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Principles of Project Management

Table of Contents



Differences between PRINCE 2 and Agile.

How each method treats project risk.

Which type of projects each is used.


Introduction to Agile and Prince 2 Analysis

According to the definition stated by the Bass (2016), and an Agile methodology is an interactive approach that helps in managing the software development projects that focuses on the continuous release and also incorporates the customer feedback which helps in every interaction. The Agile method is important because it helps the team deliver the prototype and also improve upon it with every cycle. It is stated that the Agile method may not work as intended if the customer’s goal is not clear and focused or if they are working under some pressure. Agile methodology started in 2000 when a group of 17 software developers become together to discuss how to speed up the development times to make the market faster. On the other hand, PRINCE2 is another important project management tool that is famous across 150 different countries. Marchesi, Marchesi & Tonelli (2018) states that PRINCE2 is a project-based approach which focuses on the organization and also asserts control throughout the project from start to finish. Additionally, it is known that PRINCE2 is a process-based method that is effective in project management and will give you fundamental skills to become a successful project manager. PRINCE2 is the second important edition of the PRINCE method which was announced and also developed in 1989 by the CCTA (the central computer and telecommunications agency) (Vaníčková 2017).

The major purpose of the task is to understand PRINCE2 and Agile methodology. Additionally, the work will focus on understanding the similarities and differences between the two methods along with the risk assessment taken into consideration by each method.


One of the biggest similarities in PRINCE2 and Agile is that both the methods are focused and attempts to get the best worlds – the government and structure combined with the flexibility (Hinde, 2018). Additionally, Mousaei & Javdani (2018) states that PRINCE 2 and Agile methods are also known to be the same as they both follow the exact process, principles, and also themes. 

Differences between PRINCE 2 and Agile


One of the key differences between PRINCE 2 and Agile is that it is described as a predictive plan i.e. plan based approach while on the other hand, Agile is known to be short-term which focuses on the incremental achievements which are independent of the overarching plan. Thus, it was understood that the PRINCE2 allows the customers to remain focused on the project or the business goal, while on the other hand, the Agile process stays responsive to the project environment changes and also the customer requirement (Hinde, 2018).

Team plans and timing

Agile methodology is known to fit completely with PRINCE 2 concept because there can be one or one more time boxes that help with the team plan (Vaníčková 2017). Additionally, on the other hand, PRINCE2 does not describe the time boxes a team should plan because it decides for the self-organizing Agile team members.


Mousaei & Javdani (2018) stated that the agile methodology is one among the appropriate methodology which can respond towards the change. While on the other hand, PRINCE 2 can remain more resistant towards the changes. The main point of planning in PRINCE 2 is to anticipate and also be ready for the changes and the setbacks. There is no other way you can plan out for possible outcomes but the Marchesi, Marchesi & Tonelli (2018) states that PRINCE 2 is much more flexible than the reputational suggests.

Main focus

Vaníčková (2017) states that Agile methodology is important because it focuses on the self-organization of the teams while on the other hand, PRINCE2 does not advocate how teams should be organized. The main idea behind Agile methodology focuses on the self-organizing team where the team chooses for themselves how the work should be completed without the outside staff directing them towards the goals. Mousaei & Javdani (2018) states that the main belief is that in the Agile method, the members know what is the best method for them and how they should be moving forward. On the other hand, PRINCE2 does not focus on how the teams should be organized. Under this method, how the employees or the team carry out work is not as important as the structure of the project and how they fit into this. However, PRINCE2 focuses on organizing the structure and also the roles of project staff which includes the project board.

Based on principle

The major difference is that PRINCE2 is focused on 7 principles while on the other hand, Agile is based on the 12 principles. The PRINCE2 involves the basic rule that every project should follow like having clear business justification or the approach that should be tailored to each of the projects. Additionally, there are 7 principles are 7 key project roles and 7 key project phases which complement each other. On the other hand, Agile is known to follow 12 principles that were published in the Agile Manifesto, a document that is made by the founders of Agile (Vaníčková 2017). The Agile principle is known to advocate ideas such as the highest priority to satisfy the customers and also welcome changing environments.

How Each Method Treats Project Risk

Wang, Sasanipoor & Wang (2018) states that it is important to treat risk management in the same way in which you do in the waterfall. The risk management in Agile is done by more practices as compared to envisioning. Additionally, many agile practices generally look to identify and also mitigate the risk throughout the project. Apart from this, the level of traditional risk management should be performed and should be correlated to the complexity, duration, and also experience with the different types of projects being pursued. 

On the other hand, it was understood that PRINCE2 is one of the comprehensive tools that is taken into consideration for risk management. It quantifies risk by the likelihood and also the impact, which makes it effective for the management. According to Wang, Sasanipoor & Wang (2018), PRINCE2 defines the risk as something which could be better and also focuses on the issues and opportunity during the risk. It was the further analysis that risk can be both, positive and negative for a product while accessing the PRINCE2 risk management. On the whole, PRINCE2 is known to undertake an entrepreneur method that recognizes the risk that is inevitable and can be either a real problem or prove to be an opportunity for the company (Hinde, 2018).

Which Type of Projects Each Is Used

After a deep analysis and research conducted, it was understood that PRINCE2 is a process-based which is often used in the UK government sector and is also widely recognized and practised in the private sector of the UK and internationally. PRINCE2 is generally used for the private sector as it focuses on defining the structure of the organization and also implements the product-based approach for the study.

Today there are large companies like Apple, Practo and Gamble, Microsoft, and IBM who are known to practice Agile methodology. Today most of the largest MNC organizations implement the Agile method that embraces the agile working in small multi-disciplinary teams that focus on delivering the results fast in an interactive manner. The reports have additionally shown that people have switched from PRINCE2 to the Agile method and today almost 97% of companies are using agile development methods (Hinde, 2018).

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