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Professional Development

Question 1: Your Current Situation

  1. What is your name?

My name is -------. 

  1. What degree and majors are you studying?

I am seeking a Bachelor of Business and majoring in Human Resources Management. 

  1. What other relevant prior education do you have?

I have a Diploma in Banking, a finance degree, and a Certificate IV in Agent Representative. 

  1. What would people say are your strengths?

During my six-month tenure at Mercer Super as a Helpline Consultant, I gained extensive knowledge in superannuation and client engagement, highlighting the importance of patience in a helpline role. Additionally, my two-week experience at Hair House Warehouse showcased my flexibility in adapting to salon work schedules and the physical stamina required for salon-related tasks. 

  1. What would people say are your strengths?

According to my manager and colleagues, my strengths include:

  • Excellent time management skills.
  • A cheerful attitude.
  • A strong aptitude for learning.
  • Effective teamwork abilities.
  1. What would people say are areas that you need improvement?

My previous manager has advised me to improve my fluency and team supervisory skills. I also need to work on managing stress more effectively, as I tend to become easily stressed under work pressure.

  1. How do you respond to setbacks or failure?

In response to setbacks or failure, I maintain a positive attitude, focus on observing and learning, take responsibility for my actions, welcome constructive criticism, ask questions to gain understanding, and seek connections with others for support. Additionally, I prioritize self-care to ensure I can bounce back effectively from challenges.

  1. How do you approach conquering adversity?

Conquering adversity is a multifaceted process for me. I maintain a positive mindset to stay resilient, actively seek support from my network, constantly learn and adapt, prioritize self-care to remain mentally and physically strong, set achievable goals, manage my time effectively, accept my limitations, consider professional help when required, stay flexible in my approach, and celebrate every step of progress along the way.

  1. What are you willing to do or give up on achieving your career ambitions?

Pursuing my HR career goals, I'm committed to investing in education, gaining practical experience, staying updated, building a network, and, if necessary, relocating, taking on more responsibilities, and making personal sacrifices to ensure my career advancement. The specific actions will depend on the opportunities and challenges I face.

  1. What are your unique selling points?

My unique selling points in customer service include 24/7 availability, quick responses, multilingual support, accessibility, efficiency, vast knowledge access, and scalability.

  1. How are you extraordinary?

Indeed, your extraordinary qualities in the customer service industry include:

  • Your 24/7 availability.
  • Rapid response times.
  • Exceptional time management skills.
  • Punctuality in adhering to work ethics.

These attributes contribute to providing efficient and reliable customer support.

Question 2: Your Future Direction

  1. What is your career/ professional aspirations?

I have extremely high expectations of myself. I intend to find steadiness and success in my chosen interest area of work. I aspire to bestow my competencies and knowledge to the advancement of the community and the development of people's lives. I also intend to reach higher heights and attain financial independence for myself and my family. Being my future career in the HR field, I aspire to help companies build robust and successful teams. Also, I desire to assist the workforce in reaching their potential and contribute to the organization's entire success. Besides, I desire to remain updated with ongoing trends and developments in the HR field to offer the ideal possible assistance to the ones who require it.

  1. Where do you see yourself after you graduate?

After I graduate, I see myself as an HR professional in a renowned organization. Moreover, I see myself as a crucial part of that organization who continuously puts her efforts towards the growth and achievement of the company. In my role, I will assist the company to develop and execute strategies to appeal to, retain, and engage workers. I can see myself as an HR strategist who will provide opinions and suggestions that refine corporate performance, decisions, and workforce engagement. As a strategist, I will influence the business and assist its florist positively.

  1. Where do you see yourself in the mid-term (3-5 years)?

In the mid-term, I can see myself in a leadership role, assisting to direct and establish a fruitful and successful team. I would like to constantly enhance my technical and soft competencies by taking on supplementary training prospects. I possess an interest in conflict management henceforth I can see myself resolving departmental challenges and conflicts easily. Besides, I will work with the leadership team to match current policies and recommend ideal practices for the talent approach. It will help me make more effective decisions.

