event. It helps record any area of development and involves information about a child's interests.
  • Photo observations: It captures a child while practicing a skill, at play, or during social interactions and skills.
  • Time samples: Gives information on what a child is performing at regular periods. It is helpful to look at a child's total engagement within the learning environment and to look at overall growth in a range of contexts.

Assessment- Aussie’s Children Network App

In recent times, the use of apps within childcare and education units has become very widespread. These apps help busy parents to stay updated with childcare-focused programs and they can support parents to feel connected to their child and their learning during the day. Assessment- is the app developed by Aussie Childcare Network. This app incorporates a private messaging feature for assisting communication with family members, and also parents are capable of receiving newsletters and reminders directly over their devices which is certainly an effective manner of sharing information and is also effective for the environment as compared to newsletters and paper-copy notes.

For childcare professionals, the Assessment app is utilized to record routine and attendance like toileting, sleeping, and can develop reports and forms to send out to parents. It often gives a platform for documenting a child’s development and learning and associates it to relevant syllabus within Australia like EYLF, Our Place Resource, and My Time. This app is user-friendly, convenient, and positive. It is regarded as one of the significant features of the Aussie childcare network course.

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