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Infographics in Education

Q1 Relationship Between Language and Thought

Language is a means to communicate with other humans which comprises appropriate usage of words in a conventional and structural form. In other words, language is an ecosystem where specific signals are conveyed that is bonded with meaning and grammatical rules. In the current report on the potential impact: People think all African kids are bad ABC News (2018, 8 August), it is lucidly explained that when humans have different cultures, traditions, religions, and states, then the same language of conveying one’s thoughts becomes a barrier. This language barrier arises due to undermined language structure in society. There are numerous ways and languages to communicate thoughts but when it comes to express language becomes a barrier that directly impacts the way information or thoughts are arranged in the brains (Massaro, 2016).

Similarly, in the commentary by outgoing Race Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane on the impact of Bolt's language, it is represented that many humans can express their thoughts, concepts, and ideas but the racism and discrimination on various grounds restrict the thought expression. This defines that there is a direct relationship between language and thoughtful expression. In the recent controversial statement by Donald Trump given on 08 Oct 2020, where he expresses his thoughts by stating that he does not fear the coronavirus but his words expressed via language and few words did not define the real state of his mind. Therefore, his actions were more prevalently honest when he became the patient and took the flu with utmost seriousness. The media should concentrate on the actual issue of how Trump acted in his battle against the virus for conveying the current status of this pandemic danger (Kweon, 2019).

Moreover, in different researches it is revealed, the speech process requires various independent techniques for humans that include: Formulation of thoughts, conceptualizing those thoughts, and finally articulating those thoughts. When the speaker plans to speak then the first stage is to conceptualize the thoughts running in minds, then comes the formulation of those thoughts where the speaker converts the thoughts into sentences in his known language, and in articulation the final delivery takes place. Most language barriers occur in the formulation stage due to diversified geographical and demographical factors that impact the individual’s thoughts in several ways (Alduais, 2015).

Q2 Infographic Analysis of Behaviour or Government Directives During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The correct usage of visual aids the information that is represented to the masses that includes using symbolic images, signs, or infographics to convey the message (Naparin & Binti Saad, 2017). This technique has become more prevalent and formal amidst the COVID-19 pandemic situations. Below Figure.1 is the recent instance of the infographic visual that is used by the Australian HealthCare ministry, HealthDirect to convey the government directives and the behavior that masses should follow in order to prevent themselves from the globally prevalent flu due to Corona Virus.

The background color used in the poster is a combination of deep blue and sky blue that clearly conveys the message to the masses. The handwashing image, use of sanitizer, dustbins, and facemask is clearly represented in the picture. Every image is equally spaced to convey the information and directions lucidly. The layout of the visual is designed in six different blocks to notice every instruction and follow those instructions carefully (Tuncalı, 2016). According to the semiotic principles, this infographic is memorable, appropriate, recognizable, and versatile (Peng, 2018). It is effective and successful to present the synthesized information and government directives (Radio, 2016).

The short pieces of information such as maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, using sanitizers, avoid touching face, washing hands with soap, using disposable bins, stay home, stay safe, etc. are embedded efficiently in the infographic with proper design and layout (D Shah, 2020). The font of the text is appropriate and readable. However, the font-size can be bold and a little big so that readability could be better. Lastly, it is encouraged to use stick drawing instead of two-dimensional artistic work as stick drawing is simple, easy to understand, and can be communicated easily (Nuhoğlu Kibar & Akkoyunlu, 2017). This will generate more engagement and a larger interest to follow the directives more enthusiastically and effectively by the people.

Q3 Portfolio for Issues to Communication Major

There can be various obligations that can arise in professional fields such as journalism, PR, advertising, media production, law, and others amongst clients, employees, colleagues, and society as a whole. These include general responsibilities such as handling public relations, press releases, data and information from different areas, media requests, social media and offline advertising efforts, publishing of articles and journals, social influencing, and many such tasks (Sinha, 2018).

Yes, their preliminary obligation should be to their organization and stakeholders if it is a public company (Ng, 2019). The organizations are responsible to the general people to carry out their work and responsibilities and provide a good place to work.

Q4 Short Book Review

In this short review, the book ‘Crushing It’ written by Gary Vaynerchuk is reviewed. This book explains how great leaders and entrepreneurs build their empirical business and influence the people around them. The author shares his real-life stories of failures and successes and explains sequentially how everything went step by step. The author also reveals how one can learn things, apply those concepts, and share those learnings globally on various social networks. The knowledge and learnings that one can gain are like a bag full of gems, frameworks, practical concepts, methodologies, and numerous real-life experiences as an entrepreneur and businessman.

It is a great book if one is trying or looking to start his/her own start-up or business and how to cope with it in daily life. In this book, Gary laid lucid steps to take action step by step in order to monetize one’s passion. Although many critics state that this is the book that is not written by the author himself, and he had hired a ghost-writer to write-up the content of this book, yet this book does not fail to give various business formulations and in-depth knowledge of the business tactics. Also, one can consider listening to his podcasts regularly to gain more detailed business hacks and avail some inspirational insights from them.

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