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Competitive Strategy  - Question 1

Elements of the General Environment that are significant to the future of the German luxury car industry

Economic Environment - Economic environment of the country and the world is a very important factor that will impact the future of the German luxury car industry. With the economic status of many of the world's countries going up, the market for luxury cars is expected to go up. Though there are uncertainties such as the COVID 19 pandemic which has crippled the world economy and negatively affected the luxury car industry in Germany. The occurrence of such uncertainties that affect the economy may have a negative effect on the growth of the industry.

Political Environment (Bendixen and Abratt, 2018) - Political environment of the country impacts a lot the market of luxury cars. Political stability in the country will favor the industry while instability will be a big blow. Since the luxury car industry exports cars to various parts of the world, hence the political relationship between Germany and the rest of the country are of great concern. Any political agreement between Germany and other countries will promote the growth of the industry.

International Strategy (Zhenlin, Junqing, and Huepel, 2020)- An important factor or element is the Internationalization strategy that had an especially significant impact on the accomplishment of the German Automotive Industry. Over the ongoing years, the organizations have not just begun selling their items in an ever-increasing number of new abroad business sectors, they have likewise enhanced their buying capacity and secure numerous sources of info (parts and modules) from abroad; four of the ten greatest countries that are importing in the area are eastern European. Moreover, the German car industry - automakers and manufacturers - has extended its manufacturing limits abroad.

Competitive Strategy  - Question 2

David Jones is a departmental store that originates from Australia that deals in several thousand products ranging from fashion, beauty and designer products, electrical appliances, and more. In order to effectively build good relationships with its customers, it works towards delivering personalized services and ensuring their customers receive a personalized experience while at the same time maximizing their sales and attracting more customers. For the building of good customer relations, David Jones undertakes the following strategies:

  1. Personalizing customer experience (Xu, Gao and Hammond, 2017)

Using their efficient sales force, David Jones ensures that all its customers receive personalized services and which strengthens their loyalty which improves sales.

  1. They employ the use of professional stylists and personal shoppers (Miller and Merrilees, 2016)

This help especially in shopping for women who prefer expert opinions and helps build a long and lasting personal relationship with the company workforce for better business.

  1. Simplifying segmentation of customers (Xu, Gao and Hammond, 2017)

David Jones works towards aligning their client strategy to focus on loyalty across regions to ensure they thrive. The launch of the customer loyalty program as part of a three-pronged strategy was to better understand and engage with its customers. The loyalty program will be based on an extensive number of market and customer research undertaken both by David Jones. A significant amount of qualitative research, as well as two rounds of quantitative research, has been done as well. The program is based around delivering value to customers across the group and within all categories and brands. The program is about fostering a one-on-one relationship with customers.

Competitive Strategy  - Question 3

In entering Chinese markets, Walmart has to consider the following 2 environmental factors:

  1. Political and legal factors (Gulati, Nohria, and Mayo, 2016)

Favorable political and legal policies have been implemented in China that encourages penetration of foreign firms into their markets. The Chinese government has relaxed the necessary requirements for entrance into their economy and firms are no longer required to form partnerships with Chinese firms as opposed to the past. Walmart, therefore, has the chance to enter the Chinese economy and expand its markets.

  1. Economic and environmental factors (Fishman, 2006)

Due to the brilliant economic changes in China that have enhanced its economic growth, Walmart should consider expanding into Chinese markets as they would be assured of increasing their sales revenue. This is because an increase in the country's GDP is a great indicator of the great purchasing power possessed by the Chinese. China is the world's current largest emitter of carbon dioxide although not the cumulative largest. With Walmart entering the China market and especially the fresh products industry, there is a need for Walmart to come up with strategies that will help them survive the fresh produce market. Because of the great industrialization in China, various forms of pollution ranging from air pollution to water and soil pollution, there has been a widespread environmental and health problem. Therefore, Walmart must strategize on the health implication of this pollution to its employees before entering the great market.

As a result of the environmental issues China has been experiencing, the government of China has responded with increasing environmental regulations. These regulations to some extent affect the operations of businesses and Walmart must consider these environmental regulations before entering the market.

Competitive Strategy  - Question 4

In managing cooperative strategies, General Electric faces a number of competitive issues (Lowder, 2006).

