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Have you ever wondered about the existence of other living creatures outside the globe? Are we alone in this universe? The inquisitive brains of human beings have always asked such questions from the beginning of our existence. We have looked up in the sky and wondered about outer space. This curiosity has led to the development of humankind.

The ancient Greeks did not believe in such theories but did not have the apt technologies to prove it either. They believed the blue globe to be the only existing cradle for life. In the 20th century, the major discovery of the plausible remnants of bacterial life in a Martian Meteorite opened the gate for scientific endeavours. But today in the 21st century with the help of astrobiology and technologies, many fundamental questions can be addressed.

Astrobiology is the study of living organisms in the universe. It is also known as Exobiology or Xenobiology. Astrobiology combines numerous applications of various fields into one to understand life beyond Earth. These fields are biology, chemistry, geology, astronomy, oceanography, atmospheric science, and aeronautical engineering. Astrobiology uses the knowledge and techniques from the aforementioned fields to understand life, the nature of the environment, planetary structure, and stellar interconnections.

Astrobiology covers topics like:

  • The origination and evolution of life

  • The nature of the environment for the survival of life

  • The extremes of environmental condition for the survival of life

  • The inspection of life on another planet

  • The discovery of life ever existing on another planet

  • The observation and identification of the habitable and inhabitable environment to sustain

  • The future of humankind on Earth and beyond

Various advancements are going on in the fields of astrobiology. Although it is a relatively young field, it holds a promising future. Research in this field has major impacts on agencies like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Space European Agency, etc. and their space missions in the present and future. For instance, many neoteric missions have been concentrated upon finding worlds in our galaxy for the signs of progenitors of life. Moreover, there have been vast advancements in telescopic technology (Kepler, James Webb Space Telescope), which is helping our scientists to look for habitable planets outside our solar system. Various astrobiology institutes have been established internationally. In Australia, Australian Centre for Astrobiology has been established.

The three principal areas of Astrobiology:

Astrobiology Assignment Help

For a similar environment for life to exist to that of Earth, it must have water. The distance from their host stars can either boil or freeze the water present in another world. The apt distance is called the “habitable zone”, astrobiologists define it as the area of orbital stretch within which a planet can sustain water on its surface. For instance, Earth is the only planet to be present in the Sun’s habitable zone to sustain living organisms on its surface. However, Mars showed signs of the presence of water on its surface, in the past. The Galileo Space probe led to the discovery of liquid oceans under the icy outer skins of the moons of Jupiter- Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede along with Enceladus, the moon of Saturn. This liquid ocean can be kept warm despite the massive distance of these planets from the sun. The gravitational interactions between the moons and their respective host planets can act as the supporter of life as that of Earth’s sea.

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