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E-Business Management

Table of Contents

The organization as well as environmental analysis.

A company overview..

Current business model

SWOT analysis.

The eight unprecedented characteristics associated with E-commerce technology.

Developing an E-commerce strategy.

Recommend a suitable business model(s) & revenue model(s) the business should adopt.

The company can start with two types associated with the revenue model

Segmentation associated with the company:

Indirect as well as direct competitors associated with Darbar Wentworthville.

Provide a competitor analysis.

SWOT analysis associated with Desizz Wentworthville.

SWOT analysis associated with Khalsa Foods Vegetarian & Vegan Jain Food Indian Restaurant

Develop an executive summary based on the revised e-business:

E-commerce presence map.

Action plan.


Darbar Wentworthville Analysis Overview

Darbar Wentworthville is a restaurant that provides stunning Indian cuisine placed in the heart associated with the place of Wentworthville. The restaurant has facilities associated with fine dining and it also has the privilege of ordering online (in context to take away as well as home delivery). They also indulge in food and beverage catering services in the context of attending as well as organizing Private Functions, as well as Engagement Parties. With a Group Booking facility, the unique venue is warm as well as romantic and can host groups both in big as well as small sizes. Owner Vinay Krishna with 10+ years of hospitality business experience started working in high-class restaurants based in India, he has well associatively worked his way up in the direction of holding a more senior position. His food philosophy is based on a simple proforma. It is to select ingredients that are based on their quality as well as freshness. He insists on not attempting to undertake any shortcuts as well as provide inviting, inspiring dishes instead. All these are associated with the high standard based on Indian fare which is rare in its origin. The company focuses on various kinds of associations with innovations as in their opinion innovation is instrumental in helping them in a very specific way to focus on the process of developing the products. This will in turn can help in adding the value to the eatery. They will be benefitting from the associates with the intervention of the technologies as well as its interconnected advancements. This company focuses on the trends as well as themes associated with innovation. They refer to and address the zeal for the development of new products. The main aim is to present them in a user-friendly manner. This company focuses on the quality and service level of the product. Hence it takes ultimate care toward its development and overviews the main themes instrumental in helping the product in the direction of driving the product worldwide.

Current Business Model

The company in the due course of doing business follows the B2C e-commerce model. The term business-to-consumer or (B2C) does refer in the direction of describing a process. This is further associated with the selling of the products as well as the catered services. These are directly in the relation between a business as well as consumers. These consumers are the end-users associated with their products or services. Most companies tend to sell directly in the direction of the consumers that and can be referred to as in the form of a B2C company (Chen et al. 2019).

SWOT Analysis


· All sorts associated with the Indian cuisine are made available (, 2020).

· South Indian non-veg breakfast is available

· Online delivery, as well as takeaways, are also available

· They present high-quality excellence associated with services

· The product quality is not compromisable

· Focus more on customer’s repeat visit and their retention to earn more business profit and revenue.

· High-quality vegetables as well as meat used (Phadermrod et al. 2019)


· This company does not possess many assets associated with its presence in the global market (Phadermrod et al. 2019).

· With a little market share, they trembles as their competitors provide similar services (, 2020).

· The sales data that relies upon every month is not so good

· It is not instrumental in introducing its brand in the direction of the developing of a new product or services in these emerging markets ( 2020)


· It must be instrumental in the process of advanced communication implementation to connect with small retail chains

· They must be investing more in the development of online services

· There are multiple numerous possibilities for the direction of launching stores in the countries (Vlados, 2019).


· The cost associated with operations cannot be bought under the control of finance

· They are instrumental in having or developing a very weak projection in context to the finance

· Less interaction with consumers at social media platforms.

· Less attractive social media handles (, 2020).

· High competition as there is similar food restaurants in the same location (Vlados, 2019).

Table 1: SWOT Analysis

(Source: Created by the Researcher)

The Eight Unprecedented Characteristics Associated with E-Commerce Technology

Ubiquity: this solely suggests something available ubiquitously. Almost all can avail of a steady internet connection that too at a very cheap price that can be priced well as this instrument supports the corporation in the direction of trading globally. Not only is this, but it is also instrumental in leading and direct the next feature associated with E-commerce and their global reach. The restaurant Darbar Wentworthville possesses an online demeanour. As a consequence, it has an advantage on the part of its user that one can access their website anywhere in Wentworthville (Chen, et al. 2018).

