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The primary purpose of this reflection report is to identify challenges in booking business travel and the impact of remote working on the booking process. Evaluation of recommendations to improve the booking process and discussion of digital business strategies was also another important part of this task. In this regard, analysis of environmental impact, invoicing, time, productivity, and financial consolidation has been given special focus that impacts booking travel business. With the help of Gibbs's six stages of the reflection process (Gibbs, 1988), the positive and negative experiences have been explained below:

Application of Gibbs for option 1: The data collection approach


For the business project, all data were collected from secondary sources like journal articles, third-party sources, and the Internet. I faced certain difficulties, especially in identifying the quality, accuracy, validity, and reliability of the data. As stated by Hendriarto et al. (2021), without effective research skills it is not possible to identify quality data from secondary sources. I lacked research skills that did not allow me to find out how remote working impacts the booking process.

Positive experience was associated with my extensive critical thinking skill and data analysis skills. As opined by Saputra et al. (2019), analytical skill helps individuals to extract in-depth information from sources. Hence, it has allowed me to understand what would be a suitable strategy for Ortharize to improve its digital business environment. Such skills have also helped me to predict what would be the effective sources for understanding the objectives of the business project.


I faced both positive and negative consequences during the collection of secondary data for determining factors in booking business travel (Wicaksono & Maharani, 2020). I have excellent time management skills that I have applied to understand the impact of remote working on the booking process. Through this project, I came to know about different challenges in booking travel business. I realized that high costs, privacy concerns, extreme travel policies and fraud are primary challenges in booking travel business. I was happy when I completed the secondary data collection process for the business project within the deadline. I was delighted when I was able to gather lots of ideas regarding the improvement of the booking process and recommend it to meet the needs of customers for the digital business process.

I found it hard when I had been assigned to provide recommendations on how digital business strategies could be improved because initially, I did not have any idea. As stated by Purwanto (2020), the ability to collect vast data from secondary sources depends on the software-handling skills of students. I was very upset when I first tried to use Google Scholar to collect reliable articles. This was because I did not have any idea how to set a period on Google Scholar for collecting the last 5 years of data. By mistake, I took more than 20 resources and then I replaced them with current resources and it was too time-consuming. I was losing hope when I found limited data on the impact of remote working on the booking process.

Figure 1: Gibbs reflection process

(Source: Gibbs, 1988)


From overall experience, I obtained some positive aspects as well as some negative aspects. According to Oosthuizen et al. (2021), teamwork helps to combine creative ideas coming from project members having diversity. Besides teamwork, I have also gained knowledge about relevant digital business strategies. I have good communication skills and cross-culture literacy that also allowed me to efficiently interact with my project members. I acquired sufficient knowledge about the sustainability of the travel business which allowed me to meet the fourth project objective to improve digital business strategies.

I experienced some negative consequences resulting from a lack of knowledge of digital business management strategies. I had little knowledge about risk linked with booking business travel. It was difficult for me to set recommendations to improve digital business strategies which I find a very vital decision for the booking travel business. The lack of content research skills did not allow me to quickly collect data related to the business project. Poor knowledge about the impact of remote working on the booking process was also a challenge for me in meeting the second objective of the project.


For completing the business project secondary data has been collected from various sources from articles, third-party sources, and internet sources. During the data collection approach, I had trouble collecting recent data from Google Scholar. I was also facing barriers in suggesting how to improve digital business strategies and the impact of remote working on the booking process due to my poor research skills (Magano et al. 2020). On the other hand, extensive critical thinking, and data analysis skills have helped me to understand different digital business strategies to improve client satisfaction with Ortharize. My teamwork skills and communication skills allowed me to increase my productivity as well.


Conducting business projects has helped me to improve my learning skills and knowledge that I could apply in future. Considering the business project topic has also helped me to improve my knowledge about digital business strategies, the impact of remote working on travel booking and ways to meet customers' preferences. My analytical skill has helped me to summarize the complex challenges of booking business travel. On the other hand, I lack effective research skills, inability to handle database software and Google Scholar has consumed more time to complete the business project. Even, poor knowledge of challenges in the booking travel business hindered me from achieving the project objective to set recommendations for improving the digital environment of Ortharize.

