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Introduction to Marketing

Table of Contents


2.0 Application of JTBD Framework.

2.1 consumer profile.

2.2 progress to be done.

3.0 Innovations Concept and Forecast

3.1 Concept statement

3.2 Forecast Analysis.



The trend chosen in this context is the solo travelling of an individual in context to the global travelling trend. Passengers gradually decide to go alone; a study by the British Travel Agents Association found that 15% chose to leave alone in 2018 for exploring exotic destinations, up to 12% increase in the trend from the previous year. This type of trend transforms hotels into social and cultural centres. A report found that women travel more alone than men. Individually registered as amongst the 47% of passengers, including foreign adventure travelers surprisingly, 75% of these private solo travelers are women; whose reservations have increased 350% with Solo Women Travel remains the global trend.

On average, individual solo travelers spend about 19 days more than other travelers. "With 25% of people are planning their solo travelling in 2020, even the traveler companies are getting benefitted. Solo Travel is the only travel industry that focuses on women so these companies are including more features into their travelogue. Women don't like to get bothered while travelling and women take advantage of this "women-only Solo travel" organizing companies as an opportunity to travel in the destinations of their choice even three times a year." Women now make up 55% of all travelling searches, most of which travel are from the millennia generation, challenging themselves and travelling confidently to enjoy comfort and freedom and independence (, 2020). 

2.0 Application of JTBD Framework

2.1 consumer profile

Solo travel has been ranked as the # 1 trend for 2019 and has become a new way to explore new destinations without waiting for the travel partner’s commitment and availability. Since it's so easy to map new locations, it's even more tempting to get reviews on top foods and of course find interesting places, so now a single person can drop everything and try it - even if he/she is left all alone (, 2020).


Solo travelers aren't unfamiliar with travel and their travelling education on a completely new level. A survey conducted on Solo Traveler in 2018 found that 50% of single travelers have a college degree and 35% have a post-graduation degree. This relationship between individual travel and learning may indicate that higher salaries due to better jobs result in more disposable income, while broader knowledge leads to a desire to collect and experience invisible things, acquire a more complete travelling experience and self-education, 2020).


A journey may seem unforgettable and precious to an adventurous adventurer but it makes it exclusive when it is done all alone. Thus the zeal to explore things all alone in SOLO travelling appeals to the younger audience. Personal travel has gained traction in recent years and her fans have matured with the growth of this trend. The number of inclusion in context to the younger generation like Gen-X and Y on a single trip has increased at a considerable rate, with 40% travelling alone last year and 21% planning adoption of Solo travelling in the future (, 2020).


It has been as observed that 25% of the women are more likely to travel alone than men - and the gap is widening worldwide. Between 2001 and 2017, online searches for "solo female travel" in terms of exploring adventurous destinations have increased by 52%, mainly due to increased female control over personal resources and consumer spending. Gender must be considered when determining the ratio of the average single female traveler to 3: 1 with approximately single male travelers.


The unmarried traveler is not the one who opted necessarily for a solo traveler. People choose solo travelling for the reason of their difference in travelling interests or preferences in contrast to their partners. On the other hand, others prefer to go for a solo trip just because they want to taste freedom and mutual trust. Despite their motivations to explore new things, most people at least 70% of them say that the only reason they peruse this type of solo travelling is that they want to see the world without any influence.

2.2 progress to be done

The mission of a single or solo traveler is the quest for their individual unique and practical experiences. It is one thing that all adventurer travelers' desire for but the preferences of destination selection varies according to the personal interests of the traveler. Solo travelers are empowered to seek new experiences that can challenge their existence and even senses. On the other hand, they opt on for these destinations and type of travelling experience due to eh fact that these destinations are highly trending on social media, others may feel and search for something more spiritual or contemplative experience (Soltani et al. 2015).

Single or Solo travelers decide and plan for themselves, leaving very little space for irresistible influences that all travel and tourism agencies may be interested in providing at relevant tourist attractions. Still, the Hotel owners can enjoy a 'good time' while treating these solo travelers - with spa packages, customized personal experiences, and healthy dining options. Even the Tour operators may consider waiving individual supplementary fees to ensure that individual passengers do not feel the pressure of group rates. In this way, the cruise lines are becoming more flexible in attending the solo travelers and offer studio housing facilities on their luxury ships.

image shows The forces Model

The forces Model help to understand demand of the solo consumers and their habits. Self-protection in the destinations is important for a solo traveler, but instead of advertising their security measures, they opt for travelling highlights to increase peace of mind, such as getting rid of unwanted attention, convenient shuttle services, popular attractions proximity as well as 24-hour on-call service. These days' Solo travelers concentrate on sharing their stories with other likeminded travelers about episodes of about their destination experience that also includes their stay at the hotels. For this, the hotels plan to do this, by drawing a picture of the ideal consumer experience and create characters in accordance with it around the visitors. Next, they tend to create content that shows them the reactions of staying at their property by the visiting solo travelers. They tend to feel for the way similar to the expectations of these solo travelers by communicating with them (Soltani et al. 2015).