Global reach: this refers to the direction of the small market with millions associated with small things available on the website. The reason behind this improvement refers to such websites that have every type associated with a website based business.

Universal standards: This is considered to be very easy in the direction of understanding the internet. Not only is this it is considered to be important in the context of every business.

Richness: Innovation focuses on new video as well as audio-ads and messages in context to promotion. It is instrumental in adapting to the new changes associated with the business environment. Darbar Wentworthville can use this in ovation by the way associated with product development as well as this helps it in the direction of reaching more customers (Vlados, 2019).

Interactivity: In the direction of valuing customers and maintaining a good interaction with them interactivity is necessary. In view of the fact that e-commerce sites are the online stores do not find it easy on the customer’s part to interact. Darbar Wentworthville should maintain good customer services in the direction of interacting with the customers. They must act, also, in the direction of solving their issues as well as problems that the customer faces (Phadermrod, et al. 2019).

Information denseness: Related to the pricing information this focuses on the ways set in the direction of pricing products in a fair manner attract customers. Darbar Wentworthville prices are less and help attract customers

Personalization because people like in the direction of personalizing their things, Darbar Wentworthville possess a full menu associated with Indian cuisine that attracts most customers.

Social technology: this one is associated with the main features that are instrumental in helping to associate with social media sites like “Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, as well as Instagram”. Apart from the context of providing entertainment, these sites are proficient in the context of doing business. This proficiency of nature helps in the company's promotional approach and spreads a good WOM. This will make people more aware of the company. Darbar Wentworthville owns a Facebook page to interact with the customer as well as attracts them to know more (AlSheikh et al. 2017).

Recommend a Suitable Business Model(s) & Revenue Model(s) the Business Should Adopt

  • Using B2C as well as B2B models to work to direct the company toward earning more profits. The company Darbar Wentworthville is already instrumental in using the B2C model. This refers to the tendency of the products that are sold utilizing the traditional retailing model. This retail model refers to the process of selling products in the direction of direct customers (Tamilarasi and Elamathi, 2017).
  • However, it needs is calling in the direction of using the B2B model. This will help in the direction of earning more profit. A B2B model helps to sell products from one business in the direction of others. If Darbar Wentworthville is instrumental in selling their food items in collaboration with other online companies then the customers will get in the direction of knowing more about the product. Not only is this fruitful the adaptation of this way will lead to the direction of buying more associated with this product. Moreover, the company would be able in the direction of earning more (Kinda, 2019).

The Company Can Start with Two Types Associated with The Revenue Model

  • Ad- based revenue model is in context to create ads at various websites, application as well as other places in the direction of gaining high website traffic. The advantage associated with this revenue model is associated with easy money making way (Dastrala and Tripathi, 2019).
  • Subscription-based model: The subscription associated with the revenue-based model offers the customers with a new or existing product or service. This is instrumental for the customers who are allowed in the direction of paying over a longer period. Going further, it is usually a month in the direction of the monthly offer. Not only this, but some companies also provide a year in the direction of the yearly paying offer. If the company needs in the direction of going far enough along in its procedural development leading to growth then this model can help. It is instrumental in generating as well as recurring revenue. Moreover, it can even be an advantage for customers who are lethargic to order and ends up in the direction of cancelling their payment. It is a loss in context to the company that is offering this service (Sambhanthan and Good, 2016).

Segmentation Associated with The Company:

The target market that Darbar Wentworthville currently has is the people aged from 18-50. Darbar Wentworthville should expand its target market as well as it should also focus on making vegan as well as gluten-free food items in context to children as well as adults. People nowadays are much focused in the direction of fitness as well as Darbar Wentworthville starts creating fresh as well as healthy vegan food items it would be able in the direction of attracting more customers (Camilleri, 2018).

Target market

Adult and Kid’s Lifestyle includes health with sports and fitness requirements. It also provides aspects of recreation to the children as well as the Primary market.

Primary market

These include the population comprising of the Teens the Youth as well as the Working populace along with the elderly people.

