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Engineering is already one of the most complex academic subjects, and acoustical engineering is associated with the Greek philosopher Pythagoras. He was the one who introduced the concept of science of acoustics in 6th century BC. Later in the 4th century BC, Aristotle presented the idea that the soundwaves spread in the air through the motion of air. Although it was more of a philosophical approach than the experimental physics approach, he was right in one way or another. The paramount error that Aristotle made was when he mentioned that the higher frequencies spread through the air faster than lower frequencies. It was something that was left unchecked for many centuries until the Roman architect Vitruvius corrected the error made by Aristotle by showing the correct method of the transmission of the sound.

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Why Do We Need Acoustics?

Before answering that question, let us understand what exactly is acoustic? In simple words, acoustic is a branch of physics that deals with the sound, ultrasound, infrasound, etc. It means it has to deal with everything related to the production, control, and transmission of the soundwaves. The word acoustics is derived from the Greek word "Akoustos," which literal meaning is "heard."

Now Back To The Original Question- Why Do We Need Acoustics?

We need acoustics to maintain the necessary listening environment for speakers, musicians, listeners, etc. The better the acoustics of the room would be, the better the listening environment it would create.

You probably heard of the term acoustic treatment. What does it mean? Well, it means to build a suitable environment for optimum listening conditions. It is mostly required in the recording studios, theatres, movie halls, etc. In recording studios, it is necessary to eliminate the standing waves that would affect the frequency response of the listening room. An acoustically treated room would absorb all the unnecessary standing waves that would disrupt the optimum listening conditions or feedback.

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Acoustical Engineering Assignment Help

Now, most aspiring acoustical engineers usually notice the acoustics of every room they enter. They critically examine every corner of the room or the outdoor facility. Later, when they complete their degree in acoustical engineering, they would start working with architects to help them design buildings with magnificent controlled acoustics.

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Controlled acoustics means controlled sound diffraction, refraction, reverberations, etc. A poor acoustically designed building would be full of unnecessary sound that would lead to a less productive environment.

Have You Ever Wondered How The Ancient Theater Would Work Back In The Day?

Ancient theaters were designed in a way that if a person is standing in the middle of the stage, the whole crowd can listen to what the performer is saying. If we talk about the Roman empire, there used to be a lot of plays, and if people are not able to understand what it is about, it would flop. Here good acoustics would play an important role. All the famous theaters are acoustically top-notch. They are designed in a way that every sound would travel perfectly to the ears of the audience.

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Even in 21st-century's theaters as well, architects team up with acoustical engineers to build architecturally and acoustically phenomenal buildings. The idea behind this is to make a magnificent building so that the people who are visiting the facility would enjoy every moment there.

Acoustical Engineering Assignment

Acoustical engineering falls under the branch of physics, and since time immemorial, it is one of those subjects students find hardships. Not everyone is crazy enough to start obsessing about the fallen apple. Although, that fallen apple has changed the world drastically. Apples are responsible to change the world in one way or another- if you know what I mean.

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