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Table of Contents


Question 1.

At least three issues from the scenario that may cause/ are causing communication misunderstandings or difficulties in the workplace.

Question 2.

The impacts of social and cultural diversity in the workplace scenario.

Question 3.

At least two recommendations on how the identified issues can be resolved.

Question 4.

A request for assistance from your co-workers on how you can help support Jade.



Introduction to Education Support with Alffie

In the whole world, the English language is considered the most spoken language in the workplace. Therefore it is expected that when the organizations are hiring the employees then they expect that they should speak fluent English. Here in the provided case study Jade Lee is the person who was hired as an education worker. But the problem with Jade is that can understand English but not able to speak it and reply to the supervisors. Always jade used to understand the words of the co-workers but due to some kind of hesitation jade is not able to speak. Jade thinks that if she will try to speak English then her co-workers will laugh at her. In this document, the author is talking about the issues and the solutions coming in speaking English in the workplace.

Education Support with Alffie - Question 1

At least three issues from the scenario that may cause/ are causing communication misunderstandings or difficulties in the workplace

Whenever someone tries to learn something new then facing difficulties is a very important part of every task. Difficulties make the learner learn about various things and solve the problems. Many problems is been seen in the given case scenario and some of them are discussed below as the bullet points. Sometimes difficulties make everyone learn various things therefore it is a very essential thing that should be considered everywhere. Therefore the issues faced by Jade in the provided case study are as follows:-

Unwell written communication: sometimes the people are good at understanding the language but find it difficult in speaking and writing. Due to weakness in writing a particular language is also the problem that leads to creating the problem in speaking. To make the language understand in writing there are various tools made online that will help the user to write the language properly and many courses are there that will remove the hesitation of the people while speaking. It happens sometimes that it hard for some people to speak English. It just because they are very good at other languages or they have not studied a particular language. Therefore poor communication in writing is also the major issue that comes when speaking because the user is not able to think in English (Sani et. al, 2020).

Attitude and ego: the working of the team is deterred because of the ego & attitude of the team member. There may be members who want to prevent other people from speaking with their minds. And some people want to make decisions over. This may lead the person to refuse to lose with the argument with another person and make the other person wrong even if they were right at their conversation. Due to the ego issue of other people also some people who are the beginner do not try because whenever they try to speak some people always used to cut them and make them correct and scold them or laugh at them.

Hesitation: Some people used to laugh at the efforts done by the people instead of correcting them at their mistakes. This laughing can make the person feel very low and then they may get demotivated and will never try to speak and this can leads to hesitation. Due to many factors also sometimes the language beginners don’t even try to speak because they think that if they will speak and if they speak the incorrect wordings then all the people will aught at them and will make fun of them.

Passive learning: It means that hearing of the talks without empathizing it or understanding it. Sometimes it is seen that there are people who used to interrupt, talk, and reply in between the talks without even listening to the topic. When the humans get failed at listening then they cannot comprehend the talks and it then leads to friction and misunderstandings that reduce the work interaction. Therefore it is said that before replying to the talk start listening to the talk first and then try to speak (Park and J.S.Y, 2020).

Education Support with Alffie - Question 2

The impacts of social and cultural diversity in the workplace scenario

As everyone knows that diversity in the workplace can help the workers to grow themselves and make them good in every aspect. Diversity is of two type’s cultural and social diversity. Both of them are equally important in any workplace. Based on the workplace, diversity refers to the hiring of individuals from various parts of the world. It also means that there should be individuals of varying age, gender, background, sex, languages, religion, and education and with different abilities. Sometimes the diversity helps in the workplace in positive ways and produces plus impacts on the individuals. The impacts of social & cultural diversities are listed below.

