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Clinical Stock Inventory Management

  • The data that provides the knowledge of medical stock medicine, clinical equipment, etc in the healthcare facilities is clinical stock inventory management.
  • This needs to be more diligently done for the aged group . Many hospitals still manage their inventory management of clinical stocks manually (Fernández et al., 2020).
  • However some have inclined towards taking the assistance of information technology and Excel sheets to enhance their techniques of clinical inventory management. Basically, when we use the excel spreadsheets it is totally on the hardware data, and one can easily access it through the soft copy present in any uploaded drive. (note from Kylie, excel spreadsheets are a risk as they can be lost – have athink about why you think excel spread sheets are good)
  • This has proven to be more effective and easy.

Advantages of Clinical Inventory Management

  • This way the clinical inventory management easily keeps track of the inventories that are stocked, the transactions made, the bookings done along with the payment details and other important details.
  • This technology is irreplaceable specially in the healthcare industry units where the medical products need to be monitored regularly, administration and ordering of drugs are common, and the clinical items of the patient are sold on regular basis (Dewi et al., 2020).
  • This software help to assist major health firms to prevent economic or product loss by keeping all related information up to date and precisely maintaining it.

Why Choose Healthcare Inventory Management Software

  • It is important to focus more on patient care for the medical institutions especially when it comes to the older aged group.
  • In such a case, management of hospital inventory can be challenging and keeping track of the medical supplies with the clinical equipment needs precise monitoring.
  • Managing such a huge stock of clinical equipment and medications in a primitive way is hectic (Maestre et al, 2018).
  • The automatic process of managing the clinical inventories through healthcare inventory management software eases out the workload and makes it more effective.

Aged Care Maintenance Management Software

  • Through the aged care maintenance management software, the clinical stocks can be automatically maintained through one computerized system. As the aged care maintenance management is one of the other most important hospitality services. (earlier you talked about hospitals, but now you talk about aged care – canyou be clear which system you speak about)
  • This system provides assistance to the medical staff to prevent any mishandling of medical assets or for management of the clinical work orders.
  • The computerized maintenance management system keeps record of different supplies in other industries too with precision and efficiency (Lubis et al., 2018).

Benefits of Hospital Inventory Management Software

  • Hospital inventory management software assists in tracking the consumption of all items inside the healthcare institution.
  • Such inventory system software enables the healthcare business or organization to keep records of sales and expenditures of clinical stock.
  • It also identifies and keeps accounts for consumable and non-consumable drugs or goods.
  • Through National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), numerous old aged people get assistance from care givers. As the points are critically analyzes the hospitality services of individual aged persons presents.(you’ve talked about NDIS and aged? Unless you speak of disability services of older Australians (DSOA) then you are getting confused with aged care, and hosptials, it’s a bit confusing)
  • They assist in clinical asset management and other caregiving facilities too.
  • NDIS care givers manage, keep track and maintain clinical assets it is one of the other most critically important points to discover.. (I would find it highly unusual for an NDIS care giver to track and maintain clinical assets? Have ahtink about what the NDIS care giver role is – maybe give an example)

Government Legislation for Hospital Inventory

  • Under this management software effective management is required for proper utilization of working capital (Mathew et al, 2018).
  • The system covers the minimum and maximum payment levels, determination of the quantity of inventory required, issues to be decided, inspection procedure, receipts of the payments, order quantity of materials, proper storage provisions and proper movement of inventories.

Standard of Clinical Equipment

  • The commonly used clinical equipment are the surgical instruments that are necessary for immediate medical facilities provided. Individually many clinical settings, are one of the other commonly used surgical and critical equipment are crucially essential for individually, delivering rapid individual medical treatment. (how are these surgical instruments used in relation to your consumer group)
  • The sufficiency of supply of these surgical instruments like injectors, gloves, aprons, medical knife kit along with the needles and life saving medicines is required for functioning of medical facilities.
  • The inventory management software easily keeps record of all the items and also ensures the regular flow and accessibility for keeping everything handy.

Sequential Movement of Clinical Goods

  • Through healthcare inventory management software the the supplies are ordered easily.
  • The ordering comprises of determining what item is required and the quality and quantity to be ordered first.
  • Then the payment has to be made through cash or card.
  • When the order reaches the health facility it has to be kept in proper place to be accessed easily.
  • Then the sale of health product can be carried out with ease.
  • All of these are effectively maintained with optimum level of accuracy by the health care inventory management software (Utami et al, 2020).
  • This up to date data enables effective workflow and avoids monetary loss.
  • Through proper hospital tracking system the equipments and supplies are kept in the database.
  • Locations are added to keep every item at easy access.

Prevention of Infection Measures

  • Sanitization hands
  • Wearing gloves, masks, eye wear for personal protection
  • Keeping respiratory hygiene by learning cough etiquettes
  • Safety of sharp edged items
  • Practice of safe injection techniques
  • Proper sterilization of medical equipments (Ahmadi, et al, 2019)

Staff Training and Education

  • The proper technical training of the medical staff helps to ensure the medical operations to be carried out smoothly. As the medical staffs are well trained. (HERE YOU talk to medical staff, but earlier you mention aged care and NDIS, who is your group?)
  • The staff training in medical units enhances the efficiency and performance of the institution.
  • Even the technical training requires computer training, medical equipment training and also EHR training. EHR stands for Elecronic health Records.(what is EHR?


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