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Review of Media Articles Over the Global Issue of Racism

Table of Contents


Review of “Debate: Welcome to the new-old global age of weaponised racism”.

Review of “Confronting systemic racism globally”.

Review of “This is how racism is being spread across the internet”.



Introduction to Social Media and Social Work

Racism can be defined as an ideology or a practice in which there is a demonstration of perceived superiority or power of one group of individuals over the others on the basis of colour, race, cultural, heritage, ethnicity, etc (Merriam Webster, 2020; Blank, 2020). This global issue is not restricted to the individual level but having an impact at the institutional level as well (BBC, 2020). The present paper will provide an account of the reviews of three different media articles available on the online platform focusing on the global issue of racism with different approaches. The paper will also scrutinize the various aspects of writing about a global issue by the authors and the consequent impression developed about the global issue with such presentation and contents of the article.

Review of “Debate: Welcome to The New-Old Global Age of Weaponised Racism”

The present article is a piece of work of one of the famous platforms of news article called ‘The Conversation’. It has been penned down by Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou and Davide Rodogno who are Professors of International History. The most notable point concerning this article is the projection of different events which could have been examined in isolation as they are portraying somewhat different issues which are actually concerned with the global issue of racism if a proper analysis of the facts of the matter before the respective nations is scrutinized (Mohamedou & Rodogno, 2019).

Since the authors of this given article are the professor of International History, they have provided the article in a systematic manner to ensure the understanding of the timeless nature of racism which has been existing not only in history but has got global dimension in this 21st century.

The focus of the article is about the thought process of the racist and the manner in which such racism has been reinforced in different nations despite having constituencies restricting such acts. The common reader of this piece of work, exploring the different aspects of the race and the methodology to weaponize it at the global level, are the students of higher education who are actively engaging in the debates of the expansion of racism at the global level. Since the authors of this given article are the professor of International History, they have provided the article in an organised manner to ensure the understanding of the timeless nature of racism which has been existing not only in history but has got global dimension in this 21st century as well. 

An assumed relationship of professor and student is persisting in the flow of thoughts of the article, concerning the concept of racism and its weaponization at the global level, where the authors themselves are looking into the various recent instances of current racism where the matter is not concerned to national level only but is reflecting the impact of racist and racism at the global level.

The power issue which has been projected in this article is about the weaponization of racism at the global level which has been existing in the long history of the world and is a still standing with the same intensity in the present and future of the world. The article has not significantly provided an account concerning the lives of black which is one of the most common issues concerning racism which has not been addressed in this article. ‘The Conversation’ is the owner of this article and this digital platform has been edited and produced this piece of writing in the nation of Australia. Social work and social workers can play a significant role in addressing these harmful social systems without ignoring the history of racism around the globe.

Assisting and meeting the needs of the vulnerable and miserable group who are particularly living in poverty can maximize the mission of eradication of racism from the globe with the profession of social workers whose professional values advocates the dismantle, reform and abolish of the racist system (NASW, 2020). To get this piece of article is not that tough and is usually read by the people who are looking for the day to day news and those students of Higher Education who are willing to get a thorough understanding over the issue not only at the national level but at the global level as well.

Review of “Confronting Systemic Racism Globally”

The present article has been focusing on one particular event of the killing of George Floyd, Ahmad Aubrey and Breonna Taylor in the United States for providing an account of the existence of systematic racism around the globe. The paper has been crafted by four different authors called Cristina Palabay, Francisco Mateo Rocael Morales, Miguel Martín Zumalacárregui and Ruben Kondrup. These authors, who are respectively in such higher position to analyse this issue, have confronted the concept of systematic racism which is occurring at the global level and has suggested that the injustice served to the community is around the globe cannot be rectified with the superficial changes in the various policies of the nation or the globe (Palabay et at., 2020).

The article has advocated the requirement of having a radical restructuring of the whole system which has been persisting from century but is incapable to provide justice to those communities who are suffering on the verge of racism. The paper is focusing the various political leaders, social workers and the different governments as their readers. The article has provided the relationship existing between systematic racism and state violence to ensure that such examination of systematic racism gets coupled with the violence which has been rooted into the structural causes for this dispossession and poverty. Finding this piece of the article was a little tough and is most likely to read by the researchers, students and people who have a keen interest in the social issues persisting at the global level and has been centred on the restructuring of the system as the system is suggested as one of the actors which channelise the social issue of racism to some extent.