Secondary market

Travel as well as the Recreational industry or centres

Indirect as Well as Direct Competitors Associated with Darbar Wentworthville

The indirect competitor associated with Darbar Wentworthville is Khalsa Foods Vegetarian & Vegan Jain Food Indian Restaurant as it is associated with the same industry as well as it targets the same group associated with customers but it sells only veg food as well as not offer non-veg food whereas the direct competitor associated with Darbar Wentworthville is Desizz Wentworthville.

SWOT Analysis Associated with Desizz Wentworthville


· Numerous delivery partners

· Good brand image attract customers in the direction of this company

· The food is very tasty

· Fusion food available


· Bad online presence

· No vegan food available

· Not all Indian cuisine is available (, 2020).


· People have growing health concerns as well as this offers a lot associated with masalas as well as spices (, 2020).

· Hygiene issues: write something related in the direction of food

· Increase online presence

· More healthy food items

· Vegan food items


· The industry associated with food is one with the most number of competitors in today’s market. Right from vegan options in the direction of healthy food bowls are always available as well as this particular industry has no shortage associated with rivals (, 2020).

Table 2: SWOT Analysis

(Source: Created by the Researcher)

SWOT Analysis Associated with Khalsa Foods Vegetarian & Vegan Jain Food Indian Restaurant


· It is one of the most well-known vegetarian Punjabi restaurant in Australia (, 2020).

· It provides healthy food items containing protein

· Provides good and healthy menu in context to the kids

· The food items are prepared with fresh grown local ingredients

· Local people get attracted to their direction


· Late entry to the competitive market

· The raw material cost is unchanged

· Only vegetarian food items available (, 2020).


· It can provide the food in context to health-conscious people

· It has the ability in the direction of establishing stores internationally

· Ability in the direction of promoting products at different levels using a variety of distribution channels

· In the direction of making brand awareness, social media platforms can provide them with new advertising ways

· They should develop their website in the direction of allowing the customers to view the brand provided services (, 2020).


· The convenient way in the direction of entering the market (, 2020).

· Change in the preference associated with the customers

· No non-veg items

· One more write

Table 3: SWOT Analysis

(Source: Created by the Researcher)

The SWOT analysis associated with the two competitive firms shows that Darbar needs effort in the direction of fixing its website. Not only must this it make arrangements to make it more attractive. This is in the order of directing the customer's attraction. Darbar Wentworthville should also focus on entering the global as well as an emerging market. This is because they in an orderly manner must work in the direction of gaining people’s attention using social media platforms in direction of creating brand awareness as well as promoting itself to avail more customers (, 2020).

Develop an Executive Summary Based on The Revised E-Business:

This report refers to Darbar Wentworthville, a company providing 100% Indian cuisine. They use high-quality vegetables as well as meat that are available in the local market. This company is known in the direction of owning a ghastly website. As a consequence, this report refers to the ways this company can improve as well as earn high profits through its website. The company must follow the business-revenue model. The current business model is B2C, and the recommended model is B2C as well as B2B both (Iankova et al. 2019). The reason being the B2B model is used in the direction of selling products from one business to another. If Darbar Wentworthville will sell food items in the direction of the other online companies then the customers accept their products. It should use an ad-based as well as a subscription-based model in context to the revenue model. Darbar Wentworthville should expand target market segmentation based on the health-conscious adults. They make healthy food in context to the children. The E-business model discusses Darbar Wentworthville’s indirect competitor being the Khalsa Foods Vegetarian & Vegan Jain Food Indian Restaurant. Whereas the direct competitor associated with penny juice is Desizz Wentworthville. The report shown a detailed SWOT analysis associated with the two competitive firms associated with Darbar Wentworthville (Nazarko, et al. 2017).

Action Plan on Darbar Wentworthville Analysis

The activities in context to Darbar will be online marketing, social ecommerce and email marketing. The already existing website will be made better. The website will be made more responsive and mobile friendly. The user experience will be made more effective. Optimize for Search Engines will be initiated by the restaurant and the website will also incorporate design elements. Legal and privacy requirements will be maintained while modifying the existing website. Australian Privacy Act of 1988 will be followed in this context. The payment facility of Darbar will also be enhanced. The consumers can directly pay from PayPal, Google Pay by scanning the appropriate barcode (, 2020).

References for Darbar Wentworthville Analysis

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