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QRP Platform for Analysis of Urbanization in Sydney

It may not be an unknown to a lot of professionals that half of the world’s population today is living is major cities contributing towards GDP of 85%. Globally, in over next ten years, Australia will be 60% of urbanization. Even as urbanisation of a country or a state has a great potential to creates a vast amount of opportunities it also poses certain risks and challenges depending on various types of urbanisation such as causing increased pressure and demand on the for infrastructure and also the environment. Nearly three quarters natural resources are consumed by all the major cities in the world. This puts the individuals on the authority and the government officials to take rational, eco-friendly and sustainable actions while planning projects related to urbanization (Reddy & Tiwari, 2019; (City of Sydeney, n.d)).

The pressure is also expected to increase because of the upsurge in migration of foreigners in Australia; rise in ratio of child bearing and increased longevity of the elderly population, considering many elderlies have now access to better healthcare system. This report will lay emphasis on urbanization occurring in the city of Sydney, by construction of new casinos, redevelopment of Barangaroo, Central park, Harold park and southern employment lands completely transforming the local as well as the surrounding areas (City of Sydeney, n.d). This report will also focus on developing a QRP (Quality ready portal) plan to ensure the development is taking place in a sustainable and efficient way with conformance to CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) and use of project management skills.

Urbanization should focus developing healthy cities and encompass all the aspects of our lives, such as: our work; balanced communities; focusing on co-existence of natural as well as built environment; it should also keep in view the social, digital and financial layers of the re-development project. The project management considers or from new practices of construction and means of availing the utilities, sources of income, different means of transportation and logistics, availability of healthcare facilities. Urbanization is not only about Use of smart or improved technologies and financial gains that follows with it, but also about the art and laws which protect it (De Marco, 2015).

The main focus of future cities is to give maximum number of opportunities for further growth and development and improving the quality of life of people living in them. To ensure that the project is a success, it is pertinent to have a unique assessment tool in place. We will utilize the Quality Ready Portal or the QRP which is a platform which ensures the quality in different phases of development in the ongoing project with conformance to the CMMI-DEV stands for CMMI for development (Mavrič & Bobek, 2015).

The platform is used to improve and inculcate best practices in various business processes, especially pertaining to those business which deal in development and other organizations which are known to develop various services and products (Kaneda et al., 2019). It helps in recognizing the weaknesses and strengths of an organization with an aim of bringing it close to compliance with the CMMI model. It enables regular monitoring or assessment of the organization’s performance and detects various loop holes in the same.

The standard of CMMI Appraisal tool for Process Improvement also known as SCAMPI is the certified CMMI appraisal method used for the evaluation of process flow of as well as for rating the processes. One of the main reasons why CMMI is not as accepted as any other system is because of its impracticability. However, it is impertinent that in order to save time, this tool must be integrated into the organizational systems and it is cost effective means of facilitating the businesses (Nguyen, Recknagel & Meyer, 2019).

By obtaining certain software or tools can make adopting of the CMMI model easier for these organizations. There are, in fact, certain tools or products which support CMMI-related activities, but this support is limited to the inability of the tool to customize according to the user’s requirements (Mavrič & Bobek, 2015). Quality Ready Portal or QRP is a platform which is based on improving the quality of the processes starting from one phase to another, till the end product is formed. It adopts CMMI-DEV as an SPI model and is used for implementation of SCAMPI. The biggest advantage of advantage of this tool is the integration of automation for assessing the degree of compliance with CMMI by using the platform. Consequently, QRP must be integrated into daily work and be used as director for gauging the conformity of the organization to a CMMI level.

With the automation ability provided in the QRP platform, it can be used to generate databases of objective evidences which is required for compliance to the audits. This can be done by initiating a semiautomatic command system. This level of revolution is conceivable of daily use of the platform to record or feed the work-related activities. The only human interference in the working of the platform is validation of the work. Which is why this platform is called as semi-automatic. Surely, manually getting this job done is of too much effort for the organization which conducts the audits. Another advantage with this platform is that it will each employee a way to carry out his own assessment rather than taking assessments automatically governed by the system (Team, 2011).