  1. Where do you see yourself in the long term (10 years)?

In the long-term, I would like to see myself in a role to mentor others in the HR field, placing my experiences to utilize in manners that assist others in attaining what I have achieved. My goal will be to make a positive impact at my workplace.

Question 3: Professional Identity

  1. Why do you want a career?

I want a career since it will assist me in developing the competencies, knowledge, and experience required to succeed in my selected area of interest. Besides, it will assist me in choosing the right profession for me in the future.

  1. Why do you want a career in this area?

I want my career in the HR field to grow my professional path and help me create robust and more meaningful relations in my personal life. Besides, I love to listen to the stories of people, encourage their goals, and celebrate their success. This inspires me to choose my career in the HR field.

  1. What are you most passionate about in your chosen career?

I am passionate about an HR career because of my love and passion for developing talents into top performers. I believe that human resources are the most fundamental asset of any company. I believe in creating a positive work environment that inspires innovation and productivity.

  1. What factors are important to you in your career?

Important factors in my HR career entail inspiration; risk-taking abilities; analytical mindset; flexibility; technology-savvy; great communication skills; strategic thinking abilities; and more.

  1. To what degree and how are your attributes, beliefs, and values aligned with your chosen profession?

My attributes and values entail flexibility in adapting the things; teamwork capabilities; a cheerful attitude, and more. My beliefs entail my inclination toward conflict management; people-first practices; and more. My attributes, values, and beliefs are aligned to a great extent with my HR profession.

  1. What factors are must-haves in a career?

Must-have factors in a career include education & training; financial goals; values; personality type; lifestyle; talent & skills; interests and so on.

  1. What factors do you want to avoid in a career?

The factors that I want to avoid in a career entail missing deadlines; neglecting relationships at the workplace; avoiding setting career goals; not getting time to upgrade my skills; missing networking prospects; and so on.

  1. What are some of the notions/characteristics/key aspects that you associate with a career in ER/HR/MGT (or your chosen field) post-university?

I would like to associate some key characteristics with my HR career after the completion of my degree. These characteristics include leadership behaviors; decision-making abilities; relationships with individuals; interpersonal skills; teamwork abilities; collaboration; proactivity; and so on.

Question 4: Steps to Take

  1. What are some specific things that you have done so far to enhance your employability and achieve your career goals?

To enhance my employability, I worked on developing my robust communication skills which portray one of my personality traits. Besides, I experienced working in the corporate world during my internship days which has enhanced and further improved my employability skills. Moreover, I have made an effective and appealing CV to increase my chances of getting a good job. It is noteworthy that professional networks assist in establishing an individual's career and achieving career goals (Abbott & Meerabeau, 2020). Given this, I have established robust relationships with different corporate professionals on my LinkedIn channel. This has increased my ability to get contacted by top employers to get my desired job role. With my prior experience of six months in a corporate setting, I have acquired strong customer engagement competencies which has also increased my employability in the market. The certification and diploma courses that I enrolled in will enable me to get a job quickly.

  1. What are some specific things that you will need to do before you graduate to enhance your employability and achieve your immediate career goals?

The things that I am going to do before graduation to enhance my employability and attain my immediate career goals are discussed below:

  • I will enroll in an online course in area of HR field such as HR analytics. This will help me acquire technical skills to perform HR-based activities in the workplace (Mitrofanova & Konovalova, 2019).
  • I believe that volunteering is deemed an ideal means to refine my employability skills. This will offer me the opportunity to select certain great transferable abilities and opportunities to draw on my experiences at the time of interviews (Fakunle, 2021).
  • I should improve my social media presence to increase my employability since the majority of the employees are active on social media to recruit candidates. Besides, I will remember to keep my profile up-to-date and professional on such platforms (Jacobson, 2020)
  • Since communication has become a fundamental part of stimulating the worldwide economy in current times. Therefore, I will learn a new language which will be an added benefit.
  • I also will develop my growth mindset which will assist me to establish constructive habits and actions that might contribute to success and employability (Elliott-Moskwa, 2022).


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