Accounting is an extremely vast subject which comprises tons of concepts. The most basics include accounting theories, adjusting entries, break-even point, cash flow statements, financial ratios, overheads, taxation, and more. A student pursuing accounting courses such as Diploma, Bachelor, Certificate 3, Certificate 4 and Masters of Accounting has to learn all these concepts and terminologies.

Accounting assignments are a major part of their courses that are to be submitted periodically throughout a year. These tasks are a great way for the teachers to assess how much a student is familiar with the subject and his ability to answer the questions on the basis of his understanding of those concepts. But, at times, this task of writing accounting assignments becomes a daunting task because of a number of common reasons, which are discussed later. A reliable Assessment of Depreciation assignment help will let them overcome their challenges without even worrying about how to write a quality assignment and submitting it on time.

Accounting Assignments on Depreciation

One of the widely-used methods of accounting is Depreciation. In general terms, it refers to the wear and tear of a product over time which ultimately leads to the decrease in its value. In accounting and finance terms, we allocate a cost of a tangible asset, say a motorcycle, over its total and expected useful life. Students often consider it as a tricky concept because assessment of depreciation can sometimes become a daunting task as there are just so many methods by which the depreciated value of an asset can be calculated and most of them are tricky to understand. Assignments on depreciation make it more challenging for them because due to a limited understanding of this topic, it almost seems impossible to complete it on time. But, with our online Assessment of Depreciation assignment help, we can provide you with full-fledged solved accounting assignments on assessment of depreciation, that are written by our Assessment of Depreciation assignment experts. These individuals possess a great knowledge of this field and have mastered even the trickiest concepts.

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Assessment of Depreciation Assignment Example

As we already know that depreciation does not represent a real cash flow, instead, it shows how much an asset’s value has reduced over time. An asset has certain life which is indicated in years, and in accounting terms, it can only be written off during its entire life years. Our online Assessment of Depreciation assignment experts explain this through a simple example. A company buys a motorcycle for A$ 10000. Here, it has two options to write-off the cost of this asset. Either writing off completely in year one or writing it off over the motorcycle’s useful life, say 7 years. In this example, the salvage value, or the scrapped value, or the estimated resale value of this asset is approximately A$ 1400. Lastly, an analyst calculates this motorcycle’s depreciation expense as a difference between the above two values, divided by its total useful life.

  1. (Cost of asset – Salvage value)/ 7
  2. (10000 – 1400)/ 7
  3. 8600/7
  4. which is, A$ 1228.5

Accounting Methods of Depreciation: Assessment of Depreciation

There are many methods of accounting for assessing depreciation, but our assessment of depreciation assignment online experts use the following four methods to explain every corner of this topic in our assessment of depreciation assignment help.

Types of Depreciation

  1. Straight-Line Method: This is the default method used by our online Assessment of Depreciation assignment writing experts. It utilises a gradual reduction in the total cost of an asset over its estimated useful life. It is considered to be the easiest method of calculating depreciation, but it may happen that small errors could occur.
  2. Like every depreciation method of accounting, this too involves some steps:

  • Take note of the initial cost of the asset when it was purchased.
  • Find out the salvage value and subtract it from the above amount.
  • Take note of the total useful life of this asset. This figure is in denoted in years and is given in the problem question of your accounting assignment.
  • Now you need to divide it into one and establish the rate of straight-line depreciation.
  • Lastly, multiply the asset cost by this depreciation rate which was just calculated.
  • Sum of Years Digits Method: It indicates that as time passes, the productivity of an asset decreases. The more productive it is, the higher will be the amount of depreciation in that particular period. Thus, this amount is generally higher in the early years of total useful of the asset, and gradually decreases as time passes by. This also happens because most of the productivity usually happens in the early years of its useful life. The formula used in our Assessment of Depreciation assignment online writing services is given below:
  • depreciation expense

  • Units of production: The third method for assessing of depreciation is known as units of production method of depreciation. If you check our Assessment of Depreciation assignment samples, you will see that this method does not involve the passage of time. Instead, depreciation is calculated on the basis of how much the asset is used, its activity, and the parts produced. As explained in our Assessment of Depreciation assignment online writing services Australia, this method can also be used for depreciating assets such as ships based on miles covered by them on water, rented buses based on the number of times they were rented, and more.
  • depreciation units of production

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    Assessment of Depreciation Assignment Help Samples and Examples

    Our online services on assessment of depreciation also comes along with a number of Assessment of Depreciation assignment examples so that you can understand more concepts in a much better way. Our accounting assignment writing experts cover every topic of this subject. Some of the Assessment of Depreciation assignment samples are given below:

    assessment of depreciation assignment sample

    In the above example, the salvage value and useful life in years is already given. With some simple calculations, the final depreciation amount gets calculated after a series of steps. After our accounting assignment experts calculate the final amount, they record this depreciation expense in the debit side of depreciation expenses account and also credit in the accumulated depreciation account in the accounting statements. One important thing to note in our Assessment of Depreciation assignment services is that accumulated depreciation must be paired with and reduce the fixed asset account, hence, our Assessment of Depreciation assignment writing helpers consider it as a contra asset.

    assessment of depreciation assignment example

    The second example is based on the sum of the years’ digit method of assessing of depreciation. In this question, our online Assessment of Depreciation assignment service experts first calculate the depreciation base, which is a difference between the cost of the asset and salvage value. Remaining life divided by sum of years’ digits will give you the total expenses for a particular year. To attain that figure, this number is multiplied by the depreciating base, and our experts arrive at the final expenses.

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