The QRP platform will help in establishing CMMI with efficacy and improvise the quality of the work done. The first step of the CMMI module is to help in decision making in respect to the level and sort of depiction (staged or continuous) of the CMMI-DEV which will be employed. In a few clicks of the mouse, the user will be able to gain info which otherwise is time taking process if the earlier method was used which is of laborious or elaborate documentation in the offices. It is also a very cumbersome process. Effective project management skills are necessary for leading any project. As per the PMBOK guidelines, it is necessary to rely on basic knowledge and fundamentals of organizational planning and strategizing, having good people management skills and efficiency in using different tools to improve the quality of the project (Project Management Institute, (2013).

Application of QRP in Changing urban precincts in Sydney

The Document Manager Module will enhance recording of various documents which are produced during the development that take place every day at work, in connotation to the kind of artefact being made. It is due to this sorting, pertaining to each of the processes in which they have been generated, employees who are accountable for printing of these documental items will no longer have to identify the particulars of the processes on the platform, because it will be sufficient to only know the type of manufactured document or the article. In order to recognize the efficiency of CMMI appraisal, validation of the sourced document from the platform is mandatory. The only way to find out if a documental artefact is original or is valid is by conducting a unanimous voting involving all the employees who partake in the evaluation (Stambollian et al., 2006; Yu et al, 2017)

The Business Intelligence module defines the indicators of good for each process, such as, measurement of time requires to complete a developmental task and any deviation occurring from the planned schedule. It will help in monitoring the success of the Sydney redevelopment plan (City of Sydeney, n.d). As the redevelopment projects are time consuming and multifactorial, it is easy to lose focus and tract and the project may go haywire. It is with this tool, the possibility to comparing the initial stage of the redevelopment and other stages shall be calculated with the passage of time. It will be of great help in telling how far we have come from the initial phase and how far we are from our target.

All activities are fixed on enabling the estimation of the degree of compliance with CMMI by using various documentations. The CMMI Appraisal module necessitates assortment of basic units, in the same way audits were done officially. In our case are projects, when the basic units of measurements are circled, QRP will carry out an automatic selection of documents objectively (Allué et al., 2013). This is done for all documental objects the recorded during the selection process executed or fed in the platform, manually. The next step of the QRP plan, is the automatic generation of the Alberto assessment for each of the projects on an individual level. for each of the practices and the goal and process areas that correspond to the assessed level.

The results of assessment are modifiable by the person handling the conduction of the assessment. If this happens, the latest one of the assessments should be taken into account. Lastly, before attaining the result of CMMI degree of compliance via an automatic assessment platform, each of the evidences should be confirmed (Mok et al., 2017; Yu et al, 2017). Once the process of calculation or the assessment is over either automatically or by a human resource, the output of the assessment and the provided proofs in each of the practices can be transported to an excel sheet.

The urbanization of the city can be by indicators such as sustainability of the redevelopment project; employment opportunities; vacancies; access to adequate banking facilities, water supply, sewers and transport. Education related needs should also be fulfilled. There should be proper institutions for obtaining certified courses such as colleges and schools and coaching centres. Provisions should be available for recreational activities and activities related to entertainment for all age groups. Health aspect of redevelopment of a city is of utmost importance. Services like EMT (Emergency Medical Transport), health care outpatient clinic, quick ambulance service and approachable location of hospitals should be assessed and established. Furthermore, it is vital to have redevelopment done keeping in mind the environment (Zhang et al, 2018).

Use of environment friendly chemicals and compounds should be mandated during the construction of the buildings and other monuments. The safety of children and other pupil must be taken into account. There should be provision of security guards, CCTVs on appropriate places in order to ensure no criminal or offensive activities should take place in the area. Measurement of Urbanization can be done by comparing developed cities based on these indicators. Each of these indicators represent honing a meaningful structure for the existence of the mankind; Care must be taken that adding numerous indicators in one single index criticism. Therefore, use of small numbers of indicators is advisable, with high impact actability ratio on the universal differences amongst the cities which have been selected (Yu et al, 2017).

Other indicators which include environmental factors, monetary factors and influential factors as well as the demographic point of view are absolutely necessary in making effective decisions and for success of the redevelopment project for urbanization in Sydney. Assessment of the urbanization in view of these indicators is possible by computer assistance, using a performance tool, for which QRP is recommended and reliable and resourceful in making the process of decision making easier and quicker at multiple stages or levels.


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