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Table of Contents

Assessment task 1.

Assessment Task 2.

Assessment Task 3.

Assessment Task 4.


Manage Knowledge and Information - Assessment Task 1

Executive summary

This particular report will subject to introduce the Coffeeville Company. The organization is a supplier of coffee and has several shops in Melbourne. This particular report is being prepared so that the business issues and challenges can be identified in effective terms. Potential causes of the business issues will be wrought out in the report. The report will further go on to state decision making of the company and the issues can be mitigated with effective decision making. The formal and the informal networks were also adhered in this report.


Coffeeville was opened on 2009 and now have four coffee shops around Melbourne CBD. It supplies very high quality of coffee, cold and hot gourmet beverages and food items. It is managed and owned by Rufus and Emma Belcastran. It is served by well-trained staff consisting of three managers, four fully trained barista, six full time and twelve casual attendants of food service and has two cooks (full time).

  1. Coffeeville’s potential business problem – Economic status of the regulars, transferring of office, which is near to the café to suburb, companies tight budget to have Christmas parties catering. Potential business problems/issues: Price, business environment in CBD, general economic concerns, increasing commodity prices and healthy lifestyle and habits. In the survey and feedbacks even in the statistics it show that people think Coffeeville price are high making it not their number one choice. This is a big concern as customer does not come regularly in the Café and given that there will be new café opening soon, Coffeeville need to establish loyal customers (Van Aken and Berends, 2018).
  1. this has been conferred as now a days people tend to lean towards the healthy option, it would be best for the Coffeeville it will increase the sales revenue in this matter.
  1. Source of the problems is increasing price of the commodities and rent. The increasing competition in the area which offer lower price is also a major problem.
  1. Feedbacks – S –Quality products and well-trained staff

W – High price

O – Increase healthy food option

T – New cafes within the café radius are opening soon

This data is unreliable because it comes straight from the customers some can just be an opinion rather than a concrete data.

Statistics – KPI analysis – It shows in the financial data that from 2011 – 2016 the net profit/loss is increasing regardless of the effort done in the company.

Both sources are reliable and important for the company. One was external and one was internal data (Hall, 2017).

  1. Surveys and feedback – informal

Statistics and data – formal

Both formal and informal networks are good source to analyze business problem. Statistic proves the problem and survey and feedback explain the problem (Aithal, 2017).

  1. Melbourne is world famous for its hotel industry. This culture makes an important contribution to the quality of life in its high world and is influenced here to play an important role in advancing the industry to improve the product. Markets supply and influence the same voluntary products (coffee and alcohol) as bars and cafes, which makes the price of one place different from another (Hoveskog et al. 2018).


Productivity has increased after all the trainings made the staff more efficient but the sales trend is still not reaching the projected level. On 2014, there is also a decreasing trend of on sales but on the other hand expenses are decreasing too giving a profit loss having decreasing trends too. On 2015, the sales have been catching up and have an upward trend on sales however the expenses catches up too giving the profit loss high by the end of the year. From financial year 2011-2016, we can see that there is a decreasing sales and an increasing of net profit loss. With all the survey, feedback and statistic we could conclude that 2/3 of the population have been to Coffeeville but they don’t consider Coffeeville as their primary source of it because of its price.

Manage Knowledge and Information - Assessment Task 2

Decision Analysis Report

Decision / Issue Name

This report of decision analysis is intended to help address some of the problems that should be addressed in order for companies to resume sales and ensure progressive and good quality indicators to increase their revenue.

Here are a few:

  • Every time new business emerges in the industry which means more competition.
  • As the number of residential properties in the regions increased and business offices closed permanently, it ended up with fewer visitors to the store.
  • There is a negative trend of economic data including zero housing.
  • Decreased income and profits of the company
  • The financial crisis is affecting the kitchen sector.
  • Required Decision

The business needs to reconsider its marketing plan for Coffeeville because the target market should be re-established, it is being proposed due to the current trends around the place and the goal is to take better measures to avoid loss reduction business.

