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As articulated by Beka and Kulinxha (2021), an employability portfolio is considered a vital element for reflecting the professional experience of one or more graduates. The portfolio demands the candidate to highlight the personal skills, knowledge and capabilities that have been gained as a part of completing the education degree, working experiences and the additional activities done. The graduated candidate needs to determine their available strengths and growth areas. Further, with the help of using the reflection technique, the student can understand about self and gain the needed confidence to apply for employment opportunities and circumnavigate better workplaces. In addition, the preparation of an employability portfolio helps a candidate to gain insight into the skills and abilities that will help in gaining success. The concerned employability portfolio will highlight the graduate’s work as an Assistant Manager and how the expertise be reflected to a potential employer for the future goal of working as a Senior Manager, Internal Audit (Refer to Appendix 1).


After completion of the graduate degree, the candidate is qualified to enter into professional life and thus chooses to work as a Senior Manager in Internal Audit. The job designation of a Senior Manager was chosen since the same was suitable for graduate employment and would prove to be beneficial for the candidate to learn basic skills and real-time job expertise (Uber 2023). In this connection, the candidate will be a good fit for the new job as the current position entails administrative and leadership skills along with learning about data input. The graduate student has also worked with team management, and stakeholder management and also learnt how to work in critical situations.

The job designation as an Accounting Manager reflects the duties of the applicant such as handling finances, cash management along making budget decisions. This, in turn, has rendered the candidate to gain effective knowledge about arranging paperwork, filing, managing budget and cash in and cash out, managing meetings as well and managing a team. Nonetheless, the graduate is well-versed with knowledge of finance and accounting. Contextual to this aspect, and relating to the job description of a Senior Manager, Internal Audit, and the candidate goes on to the list for working with the requisite employability needs.

Employability Skills

The Key to Employability Model developed by Sir Dacre Pool and Sewell, highlights the major employability components along with placing an extensive emphasis on the need for graduates to reflect on their skills, ability, knowledge and experiences (Dacre Pool and Sewell 2007). The concerned graduate holds a GPA that stands above level, a bachelor's degree in Business and Commerce with specialization in Accounting, and working experience in the management sector.

Career Development Learning works towards helping the aspirant graduates gain the needed ideas, data and information as well as abilities and attitudes deemed to be vital for managing professional life. Thus, the part of the employability model being explained will highlight my expertise. This part will indulge in diversified job-search skills. Take, for instance, preparing a professional resume, finding and filling out job applications and getting involved in the interview processes. This, in turn, will render both support and professional advice to me by allowing me to gain insight and understanding about myself. Career Development Learning is a key component to help a graduate learn and understand the communication manner to reflect upon their knowledge and skills to prospective employers. This will help the graduate gain an understanding of their professional potential. With the help of the CareerEDGE element, I will be able to gain classification of degree and thus learn about the demands and abilities of potential employers from the job applicants.

Further, the second expertise concerned with the Employability Model relates with the Discipline-Specific Skills (Clanchy et al. 2022). The skill is the information and ability that the candidate needs to possess in advance for their chosen subject category. Different occupational category holds different range of abilities to be necessary to be involved in a candidate. Also, the term discipline takes diversified forms starting from inspiring and moving to punishment, which brings in the ability of discipline to be a highly valued factor. Since discipline highlights one or more individuals to showcase self-control and management, I believe myself to be effective enough to manage self-discipline and emotions with the capability of following what has been instructed. Also, communication has been observed as an important skill and thus I have ensured to practice and learn the same in my past and present academic and working experiences and this will allow me to express my thoughts and concerns appropriately.

Coming to the generic skills component, there is a chance for the candidate to face challenges while entering the real-time recruitment market. For the previous year, the work involved little interaction with co-workers and this can turn out to be challenging currently in need of managing team and individuals.

It is thus essential to render the candidates with the extensive opportunity to help learn the required skills and understanding to help build personal traits for employability activities. However, it is also vital to be able to reflect on the activities, since without the same the experiences will not transfer to learning. Thus, reflective journals and logs are a few examples which can be deemed for reflective learning. Reflection helps a candidate to gain work by helping them remain aware of their potential and weaknesses (Lynch et al. 2021). This, in turn, will allow the aspirant graduates to improve their existing confidence, efficiency as well and esteem through the help of the reflection process and is also termed to be an important part of the employability component.

The CareerEDGE model of reflection is investigated to help highlight the employability activities to the candidates and thus encouraging them to take charge of their professional growth. The model also proves to be useful for program creation and organized intervention with the help of rendering clarity on what the candidate needs to explore and manage. Nonetheless, the CareerEDGE Model will work as a precise and practical foundation for every graduate to help manage the goals of being employable graduates.

Work Experience

Work experience should work to render knowledge about the organisation and what is the employer seeking from the job aspirants. This renders an opportunity to consider diversified career paths with improvement in self-independence and awareness. Further, earning degrees in accounting management, financial analysis and administration and improved proficiency in spreadsheet applications would prove to be a competitive advantage associated with the job role of a Senior Manager, Internal Audit. The value of the experience of working as a Senior Manager, Internal Audit is the ability to multi-task and handle all the financial needs.

Senior Manager, Internal Audits are observed to spend a lot of time over PCs to help manage the financial databases and application of spreadsheets (Imoniana et al. 2020). Also, the use of the internet is extensively done to help manage the research needs of a financial individual. Therefore, there is a vital need for Excel to work with the Microsoft Office Application. The professional and accurate syntax is to be used by the Senior Manager and internal Audits in terms of rendering information through official mail and public posting of the financials. Communication skill has to be at the forefront of the Senior Manager, Internal Audits since the information to be communicated by them is highly confidential and vital. Thus, these talents and skills are to be developed since companies would want to hire people with learning and knowledge.

Personal Development Plan

Gaining a higher competence level in the employability skills for the Senior Manager, Internal Audit job there is a need for the candidate to design a Personal Development Plan. This helps in addressing the needed components that are to be developed to help gain success in the employment rate. The candidate has set a PDP with the help of SMART objectives (Refer to Appendix 4A) to help work with the improvement goals and gain better confidence to work in future as a Senior Manager in Internal Audit. Due to the introverted nature of the graduate, it might become difficult to share their ideas and thoughts, thus there is an extensive need to develop active speaking and listening skills. Also, technical skills are to be developed since modern-day business requires a Senior Manager, Internal Audit to handle the finances with the help of advanced technologies. Thus, the aims and objectives of the personal development plan will be set accordingly to help develop the needed skills and remove the barriers that would come in the career achievement plan.

After the SMART objectives had been identified and designed, the candidate worked on designing a plan that included five activities to be fulfilled to help achieve the aims and objectives of learning (Refer to Appendix 4B). This will help in overcoming the fear of skills that are lacking and need to be developed to pursue the desired career. The activities that are planned to be completed are communication improvement, internship involvement, technical skills learning, gaining financial administration-related working experience and involvement in the completion of procedural accounting tasks. This, in turn, will help the aspirant graduate to develop self-confidence and pursue the desired professional role of a Senior Manager, Internal Audit with the help of achieving both the SMART Objectives and five goals of the development plan.


The above-reflected employability portfolio has helped the candidate to gain a fruitful insight into one's present skills, talent and capabilities. The key traits have been identified for the areas of improvement to help mitigate the barriers to the achievement of the desired career. A greater sense of confidence has been acquired with the reflection of the employability skills since the same helped in understanding the importance behind personal development and how to acquire the same. The candidate with a strong urge to learn and develop self will ensure that the needed learnings are done professionally and there is no negligence in the need of advancing the current profession to that of a Senior Manager, Internal Audit.


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