As according to evok’s travel and tourism category captain Lisa Mohle, “Tapping into influencers, such as solo-travel bloggers, can be a useful tool to differentiate your experience and help link your business to the solo travel market,” Adding more she wrote, “This could even include inviting an influencer to stay at your destination and write a blog about their experiences, giving their solo travelling followers a formal introduction to your business from a trusted resources” (, 2019).

At the end of the day, the goal of attracting solo travelers is to enhance the position and facilities of the location with other individual travelers, as they keep on returning with friends or family. Understanding and accessing individual travel markets can open new doors for once own travelling business and market these destinations as an automatic choice in the list of solo travelers.

3.0 Innovations Concept and Forecast

3.1 Concept statement

Single trips continue to grow and hotels are investing in providing entertainment designed for single guests. Many others like to do it themselves; A survey by the UK Travel Agents Association found that 15 percent selected to vacation by themselves in 2018, up from 12% more than a year ago, giving the hotel a feed that transformed this single visitor into a social and cultural hub. Aloft and hotel apartment development among the venues experimenting in this sphere is the Stratford, which opens in spring 2019 in East London.

One of the 2019 events includes cocktail masterclasses and doga-yoga for dogs and their owners. Followed by a social program founded by Maxi Hotels. Hotel Maxi has proven to be an inclusive environment for growing customer-friendly relationships between friendships, friendships, moreover professional networks. The Life House Hotel Chain has an app that lets guests connect during their stay. The tourism industry has the opportunity to meet other people in a unique way (Sandiford et al. 2015).

For example, accommodations can be divided into star ratings that differ depending on the quality of the facilities, room, and quality of service. Also, the star rating is measured by Star Rating Australia, a section of the Australian Tourism Industry Council. Industrial operators also produce food and beverage and other services (Higgins-Desbiolles, 2018).

3.2 Forecast Analysis

Luxury accommodation

Industry operators produce major proportions of revenue through luxury resorts and hotels. Placements in these categories are rated at five or eight stars. Luxury resorts and hotels have high room rates and usually offer quality facilities, with several recreational facilities. The industry's revenue segment has grown in the last five years as operators open more high-end resorts and hotels to meet the needs of foreign tourists (Knight et al. 2016).

Other accommodation

The support of non-luxury accommodation is also the responsibility of the income segment of the industry. In this section, the establishment provides fewer facilities and services than the high-quality hotels in the organization and is generally sold accordingly. As part of the demand for accommodation-sharing networks like Airbnb, the industry's revenue segment has declined over the past five years. Price-conscious visitors are gradually booking housing on the digital platforms, which have raised demand from operators in these categories and reduced its share of industry revenue (Ahn et al. 2018).

Food and beverages

Most industry operators accept a significant share of supply in addition to housing. On-site hotel and beverage sales are the main sources of revenue for large hotels. Some hotels are a major attraction in promoting restaurants and cafes. For example, some of Australia's largest hotels, especially upscale brands like Sofitel, are linked to luxury restaurants and other foodservice options that offer visitors with onsite dining options. To increase competition, many hotels have increased offerings, which increased over the past five years of industry income (Knight et al. 2016).

Leisure travel is an important part of the income of hotel and resort operators. Besides, this trip is extremely discretionary, and influence consumer sensitivity and discretionary income. For example, when consumer sentiment is negative and discretionary income falls, those often reduce the tourism industry's demand during travel holidays (Cornelisse et al. 2016).

For instance, outbound and inbound tourism activities also affect demand, thereby affecting the value of the Australian dollar. If the comparative value of the dollar is high enough, the cost of taking a vacation abroad is lower that encourages Australians to travel abroad. Cheap airlines from low-cost airlines like Jetstar also encourage foreign tourism, with buyers taking benefit of lower costs and foreign travelling. Strong outbound tourism can limit domestic tourism, which hampers industry demand. However, the devaluation of the US dollar has increased the domestic tourist expense for the residents of Australia to travel overseas. The dollar depreciation has stimulated domestic travel by spending less in Australia. Outbound and inbound tourism have increasingly encouraged the development of the industry over the previous five years (Agostini et al. 2018).


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