  • History

In the last 12 months, the company has seen a decline in revenue from outdoor catering, especially in context to the month of November and month of December. The prices of materials and products like rent, food and wages are rising. As a result, revenue has declined.

Recommendation/Action Taken

In consideration to all the three options, it has decided that the most excellent way to act is through option number 3 (special home packaged and meal delivery system). In this case it is for the most part viable opportunity to solve the issues in the business. The stores are very close to public transport, which may allow people to take away the food before they head home and it is also a considerable option to reduce food wastage and increase the incomes. A marketing plan is necessary to implement this action. It aims to target market, either the office workers or residents of the area.

The first 2 options are not as suitable; they might solve some issues but in less percentage.

Confirmation / Approval

Name Title Signature Date

Manage Knowledge and Information - Assessment Task 3

Decision Analysis Report

Quantitative analysis

The Delivery cost in this case will be of dollar 340.00

Appendix 5

Assessment questions

  1. It can be ensured by determining the information and checking its reliability. Making the final decision often becomes easy when all the objectives are met.
  1. a) The experts who can lend a hand in the investigation and process of decision making are:
  • Food safety specialist
  • Marketing professional
  • Food delivery specialist
  • Government
  • Financial advisor
  • Business expert
  • Melbourne City Council
  1. b) The data provided by experts helps businesses make the best decisions regarding business achievement; they can present important data such as economic information such as marketing promotion expansion and so on. They can assign each employee the necessary tasks and advise them to become more efficient during the manufacturing process. Experts have the knowledge to run a business.
  1. a) Business owners have the right to choose which the best way to advance their business is; in this case Rufus and Emma have the right of decide.
  1. As business owners they kept the direction of the business and took action. Their staff as directors can comment but the final decision depends on Rufus and Emma.
  1. c) Yes, they have the legal right to make this judgment. Companies are registered in their name, which gives them authority.
  1. It is imperative to consider business policies and procedures in order to act consequently in any area of activity: marketing planning, health and safety in the workplace, anti-discrimination and others that need to be measured at the time of adoption (Hidayat and Utami, 2017).
  1. The offer to Rufus and Emma is consistent with the quality, purpose and quality of Coffeeville. Once we analyze the many sources of Coffeeville’s methods and policies, we can maximize the company’s profit with our recommendations on a particular home packaging and food delivery system; it will refresh professional staff with original quality purchases and safe, costly home delivery (Calderón, 2019).
  1. Planning of Strategic Timeline
  1. Integrated food and beverage system
  • The retail location is the time and spot where a retail trade happens. At the hour of sale or offer, the trader figures the sum owed by the client, demonstrates this sum, can set up a receipt for it and shows the installment choices to the client. This is the place a client pays the trader for the item or after the arrangement of a help. After installment, the trader may give a receipt for the exchange, which is generally printed yet which is conveyed continuously or is sent electronically (Gianni et al. 2017).
  • Inventory control systems help you track inventory and provide the data you need to control and manage it. Central Database or First Out (FIFO) for all acquisitions, in addition to only in-time ABC analysis, activation of data analysis and forecasting demand and labeling, documentation and inventory reporting with proven inventory methods such as first entry, reporting. Or finally the first manifestation (LIFO) (Shenoy and Rosas, 2018).
  • CRM is a technology that is utilized to deal with the entirety of the association's relations and collaborations in context to the potential clients. The objective in this is to improve the connections of the business. A framework of CRM encourages companies to remain connected with clients (Soltani et al. 2018).
  1. Queuing theory is the study of crowd and online waiting times. Each element waiting for service, including inbound processes, service processes and number of servers, number of clients, number of system locations, examines the theory. Like a branch in regard to a business research, the theory can assist users make knowledgeable business decisions about how to create well-organized and profitable workflow systems (Asa'ad Abass Hendi et al. 2018).

Organizations use linear programming methods to decide the best ways to augment earnings and reduce operating costs. Linear programming methods enable Coffeeville to recognize solutions to the problems they manage, define problems that may change the desired results, and provide an answer that provides the results they seek.