  1. The kind of products it produces is provided by other companies as well and it, therefore, has to ensure that it secures its customer base in order to enhance intensive growth.
  2. It faces problems in penetration of new markets which increases costs as it has to perform market campaigns in order to secure its customer base in order to grow despite the competitive forces.
  3. The company is going up against critical issues in light of their vulnerable undertakings for the viability of the atmosphere. It has now gotten responsibility for all the business to combine the normal issues in their frameworks to endure their business as it has become the huge enthusiasm of customers wherever on the globe. GE must give headways in order to remain genuine in the market
  4. Another competitive issue which General Electric faces is that they are standing up to issues to merge the method in view of the impediments they are searching for their stock worth(Porter, 2008). It shows that they have advanced their enormous endeavors to vanquish the central points of interest and because of this they are considered as the primary aspect of the business.

Competitive Strategy  - Question 5

Starbucks is one of the biggest espresso organizations in North America and is commonly known for their frappes or coffee espressos. They have broadened their business by having stores by roughly 931 in number and 75 huge outlets of their huge company in air terminals. Their essential objective is to develop their firm as the most part respected and famous coffee brand all over. To accomplish their vision, they are developing in for all intents and purposes all the nations of the world and in all probability through the method of acquisition. This shows that Starbucks has made worldwide acquisitions in various states and by and large many of them are present in the Asian continent which is seen as a critical player, especially in China (Hitt, Ireland, and Hoskisson, 2008). Regardless, they have made different productive acquisitions yet on comparative events and confronted a couple of challenges moreover. Some of the most common challenges in creating a successful acquisition include overpayment, exogenous risks, losing the trust of the stakeholders, failed integration, and inadequate due diligence in the acquisition process (Griffin, 2016)

  • Overpayment.The process of acquisition can lead to overpaying for companies because of failure to account for the true value of the business assets. That leads to overpayment.
  • Exogenous risks.The existence of technological developments, industrial changes, and economic problems can cause problems in the acquisition process. That can affect the successful acquisition of most companies in the market.
  • Losing the trust of the stakeholders. Acquiring a new company does not mean that all the stakeholders are happy. The managers may be happy but the employees may be skeptical about the acquisition that limits the success of the acquisition.
  • It leads to failed integration.The integration of the cultures and the change management processes may be hectic in the progress of the acquisition. Failed integration can create a toxic working environment that affects the operations after the acquisition.
  • Inadequate due diligence. Most managers are aware of the processes to use in the acquisition. However, some situations prompt managers to use shortcuts to achieve long-term objectives. That affects the due diligence in acquiring the new firms.

Competitive Strategy  - Question 6

The achievement of each association significantly relies upon the administration style of its leader. Accordingly, every authority position accompanies different duties which are (Murray, 2020): 

Giving a vision for the association through the steady correspondence of the outcome to the staff, empowering perseverance, and being idealistic about the organization's prosperity is an important thing. Support imagination and advancements in various offices through remunerating critical thinking, broadening the group, tolerating each thought, growing hard projects, and empowering workshops. 

Functioning as an illustration of the lesser staff is another major point in this regard. This moves them to be more effective and gainful. The leaders accomplish this by carrying out the responsibilities themselves, assuming liability for disappointments, and exercise mindfulness when conversing with staff. 

Following all the organization's cycles through setting vital needs and vision, assessing the whole cycle, setting clear targets and key outcomes, and separating functions among the colleagues. 

At last, managing the group and checking the key presentation pointers. The cycle empowers the pioneers and leaders to follow the advance and distinguish qualities and shortcomings for each staff. 

A business chief like Jack Ma builds up the aptitudes and magnetism to be compelling in the part in various ways, for example, helping the poor in the general public through his gifts. He tutors and mentors his lesser staff in his association and energizes imagination and advancement. He is additionally wary of his feelings and those of individuals encompassing him (Lencioni, 2020). This characteristic empowers the pioneers to stay persistent with individuals and give the enthusiastic needs of the staff. World business pioneers create enthusiastic knowledge and sympathy by controlling their feelings, particularly when under tension. Pioneers additionally create abilities and magnetism by creating self-assurance and confidence. They do this by defining little reachable objectives for their staff dependent on their qualities to improve their adequacy and profitability. Jack Ma additionally energizes decisiveness among his staff. The capacity enables the representatives to convey their necessities viably just as regards those of others.

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