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Acoustic Engineering

The major goal of acoustic engineering is to reduce unwanted noise, called noise control. Unwanted noise put ill effects on the health of human being and animals. It causes a reduction in student’s span of attention, loss of hearing, etc. Professionals of this branch of engineering focus on studying sound and vibration. For controlling noise, different principles are used with technology to develop sound absorbers, redesigning sound sources, suppressors, noise barriers, buffer zones, etc. You will learn these principles to understand the working of existing devices so that you can add innovation in the findings and can develop something useful and new.

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  • Types of waves
  • Characteristics of the sound wave
  • Modes and harmonics
  • Decibels and octaves
  • Room acoustics
  • Sound outdoors
  • Sound isolation
  • And so on.

Some of the above-noted topics are briefly described below.

Types of Waves

Wavelengths are divided into two forms - longitudinal wavelength and transverse wavelength.

Longitudinal Wave

The particle displacement in a longitudinal wave is parallel to the direction of wave generation. Or in other words, in a longitudinal wave, the medium particles vibrate back and forth in a similar direction in which the waves are moving. The medium can be in any form - solid, liquid or gas. This is the reason why sound waves are longitudinal.

Transversal Waves

The particle displacement in transversal waves is perpendicular to the direction of wave generation. In other words, in transversal waves, the medium particles vibrate up and down at 90 degrees to the direction of the moving waves. Transversal waves are formed in solid and liquid but not in gas.

Our professional acoustics homework help has mentioned a picture below to help you in the understanding of both the waves.

Acoustic Engineering Assignment Help

Characteristics of Sound Wave

A form of energy that makes us hear the sensation around us is known as the sound that travels through waves. There are five characteristics of the sound wave - wavelength, amplitude, time-period, frequency and speed or velocity of the wave.

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The most crucial feature of sound waves is the wavelength. The sound wavelength is longitudinal, that consists of rarefaction and compression because they travel through the given medium. Wavelength is the lowest distance in which the sound waves can be repeated. It is the distance between the mid-points of two continuing compressions and rarefactions. A Greek letter lambda λ denotes the wavelength. The wavelength is equal to the speed of the wave and is divided by the frequency. The SI unit to express wavelength is 'meter (m)'.

Hence, the formula of wavelength is -

Wavelength = wave velocity/frequency or λ = v/f.


The size of a given wave is known as amplitude. At the point, when a wave goes through a medium, the particles of the medium get removed from their primary undisturbed positions. The greatest displacement of the particles of the medium from their primary positions, when a wave goes through the medium is known as amplitude of the wave. The SI unit of measuring the amplitude is the meter (m) and sometimes it is also measured in centimetres (cm).


The time-period is nearly contrary to the frequency. Time-frame is the time needed to create a complete wave or cycle. Every vibration of the vibrating body creating the sound is equivalent to a wave. It is represented by the alphabet 'T' and the measuring unit of time is second.


Frequency is also called the pitch of sound waves. It is the number of vibration of the sound travelling through the air. the complete cycle that is created in a second is the frequency of the wave. Frequency is measured in hertz or Hz and it doesn’t depend on the medium of sound passing by.

Velocity or Speed of Wave

The distance that a wave travels in a second is known as the speed of the wave. The velocity of the wave is denoted by the letter V and it’s SI unit is meters per second or m/s or ms-1.

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