Action plan

From the overall discussion, I can say that I need to upgrade certain areas in future, these are as follows:


Required resources



Time required

Acquiring content research skills

● Financial resources to purchase accurate and valid content

● Sufficient time is required to think critically about the content

● Lack of dedication

● Poor interest 

Ability to understand the quality and accuracy of content from different sources

1 to 2 weeks

Improving knowledge about digital business strategies

● Human resources with whom strategies could be discussed

● Reading materials like news articles and books

● Ineffective communication skill

● Lack of critical understanding

Replenishment of ideas of digital business process

2 to 4 weeks

Database handling skill

● Allocation of sufficient time

● Technology resources

● Improve technology skill

● Application of practical knowledge

● Improve concentration 

Derive knowledge of handling different kinds of databases

4 to 6 weeks

Application of Gibbs for option 2: Completing the objectives


Group business projects have provided me with lots of ideas and knowledge. Project members from different cultural backgrounds result in conflict. It was very tough for me to collect secondary data because some of the members of the project were non-cooperative. It was strenuous for me to recommend the best strategies to improve the booking process (Wicaksono & Maharani, 2020). Such conflicts also have affected the outcome project leading to difficulty in reaching all the objectives of the project.

The good thing was that I was very energetic and interested in learning new ideas about digital booking travel business strategies. In addition to this, I have strong communication, cross-culture literacy and problem-solving skills that allowed me to make those team members understand how important it is to submit the business project within the deadline. I captured knowledge of how to meet the preferences of customers by improving the digital business environment by completing this task.


I learned new ideas about E-commerce strategies and the importance of sustainability by conducting this project. As opined by Ali (2019), problem-solving skills are necessary to make it easier for people to understand the importance of reaching project goals. I was gleeful because I had applied my strong cross-cultural communication and problem-solving skills to guide and lead my team members.

It was also dissatisfactory for me when I realized that my limited knowledge about the booking process hindered me from setting recommendations for the business to improve their customer's experience. I was feeling upset as well when I did not find relevant data regarding how remote working affects the booking process. The inability to gather all the members together made me feel bad by that time, indicating my poor team-handling skills.


A good thing about my experience was that I learnt the travel booking system of Ortharize from this business project. According to Jackson (2019), cross-cultural communication and conflict management are necessary to reach the objective of a project. I have replenished my cross-cultural communication, conflict management and leadership skills through this business project. Alongside this, I have improved my project management skills which I think will help me in future to successfully handle any project.

The bad thing about my experience was that I lacked decision-making skills which created a barrier for me to set clear recommendations for improvement of the booking process (Van der Lippe & Lippényi (2020). Non-cooperation and cultural conflict increased my workload as I alone was unable to research more to achieve an objective to evaluate the digital business strategies of Ortharize. I also had limited knowledge about factors booking business travel and few team members were non-cooperative to improve my knowledge so I can collectively achieve project objectives.


The overall business project has helped me to improve my knowledge about the strategies of the E-commerce business (Ghosh, 2022). It also helped me to improve my idea of different factors that affect the travel booking process. I have applied my planning, management, and organization skills to the step-by-step process of completing the project on time. also lacked information on different challenges linked with booking business travel. I find myself fortunate because the project has helped me analyse my potential areas of becoming a successful professional in future.

Different conflicts and non-cooperation from project members badly impacted the performance of the project especially since it delayed the collection of data and completed all four objectives within the deadline. I can also share that a few of the project members were very curious, energetic, and cooperative which helped us to collectively set clear recommendations to improve the booking process for meeting customers' needs. 


Overall project made me understand different digital business strategies under which e-commerce businesses run. My knowledge about the challenges of booking business travel has

 revamped after completing the task. The overall task furnished me with an idea of how corporate booking platform works to meet the desired needs of their customers. I received mastery in completing the project in terms of the working pattern of the digital business environment. I have evaluated some areas I need enhancement in future including decision-making skills, relationship-building skills, and team-handling skills. I must ensure to boost my time management skills to reach project goals within the deadline in future.

Action plan

I have identified certain areas that I need to improve in future, those areas with activities I mentioned below:


Required resources



Time required

Mastering decision-making skill

· Appropriate time required needs to be given

· Sometimes human resources are needed to discuss the decision

● Lack of concentration

● Absence of delegation

Increased ability to navigate a variety of situations

6 to 8 weeks

Team handling skill

● Human resources

● Adequate time frame

● Inadequacy in interpersonal skill

● Inefficient organisation

Refinement of handling people

8 to 10 weeks

Relationship building skill

● Here, human resources are also necessary

● Ample time is also an important resource

● Lack of proper communication skills

● Out of sympathy (Baysal et al. 2021)

Building large network 

10 to 12 weeks


From the overall business project, I gained lots of knowledge, ideas and skills that would help me in the future in developing my professional skills. My analytical skill helps me to collect accurate and valid secondary data for the business project. I find a lack of research skills that I need to improve further to recommend better strategies for the booking process. From the second option I have identified that the conflict badly impacts the success of a project in terms of completing all its objectives. I have also identified certain areas in which I have strengths like my cross-cultural communication and problem-solving skills that allowed me to lead the project and complete all four objectives within the deadline.

Reference list

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