Impacts of social diversities in the workplace are:

  • Social diversity allows the people of different communities to work together and all of them are treated equally. Having social diversity makes the workplace more efficient in working as it helps in providing various kinds of benefits like suppose in a school some needs an English teacher or the Sanskrit teacher then the individual can hire a co-worker who knows about the Sanskrit language.
  • It allows working of people with different caste, religion, gender, education, sex, geographical region, economic status, language, height, color, abilities, capabilities, etc.
  • Sometimes it affects negative ways also like people with low caste are not treated equally and not given the chance to speak their views and not given chances for promotion too.
  • Due to social diversity these days there is no difference in people and all of them are given chances to get recognized by their work, not by their color, caste or gender, etc. (Shofi, 2020)

Impacts of cultural diversities are:

  • Cultural diversity has become a grown trend in the workplace with time & increased globalization.
  • It improves the productivity levels in the workplace as everyone knows that the main aim of adopting cultural diversity is to get various talents together at one place. In research, it was found that it is playing a positive effect in various workplaces and due to this, they have got a good increase in work productivity.
  • It also enhances the productivity and creativity in the workers working at the workplace. As various people are working together and when different talents get together then it gives rise to new work and new development.
  • It also increases the work profits in terms of cost and also reduces the chances of risk in the organizations as there are people with various capabilities then they used to figure out various things.
  • It improves the worker's engagements in works and also enhances the employee interaction and good interaction & engagement leads to good work and also develops the interest of the workers to do the work carefully.
  • It reduces employee turnover, reflects plus on reputation, and also encourages a various and wide range of technical and cultural and different skills (Yusuf, and Mabagits,2020).

Education Support with Alffie - Question 3

At least two recommendations on how the identified issues can be resolved

When there are various kinds of issues then there are solutions to those problems too. Using the solutions one will be able to improve the small gaps.

  • The very first recommendation is that improvement in communication skills is the first key to speak English and remove the barriers coming in its way. It was surveyed that communication is referred to as one of the most efficient skills that will help the worker to improve speaking skills. If someone is not able to speak then try to understand or communicate via verbal & non-verbal cues. Various tools have also been used for improving the English like the very best example is to take the dictionaries and find the meanings of the words that are not understood by the user.
  • The second recommendation is to remove the hesitation by communicating more and more with thinking about the fear and the laugh of then people. Because it will happen two to three times that people will laugh on one but after some time they will be able to understand that one is putting so much of the effort and then they will also start putting the efforts and will help one to improve the skills.
  • Next is the practice of speaking in front of the mirror. It will make the user more confident in speaking and also will make the user fluent in English. One can record the language also and then listen to it and try to figure out the mistakes and search them in the dictionary and on the internet about the sentence framing. There are various courses available on the internet that will help the user to learn about English and speak English.
  • If one should want to focus on learnings then they have to focus on the learning part instead of the laughing parts. It will become tempting for the one to communicate in a lighthearted way with others (Yunus et. al, 2020).
  • Becoming a good learner. To be good at speaking skills first become a good listener instead of replying without listening about the talk.
  • Always learns about the basics of verbal communication and always ask people for feedback. Sometimes feedback can make people grow and learn about various things.

Education Support with Alffie - Question 4

A request for assistance from your co-workers on how you can help support Jade

Co-workers plays and very important role in any workplace as they help the individual to contribute their effort in a particular work, sometimes coworkers make learn various things and contribute their part in the growth of the workplace. Co-workers are the keys to a workplace that will make various people learn about various outcomes. According to the survey, it is said that without the help of coworkers one cannot make oneself grow and learn various things because in a workplace there are people with different varieties of people and all of them are having various capabilities.

In the given case scenario, jade is a worker who can understand English but is not able to speak English, and whenever this is a meet or all the teachers are together then jade used to stay quiet and listens to everyone. Jade is having hesitation in speaking English because according to jade is jade will be speaking English then all of the co-workers will make fun and laugh on jade (Omar et. al, 2020).

Here the co-workers of jade can help jade in improving the English by encouraging jade to speak English or make jade try to speak English. They can correct jade whenever the incorrect word is spoken by jade. They should not always laugh and make fun of jade when jade is trying to speak English. They can also make jade aware of the basics of English and make her learn and speak English.

As everyone knows that good assistance can make something worth and their assistance will make jade learn English and remove all the barriers coming in the way of her to speak English. With the little efforts of coworkers, jade will be able to learn and speak English.

Conclusion on Education Support with Alffie

Language is the most important part of every workplace and especially English speaking is considered an important part because in the workplace English is the main language that is been spoken. In the provides case scenario, jade is the person who has been hired by Cascade-peak school. Jade is not able to speak English but can understand is thorough. Jade can understand the talks and the instructions given by the supervisor but not able to reply to them in English. In the whole above discussion, the author has been talking about the problems coming in the way of speaking English. In the document, the solutions are provided by the author to improve the speaking skills,

References for Education Support with Alffie

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