Manage Knowledge and Information - Assessment Task 4

Appendix 1:

Coffeeville has decided to rethink its target market and strategies to attract new customers to its organization. Negative results and declining profits in recent months have created changes and the need to apply new approaches. In addition to some flaws in business strategy, owners feel that communication lacks perseverance, which affects the process of decision-making.

Purpose of Report

This report summarizes research on management systems that are considered more suitable for business. As part of the launch implementation, Coffeeville will provide new special food combos, online promotions and tick-out meals; As a result, the company considers it essential to establish this new management system. The objectives of the introduced system are to provide more effective communication and understanding of orders, to optimize time but at the same time provide the information needed for standard service. The new computerized system includes food, beverages, food, customer loyalty and accounting.

Regular Update and documentation for the System

Keeping an updated database and documenting enough information with the new system should often be a priority. Information from DOMS, POS, and loyalty clubs and feedback forms will provide an automatic update on customers, lead to regular updates and at the same time comply with legal requirements. Enabling this data collection will also prove effective in making future decisions.

Features and Benefits

System will be personalized, manufactured and tested in accordance with Coffeeville's requirements and policies.

 It has the following advantages and features:

  • Effective methods for data collection and processing
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimize the process of decision-making with tangible and accurate data
  • These processes will be conducted in a more controlled manner
  • The use of technology to deliver the best quality and efficiency

The data collected will be effective in commercial activities as well as their expansion. Tools like data mining allow data storage and analysis, which has a positive impact on decision making time. Data warehousing creates direct communication between stores and managers. The relationship between data and strategic support offers new possibilities through multidimensional modelling. Complex information becomes more accessible through the use of data visualization (Yu et al. 2018).

Maintain Corporate Knowledge and Ensure Security

As appropriate for the protection of commercial information and intellectual property, the new management will take steps in this regard.

The following steps are as follows:

  • Use secure passwords, fingerprints and code recognition in limited areas of the security system so that only authorized persons have access to valuable information.
  • Knowledge is about to gain secure access to the company’s knowledge and sensitive information that only authorized individuals can access with previous connections to keep track.
  • Back up all data stored on the system
  • Professional security software and periodic system repair

Review Policy & Procedures:

  • Rufus and Emma revised policy and Procedures from the intranet on 2016 (5 years after opening).
  • Covers a lot for staff performance
  • Does not cover much for customer service and health related policy.
  • With this observation of policies and procedures, I can first recommend that the policy be reviewed after a year-long meeting to update the annual management that is lacking. Second, managers should cover more health policies as they work with food and beverages. Finally, management must integrate its objectives and vision into its policies and procedures so that employees can adapt to their performance (Ionescu, 2017).

Appendix 2: Communications Plan Template

Title: Communication Plan Template for CoffeeVille

Date: 25th January - 15th February 2016

Project team: - Rufus and Emma (CEO and owners of the business)

Store managers

Senior Staff

Situation Analysis: SWOT


· Communication channels are open at all levels and allow employees to respond to them higher.

· Problems can be more easily identified through staff and customer feedback.

· Reward options for accessing and loyalty to customer databases using CRM, customer relationship management.

· Regular meeting place for updates.


· Lack of protection of corporate information and intellectual property.

· The employee manual is updated regularly.

· Corporate data protection is not clearly described in the employee manual.

· Inadequate or poor training of staff trying to reduce costs.


· Uninterrupted updating of technology, which improves communication.

· New virtual space for meetings.

· Improved management to improve security.


· Information leaks or misuse of data.

· A plan that does not fully match the predefined principles.

· The economic impact that the company cannot cover


· More efficient integration and communication from existing food and beverage accounting systems.

· Provide related statistics and up-to-date information.

· Significant and more accurate identification of potential problems.

· Ability to provide relevant data to assist in the decision making process.

Goals and targets

· Every member of the staff knows and knows the offers given to the customers. Choose takeouts and online promotions at the end of the month

· The company’s data has dropped by at least 50%

· Periodically update government policies.

· Update staff manuals with new security practices for corporate information.

References for Manage Knowledge and Information

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