The process of the paper is concerning the systematic dispossession and exclusion in the different regions of the globe which is closely related to the policies of capitalism poverty and dispossession. Since the article is providing an account of racism as a global issue in the recent days, the impact of the covid-19 pandemic has also been discussed where the authors are again considering the various features of the system of the state concerning the meeting of human rights of the nation which also include social-cultural and economic rights. The paper has advocated the need of having a systematic change which addresses the political economy of violence and the structural injustice concerning this global issue of racism.

The paper is aiming to provide the causes of systematic racism in the roots of the structure of the system which is not capable to address the concerns of poverty capitalism violence This paper is not addressing the thought process of racism and racist which leads to the destruction of the peace and harmony of the society. The whole focus of the authors has been on the restructuring of the system to address the issue of systematic racism prevailing in society. The paper has not addressed the global issue of racism out of the context of the system and state violence which is missing particularly in the article. The role of a social worker can help in providing better economic opportunities to the community for their development with various initiatives such as local business job training.

The combination of the work with the individual and the families along with the community work will be focusing on the enhancement of the resources and opportunities as well as a personal capability of the individuals (IFSW, 2010). Thus, social work and social workers can assist in the eradication of one of the critical issues of poverty which is having the base of the system leading to the disposition and state violence and ultimately affecting the global issue of racism as per this article. The owner of this article is Open Global Rights which is basically an independent platform providing a voice to the different experiences and ideas which will ultimately enhance the understanding concerning human rights (Open Global Rights., 2020).

Review of “This Is how Racism Is Being Spread Across the Internet”

This piece of article is the work under the ownership of world economic forum and has been written by three different authors, Ana Marie Bluic, Andrew Jackubowicz and Kevin Dunn, who are actively engaged in the field of academic (Bliuc, Jakubowiz & Dunn, 2019). This paper has a different approach where racism and its impact has been analysed by the authors concerning the use of online platforms such as social media.

The paper provides an account into the thought process of the racist group and their various strategies and goals persisting on the internet platform to take advantage of this online communication to spread the Cyber racism across the globe. These racist groups use the communication channel such as forum, social media, blogs, online chat rooms and news commentary websites with the strategy of either minimising or denying the issue of racism across the globe. These racist groups are quite different in their strategies and way of communication. Although, they shared a common methodology to communicate the act of racism on the online platform.

The authors have presented this paper intending to connect with the modern people who are having their big part of the day and sharing of information at the online platform. The paper is clearly focusing on the racist groups which are active on these online platforms and leading to Cyber racism. The target audience of this type of article on usually those people who are active on the internet and social media and not those people who are not familiar with the internet and the other social media sites where such cyber racism is occurring at a high frequency.

The assume relationship which can be perceived in this type of article is to connect with readers in the way they are having their lifestyle and communication with the other group of people. The author here is looking into the negative impacts of the internet concerning the cyber racism which is a global issue and the racist group is using the platform of the internet to spread the culture of racism with different strategies and forums. The article is not providing an account into the racism marketing outside the arena of the internet which is more common and consistent in the history of the world.

The paper does not provide an account of the various measures and steps which can be implemented in order to ensure that such cyber racism can be prevented by the owners of different online platforms. Although the paper has provided the views of some eminent owners of online platforms such as social media. It has been found that to the social media and other technological platforms which are available these days are proved to be one of the best communication methodologies for social workers as well in serving the society.

The social workers with their knowledge of the complex issues of daily practice related to the work and their professionalism can use the social media to create awareness and understanding regarding any social issues such as racism (Boddy& Dominelli,2017). The commitment of the social worker with their ethical values can help in addressing various (Gill, 2017) issue including Cyber racism developing and spreading across the internet.

The article has been owned by the World Economic Forum which is an international organisation for public-private cooperation. The World Economic Forum has the mission to bring all the people together from the different walks of life who have a willingness to influence others with positive changes (World Economic Forum, 2020). The effort in finding this article was moderate as the website and the organisation is quite dedicated and recognized in their work towards human rights. It is easily accessible for students as well s other readers who are looking to get a better understanding of the internet, its impact along with the issue of racism at the global level.

Conclusion on Social Media and Social Work

The paper with the review of three different media articles has provided an account into the racism as a global issue and the different approaches which have been perceived by the three different articles to address this issue and provide resolution concerning the same. The review of these media article ensures a better understanding of the concept of racism at the global level also analyse the thought process of the authors and readers while going though these pieces of writing.

References for Social Media and Social Work

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