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Photoshop Artwork Description


This artwork drew inspiration from a YouTube Photoshop tutorial I selected my own photographs and incorporated personal information, such as my name, into the composition.

Design Principles

The design of this artwork primarily relies on the principles of contrast and repetition. Contrast was achieved by juxtaposing a black backdrop with the prominent use of red, which accentuates all the details against the dark background


In online Photoshop tool , I initiated the project by creating a blank image canvas with a background. Another layer containing my photo, with the background removed, was created and placed in the center. I harmonized the image with the background text using gradient maps, curves, and brightness/contrast adjustments. Additionally, I introduced a final layer featuring a wall texture, applying a Multiply blending effect and reducing the opacity to 40%, thus imparting a more dramatic appearance to the entire composition.

Photoshop Artwork

Textured Still Life Montage


This montage is a product of my fascination with the aesthetics of still life photography. It draws inspiration from a still life photo I had taken previously. To create this montage, I incorporated newspaper clippings and colored paper templates, adding depth and texture to the composition. Unlike my original photograph, the act of tearing and layering paper introduced a captivating tactile quality to the image. Background elements, such as books and glasses of water, took on a more pronounced role in the overall composition.

Design Principles

This montage is a study in the principles of contrast and texture. It features a captivating interplay of elements like orientation, form proportions, texture, and color on the torn paper pieces, creating distinct visual features. The artwork is marked by the striking contrast of two dominant tones - colorful objects set against a black and white backdrop. The tactile quality is further accentuated by the texture of the ripped paper, which is layered repeatedly to create depth and dimension throughout the piece. This skilled use of contrast and texture results in a cohesive and harmonious design.


The creative process began with ideation and rough sketches on a blank canvas. I explored various textures found in newspapers and magazines, with a keen focus on textures that would serve as the foundation for the entire composition. Colored paper was carefully chosen to represent different objects in the piece. The process presented its own challenges, particularly in selecting the perfect textures to convey the desired effect. I meticulously layered individual paper pieces to ensure a seamless and hole-free arrangement.

Once the physical collage was complete, it underwent scanning and post-processing in Photoshop. This phase involved using the eraser tool to eliminate imperfections and making adjustments to levels and shadows to correct any flaws introduced during the scanning process, resulting in the final, refined composition.

Textured Still Life Montage

Textured Portrait Sketch


This portrait sketch is inspired by my fascination with the art of portraiture, aiming to capture not just likeness but also unique tactile qualities found in sketching.

Design Principles

Texture and contrast are central to the design. Texture is introduced through various marks and techniques, while contrast between light and shadow brings the portrait to life, creating a cohesive and harmonious visual experience.


The sketch began with careful observation and conceptualization, using pencil and charcoal to create texture and depth. Various techniques, like hatching and cross-hatching, were employed. After scanning and digital post-processing, the result is a textured portrait sketch conveying depth and emotion.

Portrait of woman

Bird Photograph 


This finished bird photo draws its motivation from the enrapturing universe of bird photography. It's a recognition for the magnificence and marvel of avian life, zeroing in regarding the matter as well as the special surface and visual profundity that can be caught in such pictures.

Plan Standards

Surface and difference are the directing plan standards here. The surface shows signs of life through perplexing subtleties in the plumes and climate, and differentiation, explicitly between the bird and its environmental elements, makes a unique visual encounter that is both amicable and dazzling.


The production of this photo started with cautious perception and a sharp eye for detail. The medium utilized for this fine art is photography, which can ably catch surfaces and differences in the realm of birds.

The cycle includes catching the many-sided subtleties of the bird's plumes, the play of light and shadow, and the connection between the subject and its current circumstance. The outcome is a photo that presents the subject as well as conveys a feeling of profundity, excellence, and imaginative articulation.

Whether it's the fine subtleties of quills or the differentiating colors in the bird's plumage, every component adds to the general surface and effect of the photo. In post-handling, the picture can be refined to guarantee that the surface and difference are precisely conveyed.

bird photograph

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