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  • Def: Scooters powered by a plug comprise two- or three-wheeled electric In order to power the electric motor as well as motors, a rechargeable battery is used. When compared to motorbikes, electric scooters may be identified by their step-through structure.
  • The top-down estimation represents a method that provides an overall market size Bottom-up estimate, on the opposite hand, entails deducing the overall market size from a subset of data (Smith and Colgate, 2007).
  • Combining both bottom- up and top-down methods allows businesses to gain insight and segregate the quantitative parts of the market.
  • To put it simply, the electric scooter sector is a business devoted to the production, distribution, and retail sale of electric scooters (König et al., 2021).
  • Electric scooters are easy to use and pleasant to interact They are limited to short trips inside cities, though.
  • Increased fuel prices and the necessity for economical transport options have contributed to the significant rise of the electric-powered scooter industry in the past few years.
  • Marketplace as well as key segment sizes for independently owned electric-powered scooters across Australia are estimated using both bottom-up and top-down methods (König et al., 2021).


  1. National Bureau of Statistics
    • There are around 25 million individuals in Australia; taking this number into account allows for an estimate of the independently owned electric scooter market.
    • The number of persons who are most likely to make private usage of the scooters is also a factor in the demographics that are being targeted (Eslake, 2016).
  2. Market Size Relative to Ownership Rate
    • It is believed that there is a 10 percent prevalence of ownership across all demographics.
    • For example, 10 percent of the 2,044,000 people who call an urban area home make up 10% of the student body.
    • Another 5% of the local population for 04 million are visitors, increasing the total number of scooter owners to 102,000 (König et al., 2021).
  1. Segment by Demographic
    • Demographic variables must be considered while assessing the prospective This comprises college kids, sightseers, office workers, and city inhabitants.
    • Most city inhabitants have electric scooters for quick errands and fun rides around roughly 68% of the population is found in metropolitan areas, therefore we may estimate that roughly 15% of the population owns a scooter (Lucas-Healey et al., 2022).
    • Those students who have access to scooters say they love them because they are convenient and
    • If there are 1.5 million pupils studying in Australia, then 10%, or around 150,000, would have their own scooter.
    • It is believed that roughly 5% of visitors visiting metropolitan areas bring their own For a little time during their trip to Australia, the focus is on them.


  • The first step in any estimation is collecting data that may be used to make an educated guess about the size of the market.
  • In order to determine how many people own scooters privately, it is necessary to collect data at a granular level and evaluate it.
  1. Segmenting the Market
    • Market size estimates for independently owned electric scooters need segmentation of the market according to certain criteria (Eslake, 2016).
    • This section covers the area where there is a wide range of ownership types throughout Australian cities. Scooter users also fall into an important age bracket, with the prime demographic being those aged 18 to 44.
    • Because most people use them for getting to and from work and for fun, that's another
  2. Quantifying Segment Size
    • Combining the ownership percentage and the data we have, we can accurately estimate the total population of each market sector (König et al., 2021).
    • There are about 3 million people living in Sydney, yet just 1% of them possess scooters. Only around 2% of scooter proprietors are under the age of 24.
  1. Information Gathering
    • Information is compiled from a variety of sources, such as transportation inspections and government consumer polling data.
    • The export and import documents, as well as sales data across various manufacturers and merchants, are mined for information on scooter use, for instance (Eslake, 2016).
    • As a result, we may extrapolate an estimate of the market share held by electric scooters from this data.
  1. Rate of Ownership by Market Sector
    • The ownership proportion across demographic categories can only be calculated after collecting and analyzing relevant data (König et al., 2021).
    • About one percent of Sydney residents possess
    • And just approximately 2% of those between the ages of 18 and 24 are scooter presentation title 20XX 6


  • The bottom-up as well as top-down estimates both provide a solid picture of the private scooter industry.
  • Unlike the top-down approach, which must rely on statistics to obtain the necessary information, this bottom-up approach gains access to particular data, allowing it to arrive at a clear approximated description of the scooter sector.
  • Consequently, bringing together the two methods provides a more complete picture of the size and composition of the market, which may be used to strategic planning and in-depth analysis of the market as a whole.


  • Eslake, (2016). Tasmania report 2016. Tasmania Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hobart,Tasmania92.
  • König, , Nicoletti, L., Schröder, D., Wolff, S., Waclaw, A. and Lienkamp, M., 2021. An overview of parameter and cost for battery electric vehicles. World Electric Vehicle Journal, 12(1), p.21.
  • Lucas-Healey, , Jones, L., Haque, M.M. and Sturmberg, B., 2022. Electric Vehicles and The Grid.
  • Smith, J.B. and Colgate, M., 2007. Customer value creation: a practical framework. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice15(1), pp.7-23.

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