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What are Nebulae? How do They Form?

Well, to put it simply, astrophysics is the sub-branch of science that leverages the laws of mathematics, chemistry, and physics to unravel the mysteries of space like origin, birth and death of celestial objects like planets, stars, and galaxies. There are other branches of physics that emerge out of it, namely cosmology and astronomy.

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A nebula is a Latin word, and it means cloud in Latin. It is a cloud of a mixture of dust-like particles, hydrogen, helium, and spent ionized gases from a nuclear reaction. In the early ages of space exploration, galaxies like the Andromeda galaxy came into the classification of the nebula as the galaxies looked like nothing but giant spheres of gasses and dust. A vast majority of Nebulae are gigantic in size, and they can easily be confused for a galaxy, some of the nebulae stretch all the way to thousands of light-years in their diameter.

The brightest Nebula that can be seen from earth is Orion Nebula and occupies an area that is twice more than the diameter of the earth’s celestial satellite; Moon. Although the Nebulae are far too dense than the space that surrounds them, they are still way far less dense than any vacuum that can be possibly made on earth. For a Nebula to have a mass of a few Kilograms, a Nebula would have to be twice as large as the size of the earth. Technically, they are so lightly dense and so far away that they shouldn’t even be visible in theory. But some of them are visible due to the fluorescence that occurs as a result of hot stars.

It is very often that a Nebula gives birth to stars, because a lot of gasses, particles, dust and ionized material come together, compress each other due to forces of gravity and attraction and keep on compressing on each other to form denser matter, which eventually attracts more matter towards them. After a few million years, these nebulae become dense enough to cross the barrier of nuclear forces and start a nuclear reaction with the matter. What remains after this sometimes forms the planetary and solar systems.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nebulae are giants and far away from earth
  • They give birth to stars
  • Nebulae exhibit properties of fluorescence.
  • Though they can be really giant, they are actually less dense than any vacuum ever created on earth

95% of the Universe is Dark Energy! Also, The Universe Is Expanding

Did you know that 95% of the mass in-universe is not even physical matter, it is just energy floating around? No, it is not even antimatter because they are too unstable to form 95% of the mass. Collisions of anti-matter with matter produce more energy than any nuclear reaction clever could produce. It is projected that when space formed, the antimatter and matter collided with each other to give the big bang into an ever-expanding 4-dimensional plane that we now know as space.

In the early age of the 1980s, various algorithms precisely predicted that the universe was continuously expanding. At some point, the Universe may run out of energy to expand and then start to recollapse or it might end up expanding so much that the energy density left in the universe would be so feeble to cause a collapse and the universe may die a slow and cold death. But, where does Dark energy fit into the equation, huh? Given that gravity exists almost everywhere in the universe, it was estimated that by now, the gravitational forces should have overcome the expansion of momentum of the universe and would have started a re-collapse. But, the expansion of the universe has only accelerated. The Hubble Telescope that came into existence in 1988, proved that the universe was expanding more slowly than it is, now. Thus it is evident that the expansion of the universe has not been slowed down by the forces of gravity, or even forces of magnetism for that matter.

Well, when this phenomenon was derived, all of the scientific community was left in awe. No one knew how to explain this, because everyone had been anticipating a result where it could be proved that the universe’s rate of expansion is slowing down. But when the dust settled, everyone had one thing to answer, and it was to discover what was causing this acceleration?

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No one expected this, neither did anyone know how to explain it. But something was causing it. So scientists eventually came to the conclusion that there was something called dark energy behind the scene. We can not get into the details of the dark energy because that would be totally out of the scope of this article, but if you are looking to understand this topic for your astrophysics homework help, then coordinate with our experts and get your concepts cleared asap.

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