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The main building of the medium-sized regional hospital ACMC, located in Acme County, will be updated, with a special emphasis on the Layer 2 campus. With this update, the hospital hopes to improve operational effectiveness, accommodate an increase in the number of patients, and guarantee flawless interaction with a variety of medical equipment from multiple vendors. The client's specifications for this necessary facility update are outlined in this report.

The main building of the ACMC Hospital, which can accommodate up to 100 patients and houses about 50 staff members, acts as a major center for patient care. The Layer 2 campus needs to be modernized to keep up with changing healthcare standards and technology because it is an essential component of the hospital's infrastructure.

The network architecture of the hypothetical small county hospital ACMC Hospital is the main topic of this research. The healthcare industry is not an exception to the revolutionary developments brought about by technological advancement. The efficient operation of healthcare organizations depends on a strong network infrastructure given the growing reliance on digital technology for patient care, paperwork, and administrative tasks. The purpose is to assess the present condition, comprehend the future ambitions, and offer a holistic solution that supports both the business and technical objectives of the organization.


[1] The network address is used by the core network router to connect the networks. The utilization of IP address waste was therefore minimized by using variable length subnet masking. In order to assign IP addresses to the router to router connections, VLSM IP addressing implemented the conventional procedure of starting with the largest network and working down the list.








Main Router



Router 1

PC1 to PC28


Router 2

PC1 to PC28


Router 3

PC1 to PC9


Hardware and Software Requirements

[2] A customized architectural internetworking structure is required to satisfy the unique requirements of ACMC Hospital. Both the company and application domains should be taken into account in this design:

  • Business Domain: Be familiar with the hospital's departments and key operations. Create the internetworking solution to effectively support these processes. This can entail establishing specialized networks for several departments and guaranteeing seamless interaction.
  • Application Domain: Determine the applications necessary for the delivery of healthcare, such as communication tools, image storage and communication systems, and electronic health records (EHR). The dependable and safe operation of these apps should be given top priority in the internetworking architecture.




Switch 3650-24PS

$300 * 3 = $ 900


Switch 2960-24TT

$50 * 20 = $1,000





Router 2901

$150 * 4 = $600



$200 * 65 = $13, 000


Fiber Optic Cables

$20 * 4 = $80


Copper Cross-Over

$10 * 10 = $100


Copper Straight-Through

$10 * 30 = $300


Cisco Packettracer Software



[3] Internetworking is an essential component of modern businesses, particularly in the healthcare industry. It entails fusing many networks together to provide fluid communication and information sharing. A designed effectively internetworking solution is essential in the setting of ACMC Hospital for a number of reasons:

  • Accessibility of Data: Internetworking ensures that vital patient information, medical files, and administrative details are available in real-time to authorized people. The effectiveness of providing healthcare is increased by this accessibility.
  • Collaboration: It is essential in the healthcare industry. Different professionals and departments must work together. Internetworking enables effective communication and teamwork, improving patient outcomes.
  • Security: A secure internetworking architecture is necessary for healthcare organizations to guard against data breaches and unauthorized access because they handle sensitive patient information.
  • Scalability: The ACMC Hospital's operations may expand or modify. Scalability is essential for a successful internetworking solution to meet the organization's changing requirements.

Administration and Management of Internetworking

[6] For the internetworking infrastructure to continue to function successfully, effective administration and management are required. Create and use a thorough procedure that includes:

  • Establishing a monitoring system will allow you to keep tabs on the network's functioning in real time. To resolve problems quickly and guarantee optimal operation, regular maintenance programmes should be put in place.
  • Implement strict security mechanisms, such as access controls, firewalls, and encryption. It is important to conduct regular security audits in order to find and fix vulnerabilities.
  • Maintain thorough records of the internetworking infrastructure, including network configurations, schematics, and security guidelines. This documentation is essential for future upgrades, training, and troubleshooting.
  • Staff Training: To guarantee that IT personnel and end users are properly qualified to manage and make use of the internetworking infrastructure, provide continual training for both groups of people.

Current and Future State of Internetworking Infrastructure

[7] Planning for future upgrades requires a thorough understanding of the internetworking infrastructure at ACMC Hospital today. Performing an exhaustive assessment entails:

  • Network audit: Examine the hardware, software, and network architecture that is currently in place. Find any stumbling blocks, security holes, or room for development.
  • Trends in technology Keep up with new networking and IT developments in healthcare. In the future state design, take into account the deployment of technologies like telemedicine, Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, and cutting-edge data analytics.
  • Scalability Planning: Plan for the hospital's future demands and expansion. Scalability should be considered when designing the internetworking infrastructure to allow for more devices, users, and applications.

Analysis of the current network

I'll be happy to provide you some broad advice and examples based on accepted network design principles. Remember that these are only hypothetical situations and that you should modify them to fit the unique requirements and limitations of the network of the ACMC Hospital.

Scenario 1: Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring

[4] Healthcare services can be improved by putting in place a reliable telemedicine and remote patient tracking platform. This would entail observing health indicators remotely and real-time video chats between doctors and patients. An effective and dependable network foundation is needed for this.

  • Real-time video and audio transmission is necessary for telemedicine, which has high bandwidth and low delay demands. To deliver an effortless and quick service for both doctors and patients, make sure the network can manage high-bandwidth needs with minimal latency.
  • Implement robust security mechanisms to safeguard critical patient information during telemedicine conferences. Access controls and encrypted communication routes are part of this to stop unauthorized access.
  • Quality of Service (QoS): Give network traffic a higher priority so that telemedicine sessions get the bandwidth and low latency they need to run smoothly and reliably.

Scenario 2: Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Data Analytics

[4] Implementing an integrated Electronic Health Records (EHR) platform and data analytics to increase the effectiveness of medical services and decision-making.

  • Information Storage and Retrieval: The network should facilitate the safe and effective storage of substantial amounts of health data. Implementing a scalable, dependable storage solution with restoration and backup features is part of this.
  • Make that the network architecture supports interoperability standards so that various healthcare systems and apps can communicate with one another without interruption. This is essential for an all-encompassing EHR system.
  • Install a network that can manage the data traffic produced by machine learning algorithms and data analytics software. This can entail implementing dedicated servers or cloud-based data processing programs.
  • Strong security measures are necessary given the delicate nature of health information. Access controls, encryption, and regular security inspections are all part of this.

These scenarios seek to make use of a network infrastructure that has been carefully planned in order to improve patient care, increase effectiveness, and guarantee the confidentiality and safety of healthcare data. Based on the particular requirements and technology capabilities of ACMC Hospital, modify these scenarios.


In conclusion, the achievement of ACMC Hospital depends on having an effective internetworking architecture that is well-designed and maintained. The hospital can guarantee a dependable and secure network that promotes its mission of providing high-quality medical services by solving the importance of internetworking, comprehending human factors, creating a customized architectural scheme, analyzing both its present and potential state, and putting into place efficient management and leadership procedures. Due to its dedication to a reliable internetworking solution, ACMC Hospital is well-positioned to react to changing market conditions and prosper in the fast-paced digital world [5] .

For the hospital to continue to be competitive in the healthcare market and to provide the best possible patient care, the Layer 2 campus of ACMC Hospital must be successfully upgraded. This report lays the groundwork for a thorough and effective facility update by outlining the client's needs, technical specifications, stakeholder engagement, budget, timeframe, and risk evaluation.


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