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SQL is one of the widely accepted languages in RDBMS. Have you ever wondered how websites store the information of millions of users and retrieve it as per the requirement? How do banks keep the balance sheet and transaction records of their customer? Well, SQL and other databases like MongoDB are the perfect answer to that. Likewise, our SQL homework help is the perfect answer for any SQL assignment troubles. Get help from our professional assignment writing experts and get high-scoring solutions delivered right to your inbox.

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Essential Concepts of SQL

If you are looking for someone to help you with SQL assignments, then you can avail of our SQL homework help online. However, if you are looking to understand the fundamental concepts of the SQL, then keep reading further to find the important resources.

What is RDBMS

RDBMS is short for Relational Database Management Systems. RDBMS is an inseparable part of SQL and all other modern database languages like Ms. SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, and more. These systems are fundamentally based upon the relational model presented in the early 1990s when the Internet was gaining popularity amidst people.

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What is a Table in SQL?

Data in any RDBMS is stored in the form of two-dimensional objects known as tables. Fundamentally, tables are just a collection of contiguous data entries that could extend up to numerous columns and rows. A table is the simplest form of storing data and defining relationships amongst the homogeneous data in the data set.

What is a Field?

Tables are generally broken into smaller units called fields. A table named Customers may consist of fields like Name, ID, Address, and Bill. In other words, a field is a column that stores a specific piece of information.

What are Rows and What is a Record?

A row of data is also alternatively known as a record. It consists of information about each field about an individual entity in the table. For example, a person named Mike in the table would have values like age, id, and bill stored in the row.

What Are ACID properties in a Database?

According to experts that provide SQL homework help, ACID is the most asked concept in SQL assignments. Fortunately, our experts are well versed in it. If you too need help with ACID properties and databases, get in touch with us to avail of some SQL homework help online.

ACID properties are relevant for database transactions. A transaction is the fundamental unit of work that is done to modify or access the contents of the database. Transactions, access their data using commands like reading or write operations. However, multiple read and write commands for the same data can cause inconsistency in the database. ACID properties are the set of rules that allow transactions to access multiple read and write operations while maintaining the consistency of the database.

“A” Stands for Atomicity

By Atomicity, we mean that a transaction is an atomic process. Like atoms can not be broken down to its constituents, a transaction can not exist without infractions as well. Either a transaction completes itself, or it does not complete itself. But, it would never occur partially. Each transaction in the database is considered an atomic unit! You may understand it like the All or Nothing Rule.

“C” is for Consistency

This advocates that it is important to maintain the integrity of a database with every read or write operation. A database should be consistent before and after a transaction, Any transaction that leads to inconsistency should be rollbacked and discarded.

“I” is for Isolation

This property advocate that multiple transactions should be able to take place concurrently in isolation to each other! Thus they should technically be mutually exclusive and should not be visible to other transactions until one of them is completed and stored in the memory. This property plays an integral role in maintaining data reliability in the database. However, transactions risk running into a deadlock or occupying too much space in the system.

“D” is for Durability:

These property advocates that updates made by a transaction should be durable and stay in the database. Even a system failure should not lose these data records and the data should be able to retrieve in the exact same state after the recovery of the system. These updates are stored in non-volatile memory sets as a general rule. Thus, you never lose the effects of a particular transaction!

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